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In recent years, reviews on a product aren't what it used to represent anymore. Take Amazon for example, there's a to help you determine if the reviews are real or fake. Sellers giving away GCs in exchange for 5 Star reviews so their products have the most and best reviews.

So our question for this give away is:

Do reviews matter to you when making a purchase on Why or why not?

Also do you have some favorite certain member(s) that you always read their reviews on ToyDemon before you make a purchase? If so who?

We are thinking of maybe doing a favorite/recommended review member section in community in which these members would write a review on new products to help others make their decision.

Let us know!

$100 in Reward Point to 5 lucky winners.

Instead of 5 winners being randomly picked, our TD staff will pick out our favorite 5 comments on 07/23/2021.

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