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  1. Very snug. The entrance is very tight and stimulating, and the whole thing just wraps around so well. Got good heft. Pain to dry, advise buying an dryer stick to help.

    One of the Best Feeling Onaholes to Date

    Fragile. Be gentle and she will treat you well. (The inner layer tends to degrade if you are rough during cleaning, and the plug in back of the onahole may come out if you're not careful)
    Hard to Clean

  2. The feeling of this onahole reminds me of the Julia+ but tighter and softer. The mounds and hills inside feel great, but you want to use the right consistency of lube in order to feel the full texture. The Onatsuyu Pussy Juicy Lotion has worked great for me.
    I was apprehensive about the small hole since it seems like it would rip easily, but surprising after several uses it hasn't ripped. The toy has some good weight to it and has enough length to full insert yourself if you're around average length.
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    Incredible Feeling, soft while still hugging firmly, texture is very stimulating
    Hefty Weight, this is a pro in my opinion,
    Durable, with little smell

    Cleaning, hard to clean that back end thoroughly
    Drying, use a dry stick that you're confidant with

  3. Comparing this to the original Virgo, the Premium Hard is tighter, and the material itself has a lot less give. The opening still feels great, but the insides have a lot less sensation. If you have the Virgo and thought "This isn't tight or hard enough for me," then this will be your onahole. However, this depends on your preference, and I still prefer the original Virgo over this. If you're above average, you should probably stay away.Show more

    Very tight
    Hefty Weight, not stretchy

    Almost too tight to a fault
    Cleaning and drying is a pain
    Tunnel itself doesn't have a lot of texture besides the opening

  4. Rating

    Obviously, compared to the ZXY and YJY, this loses out on the pure stimulation side. However, this onahole is still solid and provides good stimulation. The texture inside is good, but the firmness itself of the tunnel is on the low side. If you're a fan of longer sessions, then this would be a good choice.
    The material outside is much better than ZXY and YJY. It doesn't have a weird smell or oily feel, and the material is more durable and firm.
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    Easy to Clean
    No strange smell or oily feel
    Good stimulation

    Tunnel is loose for the average hotdog
    Not that stimulating compared to other NPGs

  5. I really wish this onahole was more durable, otherwise I would have given it five stars. The sensation is almost second to none. Take the texture of ZXY, make it tighter, and you get YJY.
    However, after the first use, the opening ripped. Ok, that's fine, that doesn't really matter. The tunnel broke after maybe the second use. A large gash developed on the left side and grew to the point where the onahole was unusable. Maybe I got a bad batch, as NPG has some quality control issues sometimes.
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    Tighter than ZXY
    Amazing Stimulation

    Weird Oily Texture

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    Somehow Magic Eyes created the perfect combination of tightness, softness, and sensation in this little onahole. Once you're in, she won't let go. She's great for both short and long sessions.
    The one flaw is the durability. The entrance is tiny and will rip almost immediately. If you are rough during use or cleaning, some of the insides will come out, so be as careful as you can. Cleaning and drying is an undertaking. The small entrance and tight nature makes cleaning difficult without ripping her.
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    Wonderful sensation of tight and soft

    Durability, entrance breaks immediately, inside begins to break down
    Cleaning and drying

  7. Coming from the original Virgo, I had high expectations for the Premium Soft. However, my experience is similar to the Premium Hard that you're better off getting the regular Virgo.
    While the soft material is nice to squeeze, in practice, the softness makes it so that between the hymen and uterus rings there is little texture or feel. It feels like sticking your dick into a blob that surrounds your head. Compared to the Virgo, it's much harder for me to stay hard with this one.
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    Great Aesthetics

    Rather Mushy
    Inside is tight but little sensation, feels like a ball of mush
    Fragile, the first ring seems to break if you're not careful
    Attracts Dust Easily