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  1. Looking for some softer breast toys

    Like the title suggests im in search of breast toys that are on the softer side, i currently own the Paizuri Bakunyu which is great but would prefer something softer if i could. If anyone has experience

  2. Transaction canceled after I ordered items on sale

    Hey guys,

    So I ordered these two Taimanins that had gone on sale. I got a notication from the site that they had gone down in price. So I bought them because I would be saving 20$ on them.

  3. October 2020 Monthly Perk is really bad.

    Just wanted to share my opinion on this months "perk." I really don't think it can be called a "monthly perk", it's not a discount, it's not double reward points it's not even some extra $$$ for every

  4. Feature request: read all of a specific user's reviews

    I'm in the market for a hip. I read a great review by Greenwood95 on the NPG Extreme Pleasure Hip, and he mentioned that he was going to foray into some other hips as well. I wanted to read all of his

  5. Want to buy a something but don't have a phone number

    I want buy to buy something and have it shipped via "FedEx Hold at Location". But after selecting a location It still wants a phone number. Can't I just use email only?

    Is there a way I

  6. Meki plush

    Hey toy demon are you guys still bringing back the old school plush dolls I have been saving my money for you guys to bring it back thx :)

  7. My ToyDemon special order experience and what you can expect when making a special order.

    I recently made a special order. For those of you who don't know ToyDemon allows you to place a special order for products (not lotions) that they do not have in stock. You can do this by going to the

  8. Review on an item still in pre-order phase?

    I'm really confused here the "DWU Nipple Fuck" is in pre-order, but it already has 2 reviews from "verified buyers" how does that work exactly?

  9. If an item is on clearance does that mean it wont be restocked anymore?

    Hello! I just recently got a notification email that one of the items on my wishlist went on sale. I looked and it was on clearance for 50% off, I purchased it because I'm simply not going to pass up a

  10. Product Suggestions Feature?

    Is there anywhere on the site to make recommendations for products not currently being stocked?