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  1. Best replacement for old school "ToyFluid" lube?

    I used to purchase a lube called "ToyFluid" here on Toydemon. It was on the thinner side but worked very well for me with a variety of toys.

    Now that it seems to be discontinued, can anyone

  2. The Akaris Buttocks have been discontinued. Is there anything else similar to it?

    As the title says it has been discontinued.

    Are there any others similar to it? I know about Maga Kore Mesudachi but even that looks different.

  3. Ride Japan's New Virgin Loop Master Lotion

    So they have a new one, and looking at some of the translations, I can pick out that it boasts that it doesn't dry out, or at least not as much as their other lotion. Maybe if there is enough interest

    Would You Like To Try Ride Japan's Newest Lotion?

  4. So Rune's Pharmacy Rene Tits have been discontinued.. why?

    Does anyone know how this could happen? They've been selling like hotcakes and have been sold out everywhere in Japan and all websites including this one. They've quickly become THE best breast toy for

  5. Best Tomax Venus Real firmness?

    There are five tomax firmnesses avaliable at the moment. These are hard, regular, soft, very soft, and rich soft. For those who have tried most of these or at least two of these firmnesses, which one is

  6. Pre order the out of stock items

    I notice that sometimes when the offer comes the items on my wish list are out of stock.
    For example, I would like to have Meiki no Syoumei 05 Zhang Xiao Yu and Extreme Pleasure Hip Mini 2 Rika

  7. TOMAX is the best ever?

    Recently dove into this world of Onaholes after considering fleshlights.

    I’ve tried serveral of the highly rated Meikis by NPG and I thought those were supposed to be some top notch products.

  8. Poking holes through the other end

    I have a toy where only after a couple of uses is starting to show signs of having a hole on the other end.

    Is there any way to repair this or is it usually finished after a hole is ripped

  9. Good First Buy? Venus Real (Soft), Meiki 1 Maria, 5 ZXY, 7 Sarah?

    If I get all of these, am I buying things that are too similar to each other?
    Or, is this selection a good variety for beginners?
    I'm going for realism + stimulation.

  10. How long do the Meikis by NPG usually last?

    New to this world and wanted to know how long I can expect this line of onaholes to last before I go on a spending spree.