We wanted to post a quick post to everyone. It's not really blog material so we'll post it here in the community instead.

As we have posted in the past, we're constantly improving all aspect of our operation. This includes improvements to our website (which we've done quite a bit of recently)As much time as we spend checking over everything, sometime a small change can cause an issue somewhere else we are not aware of. If you see something not displaying quite right on our website, please let us know. We'll get it taken care of as soon as possible.

There's also a lot behind the scene that we recently overhaul or improved on to streamlined our operation. Features we offer such as you being able to directly cancel an order before shipment required a real time communication system where various stage of processing is being timestamped so we know the exact moment your order is packed and shipped.

We also made couple of big improvement recently to our warehouse:

1: Barcode Scanning System

Previously we had a human based multi-check system which was easy but not mistake free. We know our customers are excited to get their items and nothing kills your buzz more than opening the box only to find it's not the item you were so excited to get.

The barcode scanning system is designed to eliminate packing mistakes and had been on our to-do list for some time. In case you are not familiar with how it works, every item on the packing list has to have its barcode scanned. If there's anything incorrect, the system won't let you move on to print the shipping label. This will eliminate packing errors in the future. When the order is scanned fully and correctly, the shipping label will print out and its time stamp recorded into our shipping system.

Having completely change our system however is not without some growing pains. Since switching, we did make a couple human based errors as we are learning the system. However we always make sure we take care of our customer's issue when we make a mistake on our end.

2: Security Cameras with 4K Resolution

Another improvement we made recently this year is an upgrade of all our cameras. We have always had tons of cameras for years, not to spy on ourselves of course but to examine what happened when we do make a mistake and how to improve on it. We can just go "back in time" to see what exactly happened with any orders right when it was being packed. An order got crushed in transit? Lets take a look to see how we packed it and if we can be improved on it.

Now those cameras are upgraded to 4K and directly monitor our scanning and packing stations. Together with the shipping label time stamp recorded in the barcode scanning system we are able to go back to the exact point the order was packed. This allows us to clearly view what went wrong and set up procedures so we can avoid them again.

This brings us to the fraud part of the post.

Just over the weekend a customer contacted us saying that we had shipped one wrong item in his order. So of course the first thing we do is examine the video footage of the order to see what went wrong. To our surprise, the order was packed correctly on the video footage.

As we informed him of our review of the footage, he replied claiming that we are lying, and mentions that he is part of many onahole forums and will let them know of our wrong doing if we don't fix his order. He's trying to do us a favor to keep our name in good graces if we fix his order.

The more we looked into the matter, the more it didn't make sense because we also found the item he said we sent him by mistake had actually been out of stock for months and we aren't able to restock it due to manufacturer delays. Even though it became evident that this person was trying to scam us, we still tried to keep things civil and let him know that we checked his order and it was correct. Unfortunately this guy had to be called out in the end because he thought he could social engineer something out of it.

We aren't perfect but we are trying our best and learning as we go. With the new improvements in place we are confident that shipping mistakes will be rare and it will also protect us from any false claims.