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  1. Is Black Friday Sale worth waiting for?

    As the title says, I'm wondering how products will be discounted during the Black Friday sale.

    Are products that are usually marked as "Sale" simply going to have a bigger % discount?

  2. Super Flash Sale

    The current flash sale is the best I can remember. There are a large number of items available and enough variety that there should be something to everyone. Some of them are underrated and/or have few

  3. Is this normal for shipping

    I ordered my stuff on August 18th and toydemon said it would be here by the 27th but then on FedEx it said the 20th but my order has been at one facility for 3 days now it has not moved at all I got the

  4. My package randomly doesn't appear anymore

    Hello all, my package recently arrived at a facility but I just checked to see if it left and now it appears that the tracking number is no longer there and my package just randomly disappeared I checked

  5. I wish we could update reviews. Or...can we update reviews?

    After spending another session or 2 with some of my sleeves, I regret some of the reviews I gave initially. In particular the Mao-Man Real Hole Onahole. My subsequent sessions were a mixture of frustration

  6. When Would Meiki ZXY Be in Stock?

  7. July 4th Sale? My dang points won't wait!

    I've got some point expiring before then so trying to decide if it's worth waiting (and losing them) or not. Would be awesome if a discount code was active!

  8. Chichifueta Rocket

    will Chichifueta Rocket restock anytime soon?

  9. TD: Who Responded to My Comments?

    I was browsing the site yesterday and complemented someone's review.
    I checked marked the "notify me of comments" box.
    I got an email that included: "Product Review: New comments were posted".

  10. No June Perks? No Memorial Day Sale?

    I was planning to make a purchase but, I see sudden price increase. Turns out May member discount perks ended.

    I see toydemon had perks every month, but how come there's none in June?