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  1. How do you mount?

    For those of you with plush dolls, please refrain from boasting about your superiority.

    On the other hand, I would like to call upon my fellow common men to post about how they use their

  2. Onaholes that mimic the kind of grip that your hand would have?

    Are there onaholes that have a strong "grip"? I have used a hard onahole before and that is not what I want. I would like a regular onahole in softness, although the grip (maybe suction) that your hand

  3. Petition for ToysHeart on *Virgin Age Graduation* Revival

    The onahole has been discontinued. This post is to gather support and the attention of ToysHeart. The discontinuation was abrupt and uncalled for. Her foresister (Virgin Age Admission) is still going strong.

  4. Crash Course on Mold?


    I am fairly new to TPE toys, but not that new. I am also a clean guy myself, maybe above average after reading the doomsday texts on mold. I am in no way the pinnacle of toy cleanliness

  5. Tips on drying Puni Ana Kiwami DX?

    The toy isn't new to me, but I know my drying technique is not efficient at all. I just learned that dry sticks are used for residual moisture and at max used for 1 minute (thank you TD).

  6. Which lubes need to be applied and when?

    I know high viscosity lubes are thicker and suppose to last longer. I don't know what soft lubes are.

    Which viscosity should be used during high stimulation vs low stimulation?