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  1. Everythings out of stock..

    oh man right when i run out of lube too lol...
    I get it that there's shipping congestion and all that, but when can we expect an eta on a mass restock?
    there are some sleeves available that

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  1. My Erotic Maid Servant

    This is a sturdy and tight hole.
    if you're interested in getting a hard hole and not sure which, I would recommend this one.
    It can be a little hard to enter if you're not full mast, so that's something to consider.
    the inner lining can deteriorate so that's another thing to note.

  2. Understanding Bitch

    this is good with a thin lube.
    the material is soft and the texture isn't grating.
    it's fun if you enjoy interesting stimulus
    decent thickness too

  3. Moshiubu

    if you need something that's not insanely huge and want to hide it in a small compartment, this is it.
    it's more like a sleeve than a hole. but that doesn't mean it's not fun to use.
    it's cheap, it will give you what you want. I don't see anything wrong with it for the price.
    If it's on sale it's definitely worth purchasing.

  4. DNA Dry Stick

    it has a tendency to rip tiny bits of the insides of the hole if not handled carefully.
    I feel like you're better off taking the extra effort to dry your hole that use something like this.

  5. Ride Japan lotion 400ml

    It has a tendency to build up and get stuck at the end of the hole.
    Kinda annoying. when it dies the texture turns kinda snotty in a way. unless that's your thing, i find it undesirable.

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