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  1. Hip Buying Advice/Guide

    I see a lot topics start up regarding which is the best hip to buy. As an avid ashman and someone who spent a lot of time researching what hips to buy for myself I thought I'd break down the factors and

  2. In your opinion, what the best lube/lotion?

    Just as the title says- what's your pick or picks for best lube?

    My favorite was the Maria Ozawa lotion- amazingly realistic, not too thin not too thick, a little floral smelling but lasted

  3. For the younger guys: Hiding/Storing/Cleaning onaholes?

    So I discovered onaholes/hips/torsos etc in my mid 30's. I've had a lot of fun with them, exploring new ones, and going to bigger toys. But I'm thankful to have found these as an adult where I live alone

  4. Onaholes: Stroker or hands free?

    Idle curiosity: When using your onaholes do you prefer to use them as strokers (ie. have them essentially replace your hand where doing a standard fap laying or sitting down)

    or do you

  5. Onahole Stigma

    Wondering how everyone here feels about enjoying/owning onaholes and if you feel there's a stigma attached. If so, do you care?, How did you overcome it?

    It feels like it's almost accpeted/standard

  6. Onahole History?

    This is meant to be more of a discussion starter than a declarative post about Onahole history.

    I was idly thinking about what it must be like to work for one of these onahole companies.

  7. Onahole repair?

    So we've all been there in one way or another. You have a favorite onahole that's developed damage- a tear or hole. Either you can't afford to replace it soon, the onahole has been discontinued so it

  8. How long do your onaholes typically last?

    Just curious. It seems there's no clear one-size-fits-all answer here as longevity of an onahole seems to depend on durability of the make/model, how often (and roughly) one uses it and how well it's cleaned/maintained

  9. Will the Miracle Angel Hip ever be stocked?

    Just want to say I think its great to see so many new varied size/price point breast and Hip/butt toys being offered lately here at Toydemon. Thanks for that.

    With this great influx of

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  1. I picked up the Sarah based on it's design in and out.

    It's a solid dual layer. Nicely firm, certainly in line with the ZXY and YJY. I love the camel toe looking opening. Its got a wide opening so it's great to enter when not full erect and let the sleeve work it's magic to get your rock hard.

    Not as super-stimulating at the ZXY. I was mildly surprised as the tunnel does a downward slope like the XXY but I don't feel it in use like I do with the ZXY.
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  2. Rating

    A lot of good and a little bad with this one. I can mainly compare this to the EPH Gen 1 single layer form 7 years ago... and it's a definite improvement. It's slightly bigger, it's slightly more realistic in the sculpt, the internal tunnels are better and it's kept the versatility and softness/jiggle that was so nice about the Gen 1. So with that said the highlight of this is the softness and jiggle. It's so squeezable and swappable and put it on it's 'top' and enjoy it doggie and the jiggle will make it 'come alive' and fuck you back' very nice.Show more

    Life-like. Hefty weight which is great for simulating Cowgirl, Super soft and jiggly which adds to fun/realism, Fairly durable do far, Internal sensation is ok.

    Internal sensation is ok- b ut not mind blowing - on the gentle/light side of stimulation. Can be a pain to clean. Slightly undersized for 1:1 scale.

  3. If you're considering this then just buy it. Seriously. It's an awesome product. I admit I was skeptical about this when doing my research. I tried a few air doll/love bodies out first to see if I'd even like sex with a doll. I decided I did but wanted something more durable/less pronounced seams and preferably opaque(the love bodies while very shapely for air dolls are sadly transparent).

    There's not many options out there for a plush torso.
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  4. I have to say this stuff is awesome. It's slightly thick and viscous but not overly so- pretty much like real vaginal juices.

    It works amazingly well with any masturbator sleeve and you don't have to use too much and it lasts a fairly long time before you need to re-apply.

    It has a pleasant oder though- might be odd for those not used to it but I adjusted.

    It's downsides- 1) if you use it for old school rosy palm masturbating it dries out super fast and doesn't last.
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  5. Picked this up a couple months ago on the strength of the reviews and after I tried and was blown away by another Japanese Sleeve.

    I was not disappointed! This thing really rocks. I was a little skeptical at the weightier/thicker size at first. And the outer layer at the entrance had a little bit of minor 'pilling' on the first try but now it's settled down and there's no other make or durability issues so far.

    It feels pretty realistic with the right amount of lube and works well as a stroker, but when you go hands free it really sings and can take you into orbit.
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  6. I got this as a sample with the Meiki sleeve of the same name. I enjoyed it so thought I'd share my thoughts.

    Like the Maria Ozawa lotion, this stuff is amazing. It's slightly thick and viscous but not overly so- pretty much like real vaginal juices. It's slightly thicker than the Maria but it still worked great.

    It works amazingly well with any masturbator sleeve and you don't have to use too much and it lasts a fairly long time before you need to re-apply.
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  7. Took advantage of the Black Friday Sale and bought both this and the Half Hera Hip. Check the Half Hera product page for that review.

    The Extreme Pleasure Hip: Of the Japanese Hips I've seen and handled this appears to be the largest or give the impression of being the largest at least by width by a tiny margin so closest to life-size but that said still undersized to the majority of real adult woman (at least in the USA) no matter how compact and petite.
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  8. Took advantage of the Black Friday Sale and bought both this and the Extreme Pleasure Hip. Check the Half Hera product page for that review.

    The Half Hera Hip: Aesthestically- it's awesome. Very sexy (to me probably the sexiest and most shapely and more 'real' of the replica butts I've seen), I love the surfboard prone-bone position, and the extra lower back and upper thighs help give it realism. When I wash it and it shifts in my arms, it gives the impression of the thighs moving back and forth, and the ass wriggling provocatively which is a *huge* turn on.
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  9. I picked this up in a rush or purchases at Black Friday.

    I was curious to try a new brand and the reviews were good and I figured tight is good.

    Well after trying it I've decided while a nice sleeve- the tightness didn't do it for me. The sensations were okay. The nubs get in there with the right balance of lube but I realize I prefer a sleeves to suck and caress me more than clamp down and grip-me-to-death.

    Also it's a small sleeve and I was really stretching this thing.
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  10. Over Xmas 2015 I bought 4 new sleeves. All of them very good but this one is my new favorite by a hair.

    I'd rank the 4 I got as such best to not-so-best:
    ExTrip Haruna Hana
    EXP Saki Ootsuka
    Maria Ozawa 001
    YJY 006

    Looking at the internal structure of the ExTrip I knew I was going to like it. It looked like my other dual layer favorite- the ZXY. I think I slightly prefer the Extrip though. It feels TERRIFIC.
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