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  1. Looking for suggestions for oral onaholes

    I'm looking to buy an oral onahole. Could anyone suggest one they believe is the best in features, texture and sensation?

  2. What is a good Odorless and Tasteless Lotion?

    I got a sample bottle of lotion in a PxPxP onahole recently, and it's completely clear, Odorless and Tasteless, on the thicker side, and honestly, is the best lotion I've ever tried. The problem is, I'll

  3. Does Magic Eyes have a website?

    Does anyone know if Magic Eyes has a website, blog, etc where they make announcements of new and developing products? Or do you just have to lurk around Toy Demon till a new product happens to pop up?

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  1. Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo

    After reading the reviews I decided to go with the original Lolinco Virgo rather than the newer Premium Hard version. Given the warnings of how tight the entrance was I used plenty of lube. At first I was greatly disappointed. It was somewhat tight, but I felt none of the described textures. I was ready to call it a wash, and mark the purchase as a mistake, but as I kept going the lube started to thin and the textures started to come thru. I used TOO MUCH lube. Once the lube thinned, it was amazing! I love the puffy lips, and although small, there is just enough ass in the sculpt to grab and play with. I think I'll still try the Premium Hard in the future (Hmm Premium Hard or the Extra Virgin, decisions decisions), but for now, I love this toy! So, just a reminder, don't use too much lube, use just enough to get the job done. We'll see how well she holds up.

    Tight, but not too tight
    Great textures
    Puffy lips are a great visual
    Just enough tiny ass to grab and play with

    Cleaning really needs a douche bulb to do properly

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