1. Community Giveaway #15: Meiki Plush of Choice for 3 Winners! "Masturbation during COVID?"

    Some of you may have noticed that the Community Giveaway has been on a hiatus just like Hunter x Hunter (Our favorite anime) but the wait is finally over! The Giveaway is now back like Monster Hunter Rise!

    Which plush prize would you choose?

  2. Plush Dolls are now back!

    Just a simple post to let everyone know that the Plush Dolls are now back in stock! For a limited time while supplies last, you will get a Free Meiki Real with purchase of any Plush below. So you will

  3. Free Shipping Minimum Increased

    Free Shipping Minimum Increased

    It sucks that we have to make this change, but we sincerely hope

  4. Community Giveaway #14: $10 Reward Points for 5 Winners! "Fapping Habits?"

    In the previous giveaway topic there were many AV Actress those of us at the Toydemon office have not heard of but now we do! It was fun finding out the JAV actress that you guys liked as well as why you

  5. Community Giveaway #13: $10 Reward Points for 5 Winners! "Favorite AV Star?"

    It's Friday!!! another week another giveaway, the topic this week is your favorite Porn / AV star. We all know most products belongs to two main categories when it comes to box art / packaging products,

  6. Community Giveaway #12: $10 Reward Points for 5 Winners! "Pre-Order?"

    Happy Friday everyone!! the topic this week is Pre-Ordering products. As many of you know we have a Pre-Order section which lists many new products on the market. We launch most items there to gauge the

    Would you Pre-Order a product that looks interesting?

  7. Community Giveaway #11: $10 Reward Points for 5 Winners! "Your goto Onahole and why? "

    You guys really came up with some good dream onaholes with the last giveaway topic. Lets try one with a added poll this week since it's the new feature for the community for anyone that has over 100 upvotes.

    Size of your Onahole collection?

    Please vote to see the results.

  8. Poll function added!

    So as requested we have added a poll function into the community that people requested.

    Right now, we are just testing it out and will slowly roll out to allow users to use the function.

    What is your favorite onahole brand?

  9. Community Giveaway #10: $20 Reward Points for 3 Winners! "Your Dream Onahole?"

    This week lets hear from all of you what would be your dream built for a Onahole? We thought it would be fun to hear what type of things you would want in terms of looks, softness/firmness, stimulation

  10. Community Giveaway #9: $20 Reward Points for 3 Winners! "Your worst shopping experience?"

    Thanks to everyone that participated in the giveaway #8. Three randomly drawn winners were awarded with $20 in reward points. It was a good member provided topic and obviously give us a good insight into