-Back-order items are popular items that happen to be out of stock but you would still like to purchase and take advantage of any current promotions.
-All back-order items are shipped free within the 48 contiguous states.
-In a mix order of Pre-order items and in stock items, the pre-order items will ship as soon as they are available at no extra cost to you.
-Delivery estimates at checkout will not reflect the actual delivery date of pre-order items. The method selected will be the method used when the item arrives.

Please note:

1. Unlike pre-order items, back-order items ARE counted towards promo code and free shipping requirements.

2. Back-order items are charged right away and will be shipped with the shipping method of our choice upon arrival.

3. All back-order items can be canceled before shipping. However, any coupons, discounts, and promotions that was used with that order will be adjusted if it does not meet the requirement of said promotion.

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