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  1. No member discount?

    I’m currently gold level member but prices for all products appear as regular.
    **Nevermind, the discount appears in cart.

  2. Paypal payments no longer working since site update?

    Trying to purchase a few products and get all the way to submit order after going through Paypal only to get the error:

    Paypal gateway has rejected request. This transaction cannot be completed

  3. Product Requests

    I’m fairly new to the sex toy/onahole space, so I’m not exactly a connoisseur in any definition of the word. But there are still specific items that I’d want that are offered elsewhere that I’d really

  4. No Option to Submit Contact Ticket

    Is it just me or is there no way to submit a "Contact Us" form? It gives you a whole message box to write in but (unless I'm blind) I don't see a button to actually submit the message

  5. reviews, edit option?

    i'd love to be able to edit my reviews

    like i thought the Micchaku Pissius Six Wall was boring but after some more use i really love its smoothness texture i'd rate it a star higher and