-Receive discounts on all pre-order items.
-All Pre-order items are shipped free within the 48 contiguous states.
-In a mix order of Pre-Order items and in stock items, please choose if you would like to ship everything together (for extra Reward Pts) or ship separately at no additional cost.
-Delivery estimates at checkout will not reflect the actual delivery date of Pre-Order items. The method selected will be the method used when the item arrives.
(Estimated Arrival Date appeared in the product page indicates the month we're anticipating this product to arrive at our warehouse if pre-ordered by a customer. The month can be changed to the coming month but will not effect your order if you have already placed a order. Arrival month will be based on what is listed on your order invoice.)

Please note:

1. Pre-Order items are not counted towards promo code and free shipping requirements.

2. Pre-Order items are charged right away and will be shipped with the shipping method of our choice upon arrival.

3. Pre-Order ETA are estimates only. If any delay should occur, you will be notified.

Pre-Orders can be canceled at any time before shipment. However, all the extra perks and points will not be given and no stock can be guaranteed once you cancel.

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  1. Kitsu-Man Pocha Max
    Your Price $53.96 Regular Price $59.95
  2. Ria-Man
    Your Price $37.95 Regular Price $41.95
  3. Maga Kore Origin Puri Hip
    Your Price $107.96 Regular Price $119.95
  4. Puff Puff Oppai Paizuri
    Your Price $161.96 Regular Price $179.95
  5. Obscene Mermaid Onahole Soft
    Your Price $80.96 Regular Price $89.95
  6. Pururun Oppai Drop
    Your Price $65.66 Regular Price $72.95
  7. Oppai Board
    Your Price $30.56 Regular Price $33.95
  8. Oppai Board Cover #6 JK Chan
    Your Price $28.76 Regular Price $31.95
  9. Oppai Board Cover #4 Inu
    Your Price $28.76 Regular Price $31.95
  10. Oppai Board Cover #5 OL Chan
    Your Price $28.76 Regular Price $31.95
  11. Oppai Board Cover #1 Ganari Ryu
    Your Price $28.76 Regular Price $31.95
  12. Oppai Board Cover #2 Douyuu Ontou
    Your Price $28.76 Regular Price $31.95
  13. Oppai Board Cover #3 Lolicept
    Your Price $28.76 Regular Price $31.95
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