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  1. Looking for suggestions for oral onaholes

    I'm looking to buy an oral onahole. Could anyone suggest one they believe is the best in features, texture and sensation?

  2. Tomax Restock When?

    Does anyone know when tomax's products will be back in stock?

  3. Extreme Pleasure Hip Mini 2 Rika Mari

    Wanted to know if this mini hip has a sensation similar to the erotic maid in terms of stimulation and tightness. Ive been reading that npg is known to have very soft onaholes and hips. I got my hands

  4. Can I use corn masa to powder my toys?

    Is corn masa a working alternative to corn starch or talcum powder?

  5. Looking For Onaholes with Similiar tunnel texture Like the Erotic Maid and Taimanin Sakura Onahole

    I Enjoyed the sensation and stimulation of the erotic maid and saimanin sakura mini torso onahole and was wondering if there are any other onaholes or hips with the same or similar interior texture as

  6. what's your favorite thick lotion?

    I'm looking to try new lotion, having used onatsuyu for a long time I'm looking for something more, the only thicker lotions I know of are the tenga Mild/Wild bottles but there's only tenga Real lotion

  7. Do packages come with a receipt in the box?

    Hi, I am purchasing a toy as a gift and I would like there to not be a receipt in the box. I don’t want them knowing how much I spent.

    Do packages come with a receipt?

  8. Looking for a good balance between Softness and good suction.

    Trying to find soft OnaHoles with good suction, been through the inventory dozens of times in the last 72ish hours and will probably keep having the problem where reviews say one is loose then the next

  9. I missed the latest Venus Real Rich Soft Restock. Should I hold onto hope, or forget about my hopes and dreams?

    So I missed the email notfying me that the Venus Reak Rich Soft came back in stock recently (damn it), and by the time I checked, it was sold out again. It took almost a year for stock to come back since

  10. Newbie question

    I purchased and got this 'onahole' for the first time. They packaged the item discreetly which is nice. Being a noob, I wonder if I should clean this 'onahole' before using? Secondly, how should I clean