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  1. Looking for onaholes compatible with fleshlight launch

    Hey guys I am looking for an onahole that can be fit into a fleshlight casing so that I can use it for my launch. I have tried tomax real/clone in the past and they worked fine. Are there other options

  2. How do you guys clean and store hips?

    I bought a hips toy (extreme pleasure) recently. It is heavier than what I think and cleaning becomes a nontrivial task compared to onaholes below 2lbs. Today I tried to flush it using the water straight

  3. How should I use the drying stick correctly?

    I have bought a Venus Real Richsoft lately with a drying stick. My original plan was to use the drying stick to dry it every time after cleaning/washing.
    However, I found that it is pretty hard

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  1. I was about to buy the famous tomax real but at that time the very soft version of that was out of stock. Instead I bought the very soft Venus Clone.
    Getting the very soft version is necessary to feel the essence of TOMAX. It is close to a real human which is soft and you wouldn't cum in a few minutes.
    In the first few tries, I found this to be like some sort of jelly and there wasn't enough stimulation. However, the magical thing is, this onahole somehow changed my sensation as if it has adapted to me.
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    Soft, very realistic, sensation changes as you use it more

    a bit hard to clean the inside since I cannot flip it inside out

  2. Rating

    I am writing this review after buying it for a year. This sleeve is very smooth and feels like real person. It is very special in a way that it gets more stimulating as time passes (which is the opposite compared to other onaholes). Rumors say that this onahole can "learn" your size/shape and adapt in the way that stimulate you the most and I think it is true based on my experience.

    The first few sessions will be super long. This sleeve is not stimulating to begin with (I put it in a fleshlight casing to squeeze a bit tighter).
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    Smooth; long session possible; Good orgasm feeling

    Some might prefer to cum really fast? I'm not sure