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  1. Hip Buying Advice/Guide

    I see a lot topics start up regarding which is the best hip to buy. As an avid ashman and someone who spent a lot of time researching what hips to buy for myself I thought I'd break down the factors and

  2. What lube for which job? And how do YOU hack?

    So everyone knows which lube you shouldn't use with which material, right? Don't use oils on rubber or TPE, no silicone on [cheap] silicone (i've heard some silicone toys can take it, but I never figured

  3. Ship to Canada

    Hi there

    I lived in Canada and I want to order a tomax's Venus Real Soft
    After review some posts I am kind of worry about the shippment now.
    So the only ship option now is

  4. Connected Tunnels and Lube Loss

    I normally choose closed-hole designs because the lube can't go anywhere, but I finally found a transparent hip, "Puni Ana SukeSuke DX", and got curious. the problem of lube loss is definitely there,