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  1. This is a lube on the thinner side so you will feel the details of the onahole better than other lubes like Peace. Although it is thin, it still lasts a long time before drying while still giving a smooth experience. Try not to add too much though since it being thinner means it leaks more quickly.

    Long lasting, smooth. Good value for the price and amount.

    Leaks can get messy if you add too much.

  2. This is a tight onahole with average to slightly below average stimulation. The tightness is nice where you feel like you are actually pushing through it. However, it will also push you back out if you leave it alone. The tunnel design is nice but the ridges are subtle. It can leak lube too especially if it gets into the cavity between the outer entrance and tunnel entrance.

    Tight and durable.

    Can leak.

  3. This is a nice thick lube. It can make harder toys easier to use but makes it harder to feel soft toys. It is long lasting so just a small amount can go a long way.

    Good for those wanting a thicker lube. Long lasting