-Receive discounts on all pre-order items.
-All Pre-order items are shipped free within the 48 contiguous states.
-In a mix order of Pre-order items and in stock items, the pre-order items will ship as soon as they are available at no extra cost to you.
-Delivery estimates at checkout will not reflect the actual delivery date of pre-order items. The method selected will be the method used when the item arrives.
(Estimated Arrival Date appeared in the product page indicates the month we're anticipating this product to arrive at our warehouse if pre-ordered by a customer. The month can be changed to the coming month but will not effect your order if you have already placed a order. Arrival month will be based on what is listed on your order invoice.)

Please note:

1. Pre-order items are not counted towards promo code and free shipping requirements.

2. Pre-orders items are charged right away and will be shipped with the shipping method of our choice upon arrival.

3. All pre-order items have a cut-off date:

-As long as you cancel before the cut-off date, you will receive a full refund.
-If you try to cancel after the cut-off date, you will only receive a 50% refund. The remaining 50% will be changed into store credit.

This is to prevent from people to keep canceling after we have already pre-ordered the products from the manufacturer.

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  1. Ginguchi Dirty Sister
    Your Price $38.66 Regular Price $42.95
  2. Big Breast Gi Ta Swimsuit Beauty Nozomi Ishihara
    Your Price $38.66 Regular Price $42.95
  3. Furu-chu Semi-Sweet Ripening Kiwi
    Your Price $21.56 Regular Price $23.95
  4. Lusty Love
    Your Price $40.46 Regular Price $44.95
  5. Furu-chu Sweet Ripe Peach
    Your Price $21.56 Regular Price $23.95
  6. Hallelujah 072
    Your Price $116.96 Regular Price $129.95
  7. Reincarnation
    Your Price $43.16 Regular Price $47.95
    In by: 03/05/2021
  8. Furu-chu Sour Immature Lemon
    Your Price $21.56 Regular Price $23.95
  9. Premium Hole DX Ichika Matsumoto
    Your Price $21.56 Regular Price $23.95
  10. Nikudan Smash
    Your Price $26.96 Regular Price $29.95
  11. Petite Devil Kohai Legendary Hip Hard Edition
    Your Price $125.96 Regular Price $139.95
  12. Yawabaka Angel Astarotte
    Your Price $27.86 Regular Price $30.95
  13. Squeezed Churu Succubus
    Your Price $28.76 Regular Price $31.95
  14. Masochistic Vampire Arune Sad Love
    Your Price $24.26 Regular Price $26.95
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