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  1. After getting the Rune's Pharmacy Rene tits, a fantastic toy in its own right, I was a bit frustrated that my paizuri needs weren't being satisfied.

    Receiving the package, I was surprised at how big it was. The box is big enough to fit a far more expensive torso. Opening a box this large, it's a bit disappointing that all you get is the boobs in their (thankfully secure) case. Mine did not come with lotion like the product details claim.
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    Ideal shape and size for paizuri
    Durability surpassed expectations
    Box offers great eye candy...

    ...but the box is way too big for those who don't care to keep it
    Size can make cleaning more difficult

  2. Rating

    I have an R-20 which is pretty large and it easily fits in the bag.

  3. This thing feels great and it's built to last. If you don't mind how it looks and you aren't looking for realism, this is one of the best toys you can buy. You also get far more lube than the standard sample packet.

    Good price, durability, free lube bottle

    Design can be too much for some

  4. Rating

    My first time with this toy was not enjoyable at all. The teeth made the experience painful and left a poor first impression. My other oral toy was the Tracy's Dog one which had teeth that did not bother me. After giving this another chance, I found that it typically takes a few strokes before the teeth stop bothering me but the beginning usually did not feel good. Eventually, I took the teeth out and I greatly prefer that. If they made a model with softer teeth, I'd probably give it a perfect rating.

    The tongue caught me off guard a few times

    I found the teeth too hard

  5. Rating

    I've heard a decent amount of people say they were allergic to this which made me hesitate, but I'm glad it worked out for me. 400 ml at this price is great and the quality is there as well. My main complaint is that it's hard to get the exact amount of lube you want. I don't suggest using it for your hand as it felt terrible when I tried it. Stick to the toys.

    Great price

    Nozzle, the bottle isn't subtle at all

  6. I just got this but I'm really enjoying it and I'll update this review later. However, the reason I'm writing a review so early is the packaging. For some reason, Good Feeling Factory puts this product in a massive box even though the breasts aren't that big (not ToyDemon's fault). The plastic case these come in do absolutely nothing to protect them. It's too big with nothing to secure the breasts so when I unboxed them, the breasts were folded over each other.Show more

    Really soft, thick base that gives more ways to play like underboob, easy to keep your penis inside, easy to hide, look fantastic

    Because they're so soft, these may not be for you if you're just looking for paizuri action, Good Feeling Factory's terrible packaging does nothing to ensure your product is delivered safely

  7. I've had this for about half a year now, so here's an updated review. These things are really soft and jiggly and feel great in the hands. If you're looking for something to put your penis in, however, these probably aren't for you. They lack the volume to reliably keep you inside in any position other than laying them on a flat surface and thrusting. Otherwise, you're probably going to squish them into questionable shape to stay in.Show more

    Soft, satisfying to grab, amazing value

    Packaging doesn't do anything to protect during shipping, you should probably keep your penis away from it