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  1. Liberation Hall Heaven and Hell!

    Will ToyDemon be carrying HotPowers new toy "Liberation Hall Heaven and Hell!"? it looks great.

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  1. Lewd Sin Confession of the Holy Slut's Titty Fuck

    if you've never owned oppai toys, don't start with this one. HOWEVER! these titties are fun for the novelty of fuggin some nips and these nips are TIGHT. Once you penetrate the tight nipple it opens up a bit inside to a nice textured inner. These are fun, it feels great to use the nipple hole. when it comes to trying to tit fuck, it's just fun to tease yourself with but there are better toys out there for titty fuckin' I'm giving it a 4 star because the promise of nipple penetration fun delivers and it's what it's main gimmick is and succeeds at.

    TIGHT nipple penetration, great textured sensation in the canal of nipple. Easy to move around.

    couldn't tittyfuck comfortably enough to enjoy.

  2. Pururun Tennen Oppai

    Finally, amazing tits that jiggle and bounce like realy breasts. When it comes to movement and touch. These are the most realistic feeling breasts you can buy. The nipples are nice but lack detail. I'd recommend pairing these breasts with a hip toy that you can rest it over that way you can watching them flop around while using the hip toy. They feel nice, nothing unique but I absolutely love these tits for the realistic feel and jiggle to them. Be warned though, because of their softness they do feel rather fragile so be gentle. One last annoyance is the packaging. It's unnecessarily HUGE. it's like 70% and 30% toy so be warned that unless you take the toy out to store seperately, the box it comes in will be hard to hide.

    realistic to the touch, realistic to the jiggle/bounce. Nice and big for groping.

    unnecessarily huge packaging that is hard to hide or put away.

  3. Maga Kore Minami's Gekinyuu Breast

    These massive bozongas are AMAZING it has what most oppai toys are missing in my opinion. It's the detail and texture in the Nipples and Areola. These titties are HUGE just the way I like them. The skin of the toy is nice but it would make titty fuck play WAY more enjoyable if the skin was textured. Otherwise there isn't much friction for your member when you're pumping between the huge milkers, this is a common issue with most oppai toys though.

    absolute huge breast immersions for fantasy play. thick detailed nipples for sucking.

    takes up a lot of space someone may not be able to hide discreetly in home

  4. Kuro Gal Blowjob Heaven

    the lilps are colored, lush and puckered, VERY fun to tease yourself with. the brown skin coloring is a HUGE plus because in my opinion there aren't enough onahole toys of tan/brown. the teeth are soft but firmer than the rest of the toy so you won't hurt yourself on it. the toy is just great and the texture is wonderful, it worked on me really fast. I STRONGLY recommended this toy. Just know because of the detail it's harder to clean so you have to make sure you clean under the tongue and along the teeth and lip folds.

    inviting sexy mouth design (best I've seen of an oral toy in general), brown/tan (rare color in toys), "throat" texture feels great. Nice and snug

    Harder to clean that your average toy because of the detail added to teeth and tongue.

  5. Double Hole Climax Wife

    I admitedly bought this because the artwork on the cover is amazing, but the toy itself is good, i'm not going to lie and say it's amazing but it's definetly a fun toy to add to the selection especially with it's vaginal and anal opening you can switch between during your fun time.

    all in one vaginal, anal onahole toy. Sexy artwork on the box to visually stimulate.

    it's pretty snug so you gotta really get in there to clean it out. But really it's like that with most onahole toys.

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