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    Just the best. It isn't a 10 for durability but that's not why you buy it. Perfect price point for the product. Sensation is better than any comparable product. Had one show up with a hole and TD replaced it promptly at no expense to me. A+ service.

    feels good, man

    durability issues

  2. Don't get me wrong, It was a solid performer, especially at this price point, but the feeling wasn't for me. It felt like going in over and over and over, and that was just on the way in. It was soft, but I wasn't looking for a "speed bump" sensation. It also didn't hold up as long as I would have liked and was more difficult to clean than most. For the price it gets a B+ from me, but isn't really my flavor.


    Not for me

  3. Rating

    Just buy it already.

    It barely fit the ZXY but once it was in.... wow. It's held up for at least a year and cleans easily with a little bit of soapy water and a towel. It adjusts well to a range of toys, from the ZXY down to the Nadeshiko Games - Momoka. Even a budget toy is a luxury experience with this thing.

    Seriously guys, if you've got a bad shoulder do yourself a favor. All the stress of working with your hand will be gone.
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    Feels like a good, solid butt

    It doesn't do my taxes. There is nothing not to like.

  4. I was disappointed with how well this quick-dry stick performed given the positive reviews. It does little if anything to draw moisture from even shallow folds. I suppose it's better than nothing with a fragile toy, but I really expected it to have some actual wicking power like a cotton towel.

    I can see how this is necessary for something new and soft, but it's not worth the trouble or the price for 4/5 of the toys in my collection.
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    Better than nothing for fragile toys

    doesn't do much

  5. Rating

    Vanessa & Co lube is perfectly adequate, but also on the lighter/ low concentration side. If this is your preference I'd say this is a good choice. I like something thicker that can be altered with a little bit of water, and Vanessa & Co just isn't thick enough to give that flexibility. I find it to be similar to Bliss, another great lube that isn't quite for me.

    It's a great freebee with toys

    I prefer something more concentrated like Rubber and Lovers

  6. The only room for improvement with this product is the applicator tip, which is a bit too wide to get into the opening of most toys. The feeling and consistency are superb, and it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. It is a little thicker than Bliss, and all the better for it. The bottle is huge and the concentration is just perfect. This should be everyone's standby, and the standard against which they compare other products.

    Absolutely Perfect Feeling

    Applicator Cap

  7. Looking back I can say that Bliss Lotion always went faster than others because I used it more. The feeling is superb and doesn't need to be altered. It's slightly more slippery than Vanessa & Co and slightly thinner/lighter than Onatsuyu Pussy Juicy Lotion.

    All things considered, I prefer the Onatsuyu, but that is a matter of preference and shouldn't deter you from this superb product. Some lotions require some experimentation with thickness, not Bliss.
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    The weight and feel are perfect.

    Nothing to complain about.

  8. For onaholes there is simply no better feeling product. That being said, the rose scent is too much for my nose and my skin. It isn't overbearing, it's just not my preference. The smell is pleasant and just right- I'm just allergic to everything. I've never had a reaction to this lotion (unlike others with a scent) but I'm not taking any chances.

    If this were a scent free product I don' think I'd use anything else, ever.
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    the absolute best feeling

    the smell

  9. If you're patient and have 20 minutes of prep time, this will absolutely make your toy experience better. I place it in after adding the lube, which heats much better than the toys.

    Of course, don't just dive in, test the temperature on your finger, it's going to be hotter than you realize in the center- you're basically going into hot lava. It will take some experimenting to find what works best for you and personal "bits" are more sensitive than you might realize.
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    It works, and it works well!

    Poor Soldering

  10. Rating

    I'm not a fan of firm lubes, they usually lack that slippery feel. Peace lotion is the exception, and it makes for a great change in toys with a looser fit, like La Bocca Della Verita. This is a lube that is also free of any strange novelty additives or perfumes. I haven't tried to dilute it, but that would be counter productive. There are better products for you if you're trying to stretch your dollar, like Rubber and Lovers. Despite the thicker feel the lotion has a clean feeling that I enjoyed.Show more

    different feel for looser toys

    no cons