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    Hey all! I hate to be annoying by making a newb thread, but any help would be appreciated. I have recently heard about onaholes after being a Fleshlight ™ enthusiast. I was on the sub Reddit and was t

  2. Best Hard Onahole?

    Hello, I’m interested in knowing what is the best hard Onahole. I’m fairly new to this so I’m looking for recommendations, thank you.

  3. Real Body Yura Anekawa different versions?

    I was looking at the real body 3d torsos and see that all of them are dual layer and have colored nipples, except Yura. So I looked around and apparently there is a version of the Yura that's dual layer,

  4. How to properly store my TPE onahole during a month not using it?

    I am going on a trip for a month without my toy, but I don't want molds to grow inside it during this time. I am living in Texas, which is a hot and dry state. How can I properly store it for a month?

  5. Breast and hip recommendations

    So im about to drop about $200 on a daki cover of a waifu ive had since '08 and like any self respecting weeb I want to buy a breast toy to place in between the cover ant the pillow and a hip onahole for