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  1. Recommended onahole for longer sessions?

    Hey! I really like onaholes that are good for longer sessions, I currently have

    The Quatronado
    Vagina Motion Long Play
    Cow Girl

  2. Clarity of Softness scale

    So as a buyer who can't read Japanese it's really difficult tell what the softness scale is on quite a few products. Aside from the ones that obviously state it.
    It'd be cool if the site had some

  3. Better boobs than Chichifueta?

    So I own a pair of Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta and they feel great but I was wondering if there is anything out there that is considerably softer / more realistic than them. I've heard good things about

  4. Showerhead cleaner attachment.

    I've recently been looking for better ways to clean my hips and onaholes and I fell upon the Onawash Showerhead Attachment on one or two Japanese online retailers. Will toydemon be stocking up on this

  5. So Rune's Pharmacy Rene Tits have been discontinued.. why?

    Does anyone know how this could happen? They've been selling like hotcakes and have been sold out everywhere in Japan and all websites including this one. They've quickly become THE best breast toy for

  6. Which Onahole is your favorite?

    Hey, everyone!

    What's your favorite Onahole? Do you have one that is your absolute favorite over all others? Do you have a favorite mouth, a different favorite butt, and a different favorite

  7. Which Onahole Hip Has Best Anal Experience?

    Hey, guys

    Just wanted to get your suggestions and thoughts on the best onahole hip for ass lovers like me!

    Out of all the hips I’ve purchased, my vote would go to the Puni A

  8. Ride Japan's New Virgin Loop Master Lotion

    So they have a new one, and looking at some of the translations, I can pick out that it boasts that it doesn't dry out, or at least not as much as their other lotion. Maybe if there is enough interest

    Would You Like To Try Ride Japan's Newest Lotion?

  9. I have 4 Onas lined up and ready, but how do I use them?

    Of course I know how to "use them", but what I mean is, "Which is best for edging/long sessions, and which is the most stimulating/orgasm quickest?" They are as follows...

    1.) Julia +

  10. Gokusen Aiki Yuna Ogura

    Has anyone used this/familiar with?