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  1. Their video ad for this toy series is pretty great. Not terribly impressed by this toy though. It's disposable style, and disposable price, but is made to easily handle many uses. Flips inside out easily for easy cleaning, but isn't needed. The entrance is large so plan on no suction and a lot of leakage. There are different textures, but when they get stretched out there's not much stimulation from them. Not sure what the point is of the plastic piece in the end is.Show more

  2. Out of the box this feels like a high 3 to low 4 star toy. However if you grab the very end and stretch it a bit you can increase the suction enough to almost a 5 star feeling. The opening is small but stretchy and does an excellent job keeping lube in. Also be sure to give it a good squeeze *before* putting any lube on the opening, so the toy will suck it in itself as you let go. It feels like it should always be used two handed so you can mess around with twisting and stretching to get the full useage out of all the textures every time.Show more

    Good size and texture for the price

    One handed size, but feels like it should be used two handed

  3. Plan on this one being single use, or less. While the walls looks thick, partway through a slow and gentle session (the first use) it suddenly felt different. I look at the toy and there is a tear at least 1/3 of the way up it. Completely ruined the little bit of suction function and feeling there was. Which actually was feeling pretty good. If you squeeze the air out while it's well lubed plan on some porn star style gaging/choking type noises.Show more

    It was on sale.
    Porn star style gag/choking noises when you squeeze air out.
    Good until it rips.

    Plan on it ripping very quickly.
    Noisy when squeezing air out.

  4. Sold as disposable, but feels like you should be able to get a good number of uses out of it. If you're gentle. Definitely feels like it would last longer than a Tenga Egg. The "suckers" seems to hold a bit of lube and it feels like it re-lubes itself a little bit during use.


    Not a high stimulation level.

  5. Listed as disposable, but seems like it's built for a few uses. If you don't go crazy with it. For the price you should at least try to clean and reuse it. It has a sweet spot (exact area will depend on your own shape) where if you put your finger over the air hole you get suction on the way up, and pressure on the way down. Both ways pushing the walls on you differently. Once you find that spot you can cruise your way right to O-town.

  6. The "Bitter" side on this toy feels amazing. Great textures and great tightness. The "Sweet" side has okay texture and requires a lot more work to get things going due to how soft and loose it is. Both ends had a lot of lube in the cap. So much that it had to be scraped off and put back inside the toy. Plan on taking a shower after using this due to the massive amount of lube that is going to leak out of this toy and run down your leg during use.Show more

    Definitely single use for each hole

  7. Rating

    This toy is short. However the textures and placements of them are great. The walls look thick, but give a nice grip and you can easily feel where the tongue-like bumps are through them. Definitely a toy you want to rotate for the textures to hit different areas. Or just stick with one texture 'path' depending on your moods. Can easliy be used one handed or two. You can use this toy without squeezing air out first for a different feeling, but plan on it being noisy.Show more

    Multiple textures.
    Good wall thickness.

    Can be noisy.

  8. The foam material is interesting, but does have a nice gripable feel to the outside. There is no outside 'indexing' on this toy, you have to actually look inside to find where the 'tongue' bump is. On the first use it was a very tight toy, to the point of being completely overstimulating, *without* getting you anywhere near the O-zone. On the second and continued uses it was much softer and a better experience overall.

  9. Out of the box the toy is floppy, and the walls look like they're too thin. Two hands are required to get any air out and being at full mast is necessary to even begin to try to get inside due to how soft/floppy it is. Feels about the same used one handed or two, but two is a little better. Does not hold lube well or distribute it well, plan on using a finger to spread lube in it for a good coating. The texture doesn't feel like much, however it will get you there.Show more

  10. Rating

    Bought this because of how good the 'Sucker' version feels. This one doesn't feel as good as the 'Sucker' version, but still feels really good. Very close second place. These appear to be compatible with coconut oil, which will moisturize your skin as a bonus. Do Not turn inside out to clean. You don't need to and it damages the entrance ring immediatly. A finger will easily reach everywhere to clean. Definitely worth treating gently so you can get multiple uses, but also cheap enough to get multiple and be rough on them.Show more