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  1. Monthly Member Perks

    @**TD** I assumed April was a "one off" but can we expect to see monthly member perks going forward or are you guys cooking up something better for the community? I really look forward to the new month

  2. What is the status of being able to revise past reviews (based on further experience and time spent with the product)?

    Hi TD!

    Several months ago you mentioned that "sometime in Spring" we would have the ability to update past product reviews we posted. Any update on this site feature?

  3. Heavens Fall Nine Ex-Hard Restock ETA?

    Hello, first of all I want to say that I love this site great service and product selection. I wanted to know if there was a restock ETA for the Heavens Fall Nine Ex-Hard onahole? I do not want to miss

  4. Requesting Puni Ana Miracle Bakunyu DX

    Seeing the Puni Ana Miracle Bakunyu DX up, is TOYDEMON considering having it?

  5. Order says "On Hold"

    Hello all. Just placed an order and it's saying "On Hold". Just curious what that means and, more importantly, does that mean my payment might not have gone through? Thanks!

  6. Obscene Suggestion Goku Supreme

    Any idea when this might be available again?

  7. ** This Has Been Removed **

    ** This Has Been Removed **

  8. credit card bill

    Will my credit card bill and package show the shop name, the product name, or type of product order?

  9. Is there a Valentine's Day Sale coming?

    I was wondering if there is any sales coming up any time soon. I would like to know since I saved up and I am sure others are also wondering if any sales are in the works. I know the winter and supply

  10. reviews, edit option?

    i'd love to be able to edit my reviews

    like i thought the Micchaku Pissius Six Wall was boring but after some more use i really love its smoothness texture i'd rate it a star higher and