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  1. Prepaid Cards

    Im having a lot of trouble finding a Prepaid card that works for this site. If anybody knows which one works on here pls let me know

  2. No black friday notification

    Am i the only one who did not received a notification about this? Its a littlw upsetting since the items i wanted are out of stock now. Might as well wait for otonajp's sale at this point, not to mention

  3. After exploring the site for a while, here's a feedback

    While exploring the page I came across some things I'd like to mention:

    + The one thing I came to REALLY appreciate about the site are the loads of actual reviews and the useful community

  4. Confusion about Black Friday Sale

    The member perk for this month relates to access to the Black Friday sale.

    Does the TD Black Friday sale happen in October? Or is there effectively no member bonus for this month?

  5. Changing usernames

    I understand why changing profile usernames isn't a thing, but I was wondering if anyone else has the urge to.

    I thought being Tittielover134 would be fun, but I'm starting to realize that

    Do you want profile name changes?