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  1. For the younger guys: Hiding/Storing/Cleaning onaholes?

    So I discovered onaholes/hips/torsos etc in my mid 30's. I've had a lot of fun with them, exploring new ones, and going to bigger toys. But I'm thankful to have found these as an adult where I live alone

  2. Onaholes: Stroker or hands free?

    Idle curiosity: When using your onaholes do you prefer to use them as strokers (ie. have them essentially replace your hand where doing a standard fap laying or sitting down)

    or do you

  3. Onahole Stigma

    Wondering how everyone here feels about enjoying/owning onaholes and if you feel there's a stigma attached. If so, do you care?, How did you overcome it?

    It feels like it's almost accpeted/standard

  4. Onahole History?

    This is meant to be more of a discussion starter than a declarative post about Onahole history.

    I was idly thinking about what it must be like to work for one of these onahole companies.

  5. Will the Miracle Angel Hip ever be stocked?

    Just want to say I think its great to see so many new varied size/price point breast and Hip/butt toys being offered lately here at Toydemon. Thanks for that.

    With this great influx of

  6. Onahole repair?

    So we've all been there in one way or another. You have a favorite onahole that's developed damage- a tear or hole. Either you can't afford to replace it soon, the onahole has been discontinued so it

  7. How long do your onaholes typically last?

    Just curious. It seems there's no clear one-size-fits-all answer here as longevity of an onahole seems to depend on durability of the make/model, how often (and roughly) one uses it and how well it's cleaned/maintained

  1. So I'm an assman. And I've been on the lookout and tryouts for the best ass toy one can buy for years. This one when it popped up in July '20, looked like it might be the holy grail of hips/asses. Great sculpt. Great color, fake 'skin', good looking internals, good size, expensive yes, but possibly worth it.... I finally took the plunge shortly after Labor Day and I can say it's *pretty* good but just short of great.Show more

    -Sculpt is very sexy. Looks super appealing and quite a turn on. Plus for nice skin tone color as well.
    -Texture. The Maga Kore fake 'skin' feels really nice, realistic with the mild goosebump effect
    -Feels good. Probably has the most stimulating Vag/anal tunnels I've ever felt on a hip. Very enjoyable to use.
    -Good squeeze- Not as soft as others but a good firm and decent squeeze to the butt like a yoga instructor/crossfit girl's ass.

    - Larger toy/closed holes means it's trickier to clean and trickier to hide/store. This will vary depending on your living situation but bear it in mind. But it's an unavoidable trade off to have a larger/more realistic toy
    -Price - Definitely on the expensive side for a toy, even for a hip- how much it's worth it to you depends on disposable income, how much of an asSman you are and crave the doggy simulated experience.
    -The locked doggy/flat bottom - *I* don't care about this too much but there are some who will see the lack of other positions/versatility as a negative. Just know you're preference.
    -For price & being a 'big' hip, its still a smidge undersized to be 1:1 scale IMHO.

  2. Rating

    I've been searching for a true 1:1 sexy scaled hip made by the Japanese for a long time and I think I've finally found a winner. Let's face it most ass/hip toys are too small- like 60-80% true size. The bigger ones tend to be American made but have dup internal tunnels. Trying to find a sexy, sizable ass with Japanese internal tunnels is... difficult but I can tell you Akari's Buttocks delivers.

    Main Pros: Size and that super sexy bubble butt sculpt!
    Show more

    True 1:1 scale to a real woman's ass/hip
    Super soft/bouncy/jiggy - Loads of fun to grab, slap and bounce
    Internal tunnels are nice, anal is more stimulating, but Vaginal god for longer.edging sessions
    Due to softness, there's reasonable versatility in positions It can be used in.

    Little feet design can be off-putting.
    Size / closed hole design will make it cumbersome/chore to clean as well as hide from prying eyes.

  3. For the price point, hard to complain. Although when I think of MILF pussy the Tomax Venus lines and the Saki Ootsuka come to mind faster as better simulators. It's got a sexy art box. Sample packet of lube. Small box. Small Onahole, no frills, no fake vaginal lips/entrance. Fairly narrow thin. Medium soft, internals are fairly firm without being rough. Spiral ridged tunnel reminds me of the Tomax Spiral Wave (reg firmness) though IMHO the Tomax is better and more stimulating.Show more

    Small size easy to hide/store. Sexy box art. Reasonably good stimulation for it's size. Great price.

    Small size may be awkward for those used to larger/fatter onaholes, sensation is solid but not crazy stimulating, repetition of spriral/ridges could get boring to those who prefer variety in their tunnels.

