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  1. Death Grip Syndrome Help


    I'm new here, can anyone recommend me onaholes/fleshlights or any sort of sex toy that can take me away from masturbating with my hand? I've noticed recently I've developed quite

  2. Custom Maid Ju-C controller

    Hi I'm new here, I saw that there's a Custom Maid Ju-C lip controller here but it's discontinued, I actually bought a copy of the game somewhere else but it didn't come with any controller, so is there

  3. Meiki® Plush Hip

    What size does hip wear fit in clothing?

  4. Need some thoughts and opinions!

    Hello! I am planning on buying three onaholes, but I want to know more about them and hear some thoughts from others. Like what do you think about them and would you recommend it. The three i'm planning

  5. Recommendations for best 400g or bigger onahole(s) for controllable stimulation (edging)

    In your opinion, what is the best you have ever tried that your able to edge without blowing your load or getting over sensitive. I don't want a fleshlight, tomax, or the smaller cheap ones (only exception