1. Your favorite package art?

    Not sure if this topic has came up before, but which box art is everyone's favorite? been browsing lately and the one that caught my eye was the Student Council President one, the artwork looks so sexy!

  2. For softness of product.

    Can you guys make a range of softness. Because it hard to know how it feeling. If you guys can Provide the hardness of it. That will be better.

  3. Is there any way to create suction in the Bocca Della Verita Perorin? (Messed up my last post)

  4. Body powder vs baby powder for onahole

    Just as the title, I just have a question if I can use regular body powder instead of baby powder for onahole.

  5. Product dimension confusion.

    Under every toy, there is a section for more information. In this section, they have product dimensions listed. Are these the dimensions of the toy itself, or of the "retail" box the toy comes in?

  6. Is the packaging discrete??

    I want to buy but im afraid the product might come in a too obvious of packaging.
    Do not want my parents to see these.

  7. Replacement for Meiki no Syoumei EXP Saki Ootsuka?

    Meiki no Syoumei EXP Saki Ootsuka was my favorite onahole but it got discontinued. Any suggestions for a similar experience? I've found the ZXY too abrasive, preferred the YJY over it.

  8. Is MOT/Docca Della Verita truly the best BJ ona or is there secretly a better one?


  9. How do you store breasts?

    Hello everyone, Im fairy new at this. Recently I bought the Real Body Extreme Breast Infinity and I wanted to keep it in top shape.

    I know how your supposed to maintenance them like, after

  10. Kobukuro Uterus restock?

    Does anyone know when/if the Kobukuro Uterus by Hotpower will restock? I haven't heard any update from hotpowers in over a month and it seems usual that they wouldn't restock such a popular product.