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  1. Onahole (and other sex toy) "lifehacks"

    I figured we could use a topic about experimenting with strange/unorthodox methods to make the experience better. I didn't come up with the two I will mention myself, but here goes.

    1. Mason

  2. Most realistic boob toy on the market

    So I'm on the market for my first boob toy but I'm mainly interest in them for the touch and fondling, not for leaning against, sleeping on, paizuri etc. Has anyone had exposure to enough of these to have

  3. Why NPG/ Dual Layer sleeve should i buy next?

    Hey. I just got my first NPG sleeve (Mizuno Asahi) and it is the best sleeve i have used yet. I think NPG is my go to brand now. Which NPG sleeves and other dual layer sleeves do you guys recommend? thx

  4. Restocking Extreme Pleasure Hips 4th gen?

    I missed the last restock of EPH 4th gen last month since it was sold out in a day. I’m wondering if there’s any plan to restock it or the 3rd gen which I’m also willing to settle for. I own the Puni

  5. For Meiki no Syoumei 07 Sarah owners; Also NPG Poll that You ABSOLUTELY have to answer...

    So I've been enjoying this one for some 2 weeks now and I have to say that the box that it comes with is now my favorite: Sara is very easy on the eyes.

    So my question is: if you have purchased

  6. Puni Ana DX Alternative?

    I've always wanted a Puni Ana DX ever since I know about it, but you can't get it here and else where shipping cost more than the product itself

    if someone had one, what would be a good

  7. Can't clean my toy immediately

    I had used my hip toy without knowing a family member is cleaning the shower. I usually clean the hip during my shower time so I have to wait either a couple hours or at worst overnight. Will I be fine?

  8. Looking for hard tight onaholes with good friction and stimulation

    Hello, looking for some community help regarding the title. I am a little over 6 inches, but I like my onaholes on the smaller / tighter side due to personal fetishes. I prefer the penetrative interior

  9. Puni Ana DX

    I've been trying to get the Puni Ana DX

    has it ever shown up here on Toydemon?
    There are other stores, but the cost and time of shipping a excessive.

  10. Any problems shipping to Canada?

    I have just recently bought a mouth of truth and other onahole accessories, I live in Canada and I have seen some stories online that people have had to deal with Canadian customs checking the package.