Masturbator (Onahole) 101

Masturbator "Onahole" 101

What to consider when choosing a Japanese Masturbator a.k.a Onahole?

If you are new to the whole Japanese male sex toy scene, then the first thing you might want to know is what is a "Onahole". Well, the term comes from the Japanese words "Onani" (Masturbation) and "Horu" (Hole) combine the two words and you get the idea, simply it's a male masturbator device, pocket pussy, artificial vagina/anus/mouth etc.  you get the point.

When it comes to buying a Onahole, there are literally thousands of different ones on the market and plenty of new releases monthly from companies from Asia. Scrolling through all the different ones is enough to get your head spinning but no worries, here are a few basics to narrow down and identify what best fit you when choosing  one.


DISPOSABLE - Made with thinner and stretchy sleeve materials, disposable type Onaholes are for one time use and tossed to keep everything efficient and sanitary. Well known in this category are the TENGA Cups and Eggs.

REUSABLE - Onaholes made for repeated use usually with more durable material that will last for long period of time. Reusable products will require washing and drying completely before stored away.


Onaholes comes in many different sizes which we classify into a few general categories below, picking out the sizes that will best fit your needs will help narrow down the overall product choices. Keep in mind usually the cost of the product will go up as the size of the product goes up due to material cost.

Compact - Products that are within hand size that are small, simple and easy to store away and are travel friendly. Examples of these would be products such as the TENGA Cups, Eggs and Pockets as well as products such as SI-X from ToysHeart. Compact Onaholes are usually in the price under $25.

Medium  - Products in the medium category will be products that can still be held with one hand but are slightly larger in size in both width and length of the toy. Medium size Onaholes usually gives the user a better experience with more tunnel length that massages more area of the shaft when used. Products in this category are usually priced in the range of $25 - $75.

Two-handed - Onaholes in this section will be products that are larger to grip with one hand thus need both hands to use when playing with. At the same time products in this category are not big enough to be considered a full size hip, more of a scaled down sized hip. Two handed Onaholes are usually in the ranges of $75 - $125.

Hips - Large, hefty masturbators that simulates a real butt which usually consists of both vaginal and anal tunnels. Hips are usually laying stationary when used either on a table or bed due to the weight. Price ranges from $125 - $300

Scaled Torso- Scaled torso are products that goes from the neck down to the thighs and consists of breasts, vaginal and anal holes that will give the user the best experience when using these. Price ranges from $300 and up.


The internal design of Onaholes can be broken down to three general categories.

Ribs & Nubs - Usually a straight hollow centered path consists of simple ribs and nub patterns which directly stimulates and massages the penis. A popular example is the After School Girl Tennis

Realistic - Tunnel design that mimic human anatomy to create the most realistic sensation. Realistic tunnel can be further sub-divide into the different human anatomy like oral, vaginal, and anal. Realistic vaginal tunnel usually have tunnel walls that are very close to each other instead of a hollow center path thus creating a good squeeze with organic and flesh looking textures lining the interior. A popular example for vaginal realistic sleeve is the Meiki Real. Oral will have a lip like entrance with a combination of tongue, teeth, and/or uvula. Anal type is usually the tightest and may include things like internal rings to up the tight sensation.

3D Based - A three dimensional stimulation design that's consists of both the winding features of a realistic hole as well as nubs and ribs from a simple patterned designs. This is the largest group for most of the newer products and a perfect example of this mixture of pattern is the Puni Virgin 1000 Fuwatoro


Single Layer - Consists of a single material throughout the whole toy which will have one stimulation firmness.

Dual Layer - Products with dual layers usually consists of a layer of material on the outside while a different material is used in some way on the inside. Sometimes the two material is front to back and more than two layers sleeve also exist. Why more than one layer you ask? This lets the manufacture give you the best of two different worlds, the sleeve's outside can be soft to the touch like a real person's skin and still have a firm enough material within to stimulate the penis when playing with the toy.


Closed Hole - Close hole are Onaholes which has a entrance on one side and a completed sealed internal tunnel that has a back wall which does not pass through to the other side of the toy. Toys with closed hole usually will create more of a suction when stroking but are harder to wash and clean.

Through-Hole -  Holes that have a tunnel passage that are opened from both side of the toy which has the advantage of easy cleaning by just rinsing water through and through. Through hole also will not have length restriction like a closed hole would since there is no end wall to the toy. One disadvantage of a through hole is the lack of suction as air is pushed out through the back.

Now that you have a good idea of the different types of Onahole designs that are on the market, you should be able to slim down your choices when trying to pick one out. You can find all the above products and more at

OH! Last bit of tips, always use water based lubricant when using a Onahole, silicon based lubricants can cause a reaction with some Onahole material that will destroy the toy.