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  1. June 2024 Giveaway #44 - One thing you would change about ToyDemon

    Summer's basically here, and as we all enjoy the outdoors, don't forget to check back with us from time to time and enjoy a little bit of time to yourself!

    For this month's giveaway, let

  2. **OVER** May 2024 Giveaway #43 - Favorite Onahole / Why?

    Now that achievements are up and running, we are still planning for more things for the site. Next thing we are planning is a new bundles page up in which you get to pick and choose from few select options

  3. **OVER** April 2024 Giveaway #42 - ToyDemon Onahole Questionnaire

    Slight update: We originally planned the achievement system will be ready, but we decided to add a couple more things to it at the end so definitely we should see it out sometime in April. Sorry for the

    How do feel about doing doing quiz/forms for giveaway?

  4. **OVER** March 2024 Giveaway #41 - Community Achievements?

    Spring is almost here! We can't wait till the weather is better again! We just experienced 2 days of summer, followed by a thunderstorm and crazy tornado warning!

    So a little update on the

  5. **OVER** February 2024 Giveaway #40 - What's next for onaholes?

    Can't believe January of 2024 is already over! We want to thank everyone that participated in the giveaway and congrats to the winners!

    A little bit info for the community..... in the near