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  1. Everythings out of stock..

    oh man right when i run out of lube too lol...
    I get it that there's shipping congestion and all that, but when can we expect an eta on a mass restock?
    there are some sleeves available that

  2. Site running out of lotion?

    I was thinking about stocking up on lotions today, but ToyDemon unfortunately has very little in stock left. Is there an approximate time some will be back in the inventory? This is a first for me to see,

  3. Chichifueta Rocket

    will Chichifueta Rocket restock anytime soon?

  4. Avoid Purchases using Fedex

    Toydemon decided to use Fedex for my order, they also allowed me to pay extra money for 2 day shipping even though Fedex has been completely screwed for weeks now. Of course at the time I didn't know better

  5. How long has lotion and accessories been out of stock for?


    first package got misdeliveried and now it got returned and found this on receipt

  7. Account deletion?

    Does anyone know if I can have my account deleted, I ordered something off here as a one time purchase type deal, with my Paypal and when I used my Paypal it created an account without asking me?

  8. Free Shipping sucks!?!? What's your experience?

    So someone emailed and asked if we pack Free Shipping orders differently because they read somewhere that ToyDemon's Free Shipping orders are often packed with less material and not discreet at all.

  9. My package was stolen while I was at work. Any advice on reimbursement?

    I ordered the Rune Pharmacy Rene Tits 2 and was seriously looking forward to them when I got home and found the package had been stolen. This has happened to other people in my neighborhood. I'm currently

  10. Black Friday Afterthoughts

    As you guys know, we are using the community as open communication tool directly to you guys. We get feedback and ideas that we can improve upon, but also let you know where we stand and why we do the

    Should we keep Member Early Access for next year's Black Friday?