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  1. Manufacturing and pricing: How & what

    I'm often curious how many of these products are made and how they come up with the pricing of these. Isn't anyone else? From idea to design to quality control (hopefully!) and finally the pricing (by

  2. How about a longer ship option?

    I personally am not in a rush to receive every order I place. Sometimes it would be even better to have it ship later and select a general week/day for it to show up. I don't know if it would save on shipping

  3. Thanks for all the scented lotions we asked for or didn't know existed! ..but what do they smell like... ?

    I take it some of us are going to have to be the guinea pigs of discovering what each bottle's aroma actually are. At some point though it would be nice if some description was added to include what that

  4. If you run out of stock will you ever have more in stock before the sale ends?

    Generally speaking of course, since I know it depends on the item since some items appear to take months to be in stock again.

    TD seems to often run out of stock too quickly, on BF sales

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  1. Meiki® Toy Bag Plus

    Great for storing toys and preventing an oily mess that you might have if you are only using towels or something similar to put them away. No noticeable smell escapes. Somewhat inconspicuous

  2. Tenka Ikketsu

    Overall this is just ok at best. The outside looks so-so and being round it's hard feel what side is up. The sleeve is dual layer which is good but due to the softness with a thin wall makes it floppy. Internally the nub covered lumps give good sensations yet sort of random. And finally the cervix feels like.. nothing. Really disappointed. Maybe for the long and girthy it's a different story but I'm just glad it was a cheaper priced ona.

  3. Fake Mother's Milk Lotion 355ml

    This kind of lube is a great idea even though I haven't tried paizuri with it. It's not the best slickness nor longest lasting lube but it gets the job done. The greatest perk is the scent and cloudy milky looking fluid. Seeing it leak out of the vaginal opening after applying to your onahole really sets the mood. I don't personally like the scent very much and it lingers.

    Vanilla Scent
    Cloudy white color
    Slick like most lubes
    Nipple twist-open top

    Large bottle
    Takes a long time to use it up if you get tired of it.

  4. Sujiman Kupa Lolinco

    I actually prefer this over the more meaty Virgo. It has the right amount of tightness, not overly restrictive out of the box and over time gets more loose. The entrance knuckle opening is weird but functions well enough 1 handed and hard. The internal band and bumps are noticeable even though the material is medium-soft and kind of stiff. Of course being a tighter ona it can take longer to clean but being a smaller size over Virgo it's not that hard to clean but drying needs to be more thorough. Overall quality and durability is above average if you take care of it.

    A very similar but even softer alternative to this is MeltyLove

    Sensual Squeezy entrance


  5. La Bocca Della Verita

    While it does anime oral fantasy well enough I'm mixed with the hard teeth and will likely remove them. The most similar oral-hole I've tried was the Fellappuccino which I didn't enjoy as much as this one but it had more pros than cons. The material is nice and soft and the tongue and throat give a pleasant sensation going in deep. But the issue is the teeth being hard and always sticking out or clamping down on your member more so than lips. So you have to take it slow or you are going to hurt yourself on her chompers.


    Accurate outer and inner form

    Gives a different sensation once teeth are removed

    zHard Teeth

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