Set Ascending Direction
  1. Looking for super light-weight onahole that will stay on my dick, don't care about ratings

    Hello! I have a very niche request and I hope you guys can help me out. I'm an erotic author that gets very turned on while typing out my erotic fantasies. While I'm contemplating what to type next, I

  2. My order for Venus Clone Rich Soft was cancelled.

    My order for Venus Clone Rich Soft was cancelled. I placed a second order for a Venus Clone Rich Soft, and ToyDeamon cancelled my order. I respect that it is fair to wait a while to see if other customers

  3. Will the Venus Real Rich Soft sell out soon?

    Does anyone know how long the stock for the Tomax products is going to last? I was wondering if things were going to sell out within the next couple of days. Specifically the Venus Real Rich Soft I was

  4. TOMAX Products Restock Date

    Is there an estimated restock date for TOMAX product lines? I have waited for about half a year...

  5. Any plans to sell the new Extreme pleasure hip

    I heard rumors of NPG put motors for suction in their latest gen extreme pleasure hip which came out a few months ago. I wonder if Toydemon plans to sell these sometime next year or not.

  6. spdx restock?

    will the puni ana spdx ever be restocked on toydemon?

  7. New Products

    I was comparing other sites with toy demon. I saw other site carry onahole or other toys that not available here on toy demon. I just wondering how does toy demon decide what toy to put on their site.

  8. Intense, stimulating minihips preferably with anus and uterus?

    Looking for onas which fit the description in title. The more stimulating the better. I'd prefer if both holes were high stimulation, but if just one is that's acceptable. Need it to be pretty small for

  9. Automatic toys for dudes with 6 inch girth or more

    The handy,kiiroo keon,and launch seem to be the only automatic sex toys for guys with more girth. I really hope I'm wrong, but my dick is about 6-6.5 long and 1.9 diameter 6 inch circumference and based

  10. Tried onaholes recently and loved it. Looking for high stimulation for reasonable price

    I've tried 2 different onaholes and both were great but I'm looking for some that are even more stimulating. I don't want to break the bank for one though so a reasonable price would be great. If you have