So someone emailed and asked if we pack Free Shipping orders differently because they read somewhere that ToyDemon's Free Shipping orders are often packed with less material and not discreet at all.

First, let us assure you that all packages are packed and treated the same regardless of whether shipping is paid or not. We don't single out orders based on customer or shipping paid. There's nothing to gain for us trying to purposely mess up an order. It creates inefficiency in the packing process!

If a customer is acting like an asshole, we would simply cancel the order and refund the money. We won't keep the money and stop answering emails!

Now there are a couple of differences between a Free Shipping order against a paid shipping order, and let us address them here:

1. Priority

If a 1-Day and a Free Shipping order came in at the same time. Then no question the 1-Day shipping gets processed and packed first because we need to get it out to make the 1-Day delivery. Now that doesn't mean the Free Shipping won't go out on the same day, they still do. Express and Ground pick ups are separate. Express needs to make the deadlines, so they come earlier. Ground usually comes a little later since it's not as time sensitive and gives us more time to process.

Extreme situations like Black Friday will make us ship out the Free Shipping Orders the next day because there are simply too many packages and everyone is super busy, Post Office and FedEx included. During those times, we will make announcement ahead of time, or change the Ship Date at checkout, so you will always be in the know.

2. Cost / Method

Because we offer Free US Shipping within the 48 Contiguous Sates for first time registered customers without minimum, and at $35 at $75, with how much shipping rates have increased over the pandemic, we need to get the shipping cost down as much as possible. We hope the member rewards and perks will make you want to keep the same account and level up instead of making a new account every time.

For the majority of the Free Shipping orders, USPS will likely be the most economical shipping method. There are exceptions and some orders get upgraded to Ground or even 2-Day shipping because it's cheaper. We have no idea how it is cheaper, we just follow the quoted rates and process them.

Hope that clears up questions and misconceptions that some might have about our shipping procedure.

If you have any problems or issues with your order, please EMAIL US! If you don't tell us, there's no way we would know! So whoever had that issue with your Free Shipping order, please contact us, we will do our best to make it right.

Have you had any issues receiving our packages? Let us know below.

EDIT: Updated the post to be match the current rates. Sorry for the confusion.