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  1. Onahole (and other sex toy) "lifehacks"

    I figured we could use a topic about experimenting with strange/unorthodox methods to make the experience better. I didn't come up with the two I will mention myself, but here goes.

    1. Mason

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  1. Venus Real Very Soft

    Saying something that is very soft is very soft, but when it comes to Tomax, it needs to be said.
    While going from Soft to Regular isn't a huge difference, Soft to Very Soft is. It barely holds its shape, and the feeling is very subtle. The Venus Real is meant to emulate the feeling of a real vagina (hence the name), but Very Soft in particular is like a gentle caress. You're meant to go slow and take your time. Like you have all day to wank it. Get comfortable, don't try to rush. Just let what Foghat said nearly 5 decades back, "take it easy".

    Now, because of how soft it is, it isn't meant for everyone but if you know you like something soft, then you can't go wrong with this. Don't buy this as your first onahole or your first Tomax hole. Start off with Soft or Regular.

    Amazing feeling when you go by its flow

    doesn't hold its shape the best, so its less than average in durability in Tomax


    With almost all of Tomax's holes, I feel that they were made with Soft or Regular in mind. Yeah, most of them come in stuff like Rich Soft and whatnot, but those fill a more niche feeling.

    With Romanesco, I feel it's the inverse. Like this was made specifically with the Hard firmness in mind and the others fill a niche. The Romanesco's many little romanesco flowers look big in the pictures, but they're quite small when actually seeing them.

    Even though Tomax says it's "Hard" it's still fairly soft, at least compared to other brand's hard firmness. The feeling is very bumpy, although a bit monotonous providing a high amount of stimulation. There's even a bit of a vacuum effect so if you squeeze and twist to let the air out, it provides a little bit more intensity.

    It's one of Tomax's holes that is very different from the rest so if you're looking for a bumpy ride, than get this one, preferably in hard. If you're extremely sensitive, I'd go down to Regular at the lowest, or try another Tomax such as Real in Soft.

    Great, bumpy stimulation

  3. Venus Cross Hard

    So the Venus Cross... Not only is the tunnel a "cross shape", but it's also a cross between Venus Real and Venus Clone as it has qualities of both.
    The Venus Cross has a tunnel that stimulates from all sides, specifically four points. The front and end parts of the tunnel have dots, similar to the Clone, and the middle has a more "realistic" texture, similar to the Real.
    The Hard variant isn't all that hard, especially compared to Hard variants of other brands. Tomax's Hard mostly just keeps its shape. As the tunnel itself is rather tight and has good variance, it's pleasurable all around with the dots providing a fair amount of stimulation. But because of the cross shape and overall thickness, it can end up being a bit more lube-hungry than most toys.

    A very, very good choice, but not the "best" Tomax hole in hard that you can get. Either in Regular or Hard, but I wouldn't go lower than that for Cross.

    Tight and stimulating, but not overwhelmingly so.

    Needs a little more lube application than average

  4. Dolphin Hard

    It's barely different than Dolphin in regular. After owning the regular for quite some time, I wanted to see if there were any differences between the hard version and honestly, there isn't enough to make one better over the other. Don't fret so much if either one is out of stock; just buy what's available.

    Besides that, it's a great, unique hole with the "uterus chamber" gimmick going on, providing a nice popping sensation on your head area. Unlike other similar products, it's a lot more durable and accommodating so it will last a long time. Best as an additional hole for a different feeling than something to be your first hole.

  5. Kaku-Meiki Mimizu 700

    Unlike many products, the 700 doesn't stand for the number of grams the thing weighs (it weighs 500g), but the amount of folds inside the tunnel. Supposedly it's 700 of them consisting of bumps, ridges, waves and etc.

    The product is one-half purple and one-half clear. Contrary to many other clear products, the back half of this toy isn't hard. It's only slightly firmer than the purple part, and the purple front half is very soft so overall it is a soft product. It manages to hold itself together fairly well.

    The feeling of the hole is all about subtlety. No one part will stand out from another. Since everything is soft and subtle, it feels like something is gently slithering and sliding against you. The distribution of the weight is good and the tunnel length is also good. But keep in mind that this isn't a bully in any sense of the word.

    Some issues include that the outermost layer of the purple part is already starting to peel one week after owning it. It doesn't affect the way it is used because the peeling is more like "shedding skin". A small purple inner piece also came off after about a dozen uses so I'm sure the purple is gonna give eventually before the clear does.

    In regards to smells, it has a chemical smell, but it isn't intoxicating. The smell will probably linger on your hands after cleaning/drying so you'll need to wash your hands again after the deed.

    Overall, if you like gentle products and taking your time, it's a good purchase in spite of the price range. Don't get this if you need more than a "soft stroke" in terms of stimuation.

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