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  1. Hip Buying Advice/Guide

    I see a lot topics start up regarding which is the best hip to buy. As an avid ashman and someone who spent a lot of time researching what hips to buy for myself I thought I'd break down the factors and

  2. In your opinion, what the best lube/lotion?

    Just as the title says- what's your pick or picks for best lube?

    My favorite was the Maria Ozawa lotion- amazingly realistic, not too thin not too thick, a little floral smelling but lasted

  3. For the younger guys: Hiding/Storing/Cleaning onaholes?

    So I discovered onaholes/hips/torsos etc in my mid 30's. I've had a lot of fun with them, exploring new ones, and going to bigger toys. But I'm thankful to have found these as an adult where I live alone

  4. Onaholes: Stroker or hands free?

    Idle curiosity: When using your onaholes do you prefer to use them as strokers (ie. have them essentially replace your hand where doing a standard fap laying or sitting down)

    or do you

  5. Onahole Stigma

    Wondering how everyone here feels about enjoying/owning onaholes and if you feel there's a stigma attached. If so, do you care?, How did you overcome it?

    It feels like it's almost accpeted/standard

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  1. Rating

    Similar to NPG version but white. Works well on drying sleeves. Does get some discoloration after a while but she did the NPG stick. So far works well though and recommend.

  2. Rating

    BillyBurn nailed it with this one. It's a very good option for those wanting to try the Rich Soft firmness. My personal fav is the Spiral Wave in this softness but this is a close 2nd. Both have similar textures so that goes a long way. The ribs are so subtle and build so nicely in this softness. it enveloped your cock in a way other softness levels don't. Real fab for edging and just going along for a delirium ride as Billy Says. It will take a long time to finish you for better or for worse so plan accordingly. But when you do you'll be rewarded nicely with a hell of an orgasm at the end. I feel the runner is slightly longer than others in the Muses series which suits me fine. And like all Tomax toys even at this crazy softness it's proven durable so far with no tears 6 months in. Recommended for the long time edgers out there or anyone looking for a good design to try the Rich Softness.

    Enveloping, soft cloud. Slow edging champ. Great quality and durability for it's softness

  3. Having tried the Soft and Regular versions of the Venus Real I'd put this one at 2nd place for firmness. Soft is still my favorite overall. But that said this one is very nice. The extra softness adds a certain realism to it like a milf pussy. It's extra subtle so the sensations creep up on you more. Like others have said it's great for longer sessions to really ease in and enjoy yourself, great to control your orgasm and enjoy a long a ride. Easy to pace it to hold off humming. But you can also bring on the speed and it will make your toes curl when you do lose it.

    Great for longer sessions
    Subtle realism

    Bad if you need higher stimulation.

  4. Rating

    Similar to the INSOMNIA certainly similar bottle shape and size. Lube itself is good. A little less stringy than Insomnia. Much thinner so I find it's good if you want to feel more subtle textures. but it also dries out faster and I find I have to relube more often with this one. The plus and minus bring this to a good not great lube.

    Great for subtle onaholes with thinness

  5. Had this on my wish list a long time Finally pulled the trigger.

    Very sexy box art. I'd describe this as a mid range Onahole. Not quite as thick/meaty as a standard Meiki or the Tomax Venus series but it delivers great value.

    Material is soft but not overly so. Interior is dual layer and firmer. You can really feel all the textures and nubs inside, a lot of variety in the chamber and the final uterus is nice but not as pronounced as the Lilith Uterus. The on a is one of the longer ones I've encountered in terms of the tunnel. So longer/well endowed guys should be happy. It's one off the rare ones I don't bottom out inside easily.

    Firmness and texture make this on the higher end of Stimulation for me. very comparable to the Erotic maid Servant, and ExTrip Haruna Hana. But more affordable than either of those.

    Recommended. Nice box. Came with standard sample of lube and no other frills.

    Great length- perfect for more well endowed guys
    Great texture and firmness, higher stimulation
    Great price/value


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