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  1. What makes you choose ToyDemon over other competitors?

    I'm just curious as to what makes you choose ToyDemon over other sites.
    ToyDemon is my Go-to site, I use them over other sites due to the nice easy to navigate design, free shipping on orders $35+

  2. Recommended onahole for longer sessions?

    Hey! I really like onaholes that are good for longer sessions, I currently have

    The Quatronado
    Vagina Motion Long Play
    Cow Girl

  3. I just realized my favorite Ride Japan onahole is not sold on ToyDemon.

    A while ago I special ordered an onahole “Moe Ana Trinity”, I had found this onahole on another website and thought it looked interesting. It has since become my favorite go-to onahole. A few days ago

    Would you like ToyDemon to stock Ride Japan's "Moe Ana Trinity" onahole?

  4. Is anyone else interested in having TD Stock more testicle oriented products?

    So I'm someone who actually really enjoys ball/testicle play and having my testicles stimulated. I spent some time exploring and noticed there's actually a small selection of testicle focused products

    Do you want to see TD stock more toys based around testicle stimulation?

  5. Yet another post asking for TD to have more "specialty" lube varieties.

    So there are 2 lubes that I've discovered recently that I'd really like to try, but shipping cost on other websites (due to COVID) turns this from what would be a $30ish cost into a $130ish cost, I would

    Do you want more "specialty" lube options on ToyDemon?

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  1. Dohna Dohna Let's Do Bad Things Together ALyCE

    Like the other reviewer, Corsair said this onahole is constantly pushing you out, which makes it really hard to get in a rhythm and makes it feel like you're constantly fighting against the toy during your session. It's also not stimulating, like at all. The fact that the tightness combined with the fact that it's constantly pushing against you (which may be due to the tightness) makes it basically cut off any feeling the toy would otherwise have. Very disappointed. I got 2 of the set and was about to buy more before trying this one. Unfortunately, this one soured the bunch for me and I won't be trying the others.

    Love the box art.

    Too tight
    Pushes you out
    Little to no feeling caused by tightness

  2. Fuwakitsu CQ Max

    In general if you're really sensitive like me and want to have a nice slow edge filled experience, Ride Japan is a great choice. They have by far the softest onaholes out there from my experience. Their "Fuwajyuku Long Alps Stroke" onahole is one of my all time favorites and seems to be fairly popular if how quickly the stock runs out is anything to go by.

    This onahole seems to share a similar or possibly the same Material as the Alps which is a slightly sturdier version of the very weak material that other "fuwa" products from ride japan are made out of such as the "Fuwa Pocha Torori-Na (Long)". While I feel like I could probably destroy the "Fuwa Pocha Torori-Na (Long)" if I held it the wrong way, I don't feel that way with the Alps or the Fuwakitsu CQ Max, though don't get me wrong they are still fairly delicate materials and you need to be careful with them. Generally speaking I'd say if you're hard on your onaholes than you probably wouldn't like this one anyway and even if you did the durability would absolutely lose you. These onaholes are made for slower sessions and are not meant to be really pounded or jackhammered.

    The stimulation on this toy is pretty good, while the pictures do a good job at describing what it'll feel like I'd say generally it feels a little better than how you think it will feel. The tunnel is lined with a bunch of small little nodes that your penis pushes through, the little nodes than hug your penis in different ways as they are all shaped slightly differently.

    Now the major downside about this onahole is the cleaning, because of all these small little nodes when you wash out your onahole with water, the water will stay in there and you'll have a harder time fully drying the inside compared to other onaholes, even other "Fuwa" onaholes from Ride Japan.

    Usually I just roll up a papertowel tightly and weasel it in there to get most of the liquid out and than finish off with one of my dry sticks and that works with this onahole, but you have to be very careful, especially when using the dry stick making sure to get into the hole of these nodes and not jam it through the side and potentially risk breaking them. Also like other "Fuwa" onaholes from Ride Japan you shouldn't use most dry sticks on it, the only dry stick I've tried that actually works with these onaholes are the PVA Dry sticks from G-project. Currently those are not available on TD as of writing this review as G-project discontinued the first series and has released a Series 2 which I have been told will be on ToyDemon shortly.

    Good sensation
    Good for slow sessions

    Weaker than other onaholes on the market
    High maintenance cleaning process.

  3. Kuchu Kuchu Jaggy

    This Onahole's name really does a good job at describing it.

    You really feel the individual bumps and internal texture of the onahole and it's a fairly intense sensation, but not too intense, but it got a little bit close to being too intense at times for me, but I'm more sensitive than most in general so it's probably just right for someone with a bit higher tolerance for intensity.

    I absolutely LOVE the external material that Ride japan used on this onahole, It's super soft and nice to feel in your hand, I think it'd actually make for a good single layer onahole if they wanted to give that a try.

    The internal material is good too, I've had mixed feelings about Dual-layer onaholes in the past, usually they are made specifically to make the onahole more tight and rigid and that's not really my thing, but with this one it was basically like a normal single layer onahole with just a different firmer internal texture, which was good because it still gave the toy some wiggle room to stretch a little bit around my member instead of putting it in a choke-hold.

    Only complaint that I have is that the external material seems to be a bit fragile. I noticed some small imperfections around the outside, though I'm unsure if that was just an issue with the molding of the toy or if it happened after I used it.

    Either way I'd say if you're the type to really get down and dirty with your toys than this one probably isn't for you, but if you're more gentle with your sessions and know how to handle a more delicate toy than this should work fine for you.

    Good intensity perfect for most people
    Decent price
    Satisfying orgasm.

    Feels like it may be a bit fragile.

  4. Virgin Loop Trinity

    For reference I'm uncircumcised and my measurements are 6inches in length and 5inches in girth when fully erect.

    So the picture doesn't do it justice, this onahole is THICC. The last 2 pictures are the only thing that actually give you a good idea to how thicc this thing is.

    I got this on preorder and was wondering why it was so expensive, when I opened it up I knew exactly what I was paying for, this thing is built well and if you love thicc onaholes like me this will be a treat for you!

    Thought thickness can only get you so far, the internals are what matter and this does not disappoint, this onahole gives you a really good experience, sometimes going into the "intense" level of stimulation for me.

    I could see this onahole being great for short sessions if you take slow strokes since the stimulation will be enough for you to have a good time, but if you keep it slow it probably wont push you over the edge.

    Seems to be well built
    Intense sensations
    Good for short and long sessions.

  5. Fake Mother's Milk Lotion 355ml

    ToysHeart doesn't seem to make a whole bunch of lotions but the ones I've tried for them are sure the best. This is one of those lotions.

    This Fake Mother's Milk Lotion is thicker than ToysHeart's "Onatsuyu Pussy Juicy Lotion" atleast when it first comes out, it almost comes out like a liquidy-foam, it's more liquid than foam though.

    You don't have to use much of this stuff at all a little goes a LONG way! You might feel like you barely put anything in there, once you start mixing it up however, you'll soon realize that it'll spread through every nook and cranny of whatever onahole you're using.

    Remember how I said it's more foam like when it first comes out? well once you start mixing it around it starts to be more of a liquid that absolutely coats the inside of an onahole.

    As for the experience itself, the lube lasts long and continues to be slick through the whole session, it doesn't get dry to fast and make the feeling uncomfortable like certain lotions I've tried in the past.

    As someone with a huge lactation fetish I had to pick this one up and I am very happy I did.

    355ml will get you a long way!
    Nice and slick.
    Lasts a whole session, doesn't dry out quickly.
    Smells good.
    Lactation Fetish.

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