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  1. USB Warmer or Hot Water?

    I'm thinking of picking up the USB Warmer, and although I've heard good things about it, I've also heard mixed things (heat doesn't last very long, it takes a while for it to start heating, etc.) and that

  2. What's the coolest product you won't EVER buy?

    This question can be answered in a lot of ways, but it came to my head when I saw the Rise of the Dragon Silicone Cock Ring. It's a dragon. Cock ring. So sick, yet I don't think I will ever buy it.

  3. Can you suggest 2-3 Kg hip

    I interest this

    But I dont know the brand . Can you suggest some hip 2-3 KG realistic

  4. Is it possible to get a custom made? And questions on the current standard?

    Hi all!

    So several years ago I had a Meiki ZXY and I think a YJY, and Maria Ozawa. They were fun, but I moved a few times and they eventually got worn down and raggedy so I discarded them.

  5. Do you enjoy soft or hard onaholes?

    Just a quick poll because I've been wondering how popular one or the other was.

    If you'd like please comment what your favorite soft/hard onahole is, or if you enjoy both share your favorite

    Do you prefer Soft or Hard Onaholes?