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  1. For the younger guys: Hiding/Storing/Cleaning onaholes?

    So I discovered onaholes/hips/torsos etc in my mid 30's. I've had a lot of fun with them, exploring new ones, and going to bigger toys. But I'm thankful to have found these as an adult where I live alone

  2. Onaholes: Stroker or hands free?

    Idle curiosity: When using your onaholes do you prefer to use them as strokers (ie. have them essentially replace your hand where doing a standard fap laying or sitting down)

    or do you

  3. Onahole Stigma

    Wondering how everyone here feels about enjoying/owning onaholes and if you feel there's a stigma attached. If so, do you care?, How did you overcome it?

    It feels like it's almost accpeted/standard

  4. Onahole History?

    This is meant to be more of a discussion starter than a declarative post about Onahole history.

    I was idly thinking about what it must be like to work for one of these onahole companies.

  5. Will the Miracle Angel Hip ever be stocked?

    Just want to say I think its great to see so many new varied size/price point breast and Hip/butt toys being offered lately here at Toydemon. Thanks for that.

    With this great influx of

  6. Onahole repair?

    So we've all been there in one way or another. You have a favorite onahole that's developed damage- a tear or hole. Either you can't afford to replace it soon, the onahole has been discontinued so it

  7. How long do your onaholes typically last?

    Just curious. It seems there's no clear one-size-fits-all answer here as longevity of an onahole seems to depend on durability of the make/model, how often (and roughly) one uses it and how well it's cleaned/maintained