1. To those with electric onaholes, how are they?

    Like the title suggests im curious to know how these are, can anyone who owns one enlighten me? Are they worth the price point?

  2. moe body premium soft

    Has magic eyes decided to discontinue this toy? Luckily I saw it in clearance and grabbed the last one but I'm sad to see it go. They've hooked me with a couple of their toys now and then pulled the rug

  3. Softness rating on onaholes

    First post here and I have a question on softness vs hardness rating on onaholes. First question is there a comprehensive list of hard vs soft onaholes? Most of my onaholes are NPG brand onaholes. Extreme

  4. Unboxing 20 new onaholes!

  5. Best Realistic

    Wondering if anyone out there has any knowledge Or experienced of an Onahole that is the most realistic, closest to the female anatomy. Both external and internal but mainly the internal, atomically correct.

  6. Old onaholes smell

    I've had most of my onaholes for over a year and they have a odor. I wash them after every use and because they're made of TPE Ive read they cant be sanitized? Is there a way to remove the odor or do I

  7. Cleaning/scrubbing brush

    Anybody know a good brush they can recommend for cleaning toys internally?

    Looking for something that can reach a depth of up to 10" , firm enough to give it a good scrubbing, but not so

  8. Is the "Primo Bacio Sweet Lotion" worth purchasing?

    Is the Bocca Della Verita lube worth the purchase or should I just stick to the Meiki Bliss lotion which i've been using so far? Is the experience with the bocca lube better?

  9. Best way to use BJ onas? (MOT Perorin for me)

    You guys prefer to take your time and use them slowly or go for a medium to quick pace kinda like real life BJs?

  10. Unique feel onaholes

    Looking for some onas that aren't trying to be 'realistic' and provide a unique/different feel.

    Things like monster wet chimera, honey trap, and tomax dolphin seem interesting, and was hoping