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  1. May 2024 Giveaway #43 - Favorite Onahole / Why?

    Now that achievements are up and running, we are still planning for more things for the site. Next thing we are planning is a new bundles page up in which you get to pick and choose from few select options

  2. Community Achievement is now live!

    By now, some of you should have received numerous reward points emails telling you that you have received additional points based on the achievements that your account has accomplished.


    Let us know what you think of the achievement system

  3. **OVER** April 2024 Giveaway #42 - ToyDemon Onahole Questionnaire

    Slight update: We originally planned the achievement system will be ready, but we decided to add a couple more things to it at the end so definitely we should see it out sometime in April. Sorry for the

    How do feel about doing doing quiz/forms for giveaway?

  4. **OVER** March 2024 Giveaway #41 - Community Achievements?

    Spring is almost here! We can't wait till the weather is better again! We just experienced 2 days of summer, followed by a thunderstorm and crazy tornado warning!

    So a little update on the

  5. Issues with review submission

    We have been notified of an issue with our review system. If you have submitted any reviews in the past few days, please check your account to see if there's any reviews pending approval. If not that means