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  1. Yet another post asking for TD to have more "specialty" lube varieties.

    So there are 2 lubes that I've discovered recently that I'd really like to try, but shipping cost on other websites (due to COVID) turns this from what would be a $30ish cost into a $130ish cost, I would

    Do you want more "specialty" lube options on ToyDemon?

  2. XMAS25 coupon code not working after using it in previous order

    Is the coupon a one-time use?

  3. Wouldn't be awesome if...

    you could see within your account information how far you are from achieving the next membership tier level? I'd imagine that would motivate me even more (but I'm always motivated) to acquire more goodies!

  4. New Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo Premium

    I noticed that the Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo Premium Hard was on sale but not the Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo Premium Soft. Are there any plans to bring this version of the ona to the site as well?

  5. Black Friday Afterthoughts

    As you guys know, we are using the community as open communication tool directly to you guys. We get feedback and ideas that we can improve upon, but also let you know where we stand and why we do the

    Should we keep Member Early Access for next year's Black Friday?

  6. Scent sprays in stock?

    Will toydemon ever stock scent sprays? I recently got screwed out of a purchase months ago and would like to do business regionally.

  7. If you run out of stock will you ever have more in stock before the sale ends?

    Generally speaking of course, since I know it depends on the item since some items appear to take months to be in stock again.

    TD seems to often run out of stock too quickly, on BF sales

  8. Do you get better deals during Black Friday or during Christmas?

    Hi, I'm fairly new to ToyDemon- not too sure what deals were like last year. I would appreciate if anyone could share their experiences or advice on when the best deals for toydemon come out.

  9. Black Friday Sale 2020 Reference

    I'm using this post to record the sales for people without access or to use a reference for future sales. There was one in the old forum but I think we lost that (prices seem a bit higher this year). Keep

  10. Exact time and timezone sales unlock?

    Hi all, so I read the early access for loyalty and I see there are dates associated with each tier. I was wondering exactly what time the sales actually open up. Is it Midnight GMT of that day? Or