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  1. Recommended onahole for longer sessions?

    Hey! I really like onaholes that are good for longer sessions, I currently have

    The Quatronado
    Vagina Motion Long Play
    Cow Girl

  2. I just realized my favorite Ride Japan onahole is not sold on ToyDemon.

    A while ago I special ordered an onahole “Moe Ana Trinity”, I had found this onahole on another website and thought it looked interesting. It has since become my favorite go-to onahole. A few days ago

    Would you like ToyDemon to stock Ride Japan's "Moe Ana Trinity" onahole?

  3. Is anyone else interested in having TD Stock more testicle oriented products?

    So I'm someone who actually really enjoys ball/testicle play and having my testicles stimulated. I spent some time exploring and noticed there's actually a small selection of testicle focused products

    Do you want to see TD stock more toys based around testicle stimulation?

  4. Yet another post asking for TD to have more "specialty" lube varieties.

    So there are 2 lubes that I've discovered recently that I'd really like to try, but shipping cost on other websites (due to COVID) turns this from what would be a $30ish cost into a $130ish cost, I would

    Do you want more "specialty" lube options on ToyDemon?

  5. What's something small that influences your onahole purchasing decisions?

    One of my biggest ones is box art, I have a hard time purchasing something with box art that I find unappealing.

    What's something that's small that effects your onahole purchasing decisions?

  6. October 2020 Monthly Perk is really bad.

    Just wanted to share my opinion on this months "perk." I really don't think it can be called a "monthly perk", it's not a discount, it's not double reward points it's not even some extra $$$ for every

  7. How frequently do you use your onaholes and how do you keep it interesting?

    I use mine usually about two time every other day, I find giving a day or so without using them kinda resets me so the experience stays pleasurable.

    How often do you use your onaholes, how

  8. How do YOU clean your onahole(s)

    I'm a first time Onahole buyer, I recently bought my first one a little while ago. I have seen so many different takes on how you're supposed to clean it, sellers seem to say to NOT use soap but independent

  9. My ToyDemon special order experience and what you can expect when making a special order.

    I recently made a special order. For those of you who don't know ToyDemon allows you to place a special order for products (not lotions) that they do not have in stock. You can do this by going to the

  10. Review on an item still in pre-order phase?

    I'm really confused here the "DWU Nipple Fuck" is in pre-order, but it already has 2 reviews from "verified buyers" how does that work exactly?

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  1. My first Onahole is the "Cow Girl" onahole by ToysHeart and that's still my favorite Onahole, but this one is my second one and it's pretty good, it's comfortable but firm and slides fairly easily even when the inside isn't very thoroughly lubed up.

    The sensation is very enjoyable and could be used both for quick and long sessions depending on what you're going for.

    There's a decent amount of padding on the walls so your penis will feel nice and enclosed, but it's still thin enough to where you can squeeze it to add more pressure if you need it.
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    Comfortable and easy to slide into.
    Good for long and short sessions.
    Material is comfortable with a good thickness to it.

  2. I have a rather sensitive shlong, when I first saw internals of this toy in the pictures I thought there was no doubt this would either hurt like hell or be generally uncomfortable. However after reading the reviews which say it's not nearly as stimulating as it looks I took a risk and gave it a buy.

    First thing's first everyone was right, the toy is not nearly as stimulating as it looks actually I think in more places it could be just a touch more stimulating.
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    Good stimulation
    Extremely soft
    Easy to clean
    Various sensations
    Thick walls

    Wish some parts were more stimulating and some were slightly less so. (Can be fixed by rotating the toy or using more lube.)

    Small box.

  3. This is my first Drystick, it works really good, toy feels completely dry to my finger after using this stick.

    I have noticed this is better on smaller toys, it works fine on larger toys, but you need to reposition it a few times.

    Works as advertised.
    Good Price.

    Not optimal for larger toys.

  4. If you're looking for an onahole that is great for long sessions, stop looking cause this is exactly what you want.

    This onahole will have no problem stimulating you for long periods of time without feeling repetitive or boring after awhile.

    The sensation is great, honestly one of my favorite onaholes I've tried so far.

    There is one thing about this toy that I don't like and that's the smell, it smells like a car tire.
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    Perfect for long sessions

    Smell is unpleasant (unnoticeable while in use)

  5. I got this onahole cause of the unique exterior as well as the cute box art, it is by far the most stimulating onahole I have tried sofar.

    The outside is easy to hold, I was worried about the unique exterior design at first as I thought it wouldn't give me enough of a grip. I'm pleased that this is not the case and I was able to hold this toy just as good as any of my other onaholes. The exterior also doesn't seem to be too fragile so I'm not worried about it wearing over time, at least not any quicker than any other onahole exterior would.
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    Fantastic Sensation
    Great for short - medium length sessions
    Easy to Clean
    Unique Exterior
    Cute Box Art

    Can be overstimulating at times.

  6. This is the first onahole I've tried that I didn't enjoy. The pictures make it look far more stimulating than it actually is.

    The interior has these little nubs at the entrance which feel pretty good but after that it just feels like you're fucking a TPE sock, no texture at all. I was able to finish, but the experience was far worse than using my hand. You couldn't even use this toy for long sessions because the stimulation is so light that it won't keep you entertained for that long and you'll wish that you had chose another onahole.
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    Far too expensive
    Almost no stimulation past the entrance

  7. I've tried a handful of Water Based lube in the past and this is the only one that actually stays moist throughout the entire session, other lubes got dry very quickly leading to an unpleasant experience.

    The amount is very good too and will probably last me for at least a few months.

    The only disadvantage to this lube is the applicator nozzle is just a little too big so it can be hard to apply just a small amount using the applicator.

    Feels nice
    Doesn't dry out nearly as quickly as other lube.
    Generous amount

    Nozzle is just a touch too large.

  8. When first entering this toy the sensation is good, I thought I was in for a pleasant session.

    Unfortunately the design is the same all throughout the inside of the onahole, you'll find yourself getting bored very quickly and wishing that there was more to it. On top of that the stimulation is so subtle that I actually had a very difficult time staying erect.

    I think the main issue with this onahole is it's too consistent, there's absolutely no variety on the inside it's all the same and it gets boring fast.
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    Stimulation is too subtle to be enjoyable
    Falls flat compared to other toys in the same price range.

  9. This Onahole has quickly made it's place as #2 in my Top 3 onaholes I've tried sofar, right between Vagina Motion Long Play #1 and Honey Trap #3

    This toy gives you amazing stimulation and is absolutely perfect for long sessions! It's very soft, but I wouldn't have it any other way the stimulation it gives you keeps you wanting more through the entire session and never feels samey or boring.

    The soft material also adds to an amazing climax, all of a sudden all of these textures that were subtle yet stimulating before hit you and just gives you an absolutely fantastic finish to a wonderful session.
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    Absolutely amazing sensation
    Perfect for longer sessions

    Potential durability issues
    Cleaning is a bit more difficult

  10. This onahole is one I keep coming back to and is one of the few onaholes I'm giving a rating 5-stars.

    This onahole has a very good sensation, which can vary from being extremely stimulating to very subtle depending on how much lube you use, be careful and experiment with an amount that works for you!

    The corkscrew inside is not unique, I've seen multiple onaholes with what seems like an almost identical inner design, but there's a few things that really set this onahole apart from the rest.
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    Amazing sensation
    Low Maintenance
    Thicc AF
    Comes with small bottle of lube instead of small single use packet like most.
    Cute Box Art