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  1. Giant restock delay.

    Curious why nothing was restocked on 4/12 as was advertised? Suddenly the restock was pushed back nearly two months into june. Is this just a site error?

  2. Brand Link for NOTOWA? + Underrated Brands

    Does NOTOWA have enough products to have a link to all their products? It's the only brand I can see that doesn't have it.

    On a related note, after some digging on the site I believe that

  3. Jiraikei Jyoshi Panky Mesh page returns a 403 Forbiden error.

    Title has it all.

    Is this an advanced marketing strategy? Or did I end up personally banned? DooS Attack (Denial of onahole Service)?

  4. Question about phone numbers

    Good evening. First time buyer here.

    This probably isn't an issue but I wanted to be 100% sure.

    Since purchasing requires a phone number. I wanted to confirm that any texts/calls

  5. How does "4 Reviews Per Day" work?

    Copy pasted from the perk description of review points "Limited up to 4 Reviews/Day for max of 400 points."

    I had a crate of 12 toys arrive last week and figured the weekend would be a great