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    Two big beautiful squishy globes of joy. Let me just say, I bought these to cuddle and fondle. Not intending to use them for paizuri.

    Let's start with shape. They sit upright and pushed together, as if they were held by some invisible force. Real breasts would naturally pancake outward and flatten when laying down. Clearly this is by design.

    As for softness, they are squishy, but from what I can tell by videos of say the Rene tits, those look softer and jigglier.
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    Big squishy globes of joy
    Great nipples
    Designed for paizuri
    Almost no odor or oily feeling

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    Let me start by saying I fell in love with the look of these upon first discovering them. I wanted a more natural shaped breast toy for fondling, and by the pictures, these fit the bill.

    I received these and was immediately put off by the shallow depth of the box. Upon opening them I was still pleased by the site of them, so i pulled them out. At first I was delighted at the way they flopped about.
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    Nice to look at.
    Natural coloring

    Disappointing texture and feel.
    Obnoxiously large packaging.