TOMAX Series Intro

Our last blog post on TOMAX gave an introduction to the TOMAX brand. On this blog post, we will focus on the current line up available to everyone. TOMAX has several series based on size and appearance with 5 different softness options available for most of their items from Hard, Regular, Soft, Very Soft, and Rich Soft in order of hardest to softest. Each option varies to a degree in color to differentiate the different softness options. Busty AiChan is the only exception with White and Pink version being the same softness without other softness variations.

The available series are separated by their outer appearance. Venus series and Muses series are larger sized onaholes with realistic entrance. Lilith series, Dolphin!, and Romanesco are smaller is size. Lilith series have a realistic entrance and Dolphin! and Romanesco have a circular entrance.

TOMAX Venus Clone Venus Cross Venus Real
The Venus series has 3 different models(as of this writing) in its lineup. The Venus Cross, Venus Real, and Venus Clone each have unique tunnel designs. The Venus Cross has a straight tunnel with two sections each having 4 long nub covered nodes that squeeze in. The space between these nodes form a cross shaped tunnel hence the name Venus Cross. The Venus Real has a wavy tunnel path with even spacing throughout. It has flesh looking textures that is unbelievably detailed which is why it is named Venus Real. The Venus Clone as the name indicates has a tunnel inspired by the real female form. The nub covered tunnel has a curved path with various stimulation nodes based on g-spot and cervix.

TOMAX Muses Arkhe Muses Fillo Muses Kokalo
The Muses series has 3 different models in its lineup. The Muses Arkhe, Muses Kokalo, and Muses Fillo each have unique tunnel designs. The Muses Arkhe as a curved tunnel based on realistic vaginal structure, curvature and texturing. Muses Kokalo has a non-straight staggering path with long ribbed nodes running the length of the tunnel. The Muses Fillo has a tunnel that curves up with sectioned of tight ribbed nodes for stimulation.

TOMAX Lilith Spiral-Wave Lilith Spiral-Dots Lilith Uterus
The lilith series has 3 different models in its lineup. The Lilith Spiral-Dots, Lilith Spiral-Wave, and Lilith Uterus. Each models' name perfectly describe the internal design of the lilith series. The Lilith Spiral-Dots is completely nub lined with a spiralling groove at the middle of the sleeve. The Lilith Spiral-Wave is completely rib lined with a spiralling groove twisting down the tunnel. The Lilith Uterus has a structure based on realism with flesh like textures before the cervix and nub textures within the uterus.

TOMAX Dolphin! Romanesco
The Dolphin! and Romanesco both has a larger, rounded, non-explicit opening for easier insertion. The Dolphin! has curved tunnel path with flesh like texturing and multiple cervix like gates. Looking at the cross view, the design looks like Dolphin fins hence its name. The Dolphin! unlike other models, only have softness options of Soft, Regular, and Hard. The Romanesco has a very slightly wavy path with special shaped nubs resembling the pyramid textures of Romanesco broccoli.

TOMAX Busty Ai-chan
Last but certainly not least are the breast items, the Busty Aichan White and Pink and the Busty Eve. Busty Aichan White and Pink are made from their signature onahole material available in a pink or white skin hue. The Busty Aichan White and Pink are built upon the success of TOMAX's previous separated breast toy the Quty Tits. The bottom base of Busty Aichan White and Pink are thinner to give users the option to add it is their full sized dolls. The Busty Eve is the first silicone surfaced item here on ToyDemon. TOMAX made Busty Eve for true breast aficionados everywhere. The Busty Eve is similar to Busty Aichan in shape but the big difference is the silicone surface offering a velvety feel, odorless, and oil-free feel experience that can not be accomplished using TPE based material. Please note that silicone does not flex and stretch like TPE and Busty Eve will behave differently from any other breast toys you are used to. Some users were caught by surprised on this difference and took some getting used to.

As mentioned above and previously, the material of TOMAX is very high quality even by Japanese industry standards. The material was vigorously tested and revised during research and development to create the best material possible for masturbators. Different softness was later achieved allowing you to pick just the right experience. Each option varies to a degree in color to differentiate the options.(With exception to Busty Aichan) Each unit of TOMAX item is also carefully hand made in order to have the highest level of production quality. This sometimes led to stock shortages in the past as many of you have noticed. If you are an experience onahole user, you can tell right away the difference in quality.

A side note, we've had customers asked us recently about other shops selling/shipping TOMAX to USA. Currently TOMAX only has three exlusive channels internationally. ToyDemon in the USA, Canada, and Australia, Omocha Dreams in EU, an another company for China, and TOMAX's own shop in Japan. TOMAX does not distribute to any other company or shops and does not allow reselling to other sellers either. Caution should be taken if you decide to order from unofficial sellers as some of them are even taking orders on TOMAX concept items that aren't being made or available yet.