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    Well, I was immediately surprised by the feel. It has the right amount of pressure and feels very close to real. The only issue I've found is that the entrance has some light splits after just a couple uses but the internals have no such issue. More a visual issue than a tactile one.

    Feels great, looks good, cleans easy.

    Outer entrance damages easily.

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    I'll start this off with the weight, coming in at just under 2 lbs this is the heaviest toy I own but the weight helps set it apart from smaller toys, and adds to the feeling of durability and enhances sensation.

    I ordered this on my birthday at noon. It was delivered to my apartment less than 22 hours later. Fantastic service unrelated to the toy but it still had to be said.

    As for feeling, very comfortable and the lube it comes packaged with it was very smooth when applied.
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    Decently tight, hefty, two unique holes.

    Had a slight smell out of the box, put it into my toy bag and the smell went away after just a couple hours

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    Well I ordered a larger toy and it fit with a lot of space left over, I had enough room to put a separate bag inside with the cleaning supplies and lube and still have extra space.

    Big bag

    None, it's a big bag.

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    If you have any dual layers this is a must.
    Running the risk of turning the toy inside out this with microfiber cloth allows to to clean the inside very effectively.

    Follow the direction and don't leave it inside too long you'll be fine and having fun with your toy for a long time.

    It does what it sets out to do.


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    It's a big bottle of lube, it dries a little quickly and becomes sticky, that being said if you apply it won't dry too fast during use very little reapplication required.

    It's smooth.

    Gets sticky on your hands and outside the toy

  6. After cleaning my stuff my fiancé found I left this out, she now has a my bottle of cleaner and refuses to give it back.

    It keeps onaholes clean (I would just spray inside after words and then run my microfiber cloth to clean up excessive moisture.) She just sprays down her toys and gives them a light wipe down.

    No undesired smells or residue.

    None that I can think of.