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  1. How about a longer ship option?

    I personally am not in a rush to receive every order I place. Sometimes it would be even better to have it ship later and select a general week/day for it to show up. I don't know if it would save on shipping

  2. Thanks for all the scented lotions we asked for or didn't know existed! ..but what do they smell like... ?

    I take it some of us are going to have to be the guinea pigs of discovering what each bottle's aroma actually are. At some point though it would be nice if some description was added to include what that

  3. If you run out of stock will you ever have more in stock before the sale ends?

    Generally speaking of course, since I know it depends on the item since some items appear to take months to be in stock again.

    TD seems to often run out of stock too quickly, on BF sales

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  1. At first it is a weird sensation getting pushed out but after many uses the bands will break and it allows you to push in deeper. Eventually you will want to cut them or there will be discomfort. With careful use and cleaning, only a small tear developed at the entrance. It has held up well for 9 months.

    Outer body

    Band gimmick doesn't last long

  2. Paid about $46 for this is it is worth the price compared to others in the $20-30 range. It also holds up much better than others with it's dual layer. Comes with a nice smelling mini bottle of lube.

    Nice form to play with. Feels amazing when twisting.

    Not very tight and lube can dry faster than others.

  3. Rating

    I got this for having 2 holes and to see if I like them at 9 softness but I realized it's not my kind of thing. The vag opening feels really nice but doesn't feel like anything if don't go slow with thin lube. The anal cavity was a disappointment as its just way too small and tight to enter without prying it open with both hands. Since it is soft and both cavities are tight you have to use a microfiber towel to dry it and risk damaging it.


    Too soft for me, ultra tight anal

  4. I haven't had a BJ with any other like her before but she knows how to lick, suck, and noisily gags just before swallowing it all. Not the best suction but at least she's good about cleaning up as long as you plug up the other side.

    Soft teeth. Easy to clean.

    Could be longer/deeper mouth

  5. Rating

    Has a cleaner odor but doesn't leave any unpleasant smell after rising.

    lasts a long time

  6. I didn't need this much but it was on sale. No complaints. I prefer this over vanessa co lotion. Only a small glob and it's go time.

    Sexy bottle image

    Twisting the bottle cap with a lubed hand.

  7. I got this free as and add on and was worth it. It's most useful during the colder parts of the year but you will probably still have to warm the toy using your body heat because it doesn't heat deeply. It's nice to have sometimes but other times it's not worth bothering with. Lube can get tacky when it gets how and dries which can be annoying to clean.

    It's small

    It's slow

  8. This has very realistic breast to body proportions compared to most hips and an irresistible vaginal entrance for a 6" deep cavity. The skin feels like it is 1-2" thick over the torso skeletal structure so it soft but stiff in the right places for handling. I love the design of the hip and thy as don't get in the way of trying many different positions. Ridding while squeezing her ass is amazing.
    It's unfortunate that due to being a softness of 7-8 inside and only a single layer, there isn't that much feeling of all the bumps in either hole unless you go slow and thin on lube.
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    Review image

    Quality detail in it's appearance. Nice&soft even just to cuddle with

    Very Difficult to warm up and keep warm. Both holes feel about the same - just Ok

  9. This is a very hard and barely chalky dry stick that does well but I find I still have to do most of the drying with a cloth and squeeze/shake it out first. It doesn't just suck up water like a sponge would. My problem is it can take 15 mins or so long to fully dry but I forget to take it out for hours. I can't tell if it has caused damage to the onaholes but it now has a lot of black spots. So now I have to replace it?

    Good for harder to dry onaholes

    Doesn't do all the drying on it's own

  10. Magic Eyes knows how to get the softness right and did it again with this one. I've been looking for a Lolinco similar onahole and this checked that box. It gives that "virgin" experience being tight at first but more relaxed eventually. The bands near the entrance add just enough to the experience without being too constricting granted you use a good amount of lube. While the entrance does take normal wear and tear it by no means has been easily prone to damage since I've still been happy with it for almost a year.Show more

    Soft, nice outside appearance
    Good for slow to fast sessions
    Retains moisture

    Retains moisture (use dry stick)