  4. Was curious about this one as I enjoy Uterus onaholes, this one was well reviewed and well priced so took the plunge. I will say like the Six Ball, it's very soft, easy to grip. It's colored slightly differently, I suppose to help buyers differentiate if they were to buy all three of the demon sisters. Simple outer design, no frills or fake vaginal lips sadly. Comes with a sample packet of lube and an inset clear plastic tray for stronger later.Show more

    Great price, soft/good quality build, very unique sensation if you're into the uterus thing, wide ridges make it easy to grip

    Sensation may get dull after a while as it's a one trick pony with no variation inside.

  5. For a Meiki the design is pretty familiar. Size shape etc to a lot of the others. It has to be one of the softest ones I've ever gotten in this line. Especially for a dual layer. Entrance is a tiny hole and tight but due to softness it's not that hard to enter and it won't choke you down there. Sensation is a pleasant medium. Reminds me of a more mild Horny Beauty or maybe the Saki Ootsuka G1. It's meaty enough to feel some weight hands free or as a stroker.Show more

    Very soft, Internals err towards realistic, pleasant build to climax, seems durable so far, no tears.

    Good, but not the most stimulating, if you are after a more aggressive experience I'd lean to others, soft for a dual layer.

  6. For the price, this one is a solid hitter. Exterior is super simple, no fake torso/vaginal lips etc here but the wide ridges help for a good handgrip. The toy is fair soft and squishy. Feels sorta between a single and dual layer meiki. You san twist the interior tunnel however you want but it feels good, A solid medium to above medium stimulation thanks to the multiple nodes/balls on two sides. This means you can stimulate the sides or the top/bottom of your cock.Show more

    Good bang for the buck. Good stimulation, easy entry. Sexy box art.

    No frills exterior could be more sexy/enticing. Only really stimulates two sides of your cock, if you want a more enveloping/stimulation all around you, then pass on this one.

  7. Simple and easy. They aren't kidding about it being brittle. It's like a long slightly thick piece of chalk. Only with a blue tint. So I'm extra careful with it. It does suck up moisture well within a few minutes it dries most standard onaholes well. Takes longer on holes that hold more water (larger tunnels or tunnels with more crevices). Only issue I have is that it takes a long time to dry between holes. Like for me so far it takes a good 30min if not an hour in between.Show more

    Easy to use, cheap, works fairly quickly

    Takes a long time to dry out for re-use between onaholes. Fragile, like chalk so use carefully.

  8. Rating

    The Moshinaka arrive din the smallest box I've ever seen for an onahole. I knew the toy itself would be small. It's very comparable in size shape to the OFFPAKA After the Event even down to the open tapered entrance except this one is purple and the OFFPAKA is flesh tone.

    So it won't deliver a fat enveloping Meiki or TOmax Venus feel. But it's size makes it easy to hide, pack for travel etc.
    Show more

    Size makes it easy to hide/Travel. Firmness means a more stimulating intense session.

    Firmness means it'll be too rough for some guys. If you like Meiki Single layers or Tomax Soft or Very Soft, avoid this one. Suction isn't the best. Size also means less enveloping session, more quickie.

  9. Rating

    A lot of good and a little bad with this one. I can mainly compare this to the EPH Gen 1 single layer form 7 years ago... and it's a definite improvement. It's slightly bigger, it's slightly more realistic in the sculpt, the internal tunnels are better and it's kept the versatility and softness/jiggle that was so nice about the Gen 1. So with that said the highlight of this is the softness and jiggle. It's so squeezable and swappable and put it on it's 'top' and enjoy it doggie and the jiggle will make it 'come alive' and fuck you back' very nice.Show more

    Life-like. Hefty weight which is great for simulating Cowgirl, Super soft and jiggly which adds to fun/realism, Fairly durable do far, Internal sensation is ok.

    Internal sensation is ok- b ut not mind blowing - on the gentle/light side of stimulation. Can be a pain to clean. Slightly undersized for 1:1 scale.

  10. Rating

    Boy. After all the glowing reviews I expected this to be like the second Coming of Onaholes. A new contender for the top spot of the ZXY or Maria Ozawa..... a slice of heaven for my cock. Nope. It's comes up way short there. Like most NPG Meikis the Yuria is a good size and weight. A no frills outer design. Quality so far is good, no tears at the entrance, no issues with the dual layer coming off or defects in the mold.Show more

    Good for longer sessions, very gentle stimulation for a dual layer, good quality- no tears so far

    Said gentle stimulation is too mild for me and may be for others.