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  1. Any chance of Lucky bags or boxes coming back?

    Just wondering since it's been a while since I saw those available.

  2. Anyone tried coloring their onaholes?

    It was a random thought that came to me during a long, boring zoom meeting and out of that boredom I used my permanent markers to try coloring one of my cheaper onaholes, which looked fantastic initially

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  1. Rating

    You can definitely feel the difference in the entrance and the back.
    The back of the onahole is kind of fun since you feel this suction like pop
    every time you pull back. Length was a lot smaller than I expected, Ideal for 4-5"
    if you're 6" and up I wouldn't recommend.

    Tunnel interior is worth a five star

    Outer appearance is kind of ugly, not really visually appealing.

    Length is small.

  2. Rating

    Wasn't expecting the tongue to feel as good as it did.
    You can definitely feel it moving when you rotate the onahole.
    It's definitely worth experimenting with for a while.

    Fun tongue action, tight hole so lube is less likely to spill.

    The hole is really, really tiny. It's a struggle to get in and definitely need to lube up.

  3. It's a 5 star in terms of appearance.

    The interior is a 2 star in comparison to other onaholes made by this company.

    Wanted to like it, has more appeal as a collectible than usage.

    Big boobs, thick thighs, nice looking butt.

    Interior has no texture to feel.

  4. Rating

    Outstanding, especially at this price. You can definitely feel the different changes inside and the feeling changes constantly depending on which side you start or which parts you squeeze.

    Great inner texture

    Minor tears and surface level holes, wasn't neatly made by the manufacturer.

  5. This toy delivers in how it feels. Pre-ordered this baby as soon as I saw the interior designed and it did not disappoint upon arrival.

    Only downside is the smell that is slightly unpleasant. Luckily not the first time this happened so I used my usual methods to get rid of most of the smell for now.

    A pleasant and interesting experience.
    Entrance isn't too small so cleanup isn't bad.
    Quality product for the price.

    Unpleasant smell.

    Extra work to get rid of the smell.

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