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  1. Yet another post asking for TD to have more "specialty" lube varieties.

    So there are 2 lubes that I've discovered recently that I'd really like to try, but shipping cost on other websites (due to COVID) turns this from what would be a $30ish cost into a $130ish cost, I would

    Do you want more "specialty" lube options on ToyDemon?

  2. October 2020 Monthly Perk is really bad.

    Just wanted to share my opinion on this months "perk." I really don't think it can be called a "monthly perk", it's not a discount, it's not double reward points it's not even some extra $$$ for every

  3. How frequently do you use your onaholes and how do you keep it interesting?

    I use mine usually about two time every other day, I find giving a day or so without using them kinda resets me so the experience stays pleasurable.

    How often do you use your onaholes, how

  4. My ToyDemon special order experience and what you can expect when making a special order.

    I recently made a special order. For those of you who don't know ToyDemon allows you to place a special order for products (not lotions) that they do not have in stock. You can do this by going to the

  5. Review on an item still in pre-order phase?

    I'm really confused here the "DWU Nipple Fuck" is in pre-order, but it already has 2 reviews from "verified buyers" how does that work exactly?

  6. What's something small that influences your onahole purchasing decisions?

    One of my biggest ones is box art, I have a hard time purchasing something with box art that I find unappealing.

    What's something that's small that effects your onahole purchasing decisions?

  7. Recommended onahole for longer sessions?

    Hey! I really like onaholes that are good for longer sessions, I currently have

    The Quatronado
    Vagina Motion Long Play
    Cow Girl

  8. If an item is on clearance does that mean it wont be restocked anymore?

    Hello! I just recently got a notification email that one of the items on my wishlist went on sale. I looked and it was on clearance for 50% off, I purchased it because I'm simply not going to pass up a

  9. Limit reviews to 1 per user per product and allow editing reviews so that multiple reviews by the same person doesn't mess with overall ratings.

    This is a feature request to Toydemon, the reason I'm making it a post is because I want to show that I'm not the only one who's bothered by this and I'm almost certain I'm not.

    I've seen

  10. Does anyone have experiences with special ordering items? I'd love to hear about it!

    Hello! Toydemon has a feature which allows you to special order items that are not currently in stock, I am currently in the process of trying to get one of these ordered. I'm currently waiting for a purchase

  1. For reference I'm uncircumcised and my measurements are 6inches in length and 5inches in girth when fully erect.

    This is actually a wonderful surprise, based on the pictures I'd assume the stimulation would be low, boy was I wrong.

    The entrance of this onahole is a little tighter than other Onaholes from Ride Japan, because of this it's a touch more difficult to get into than other onaholes with larger entrances, I recommend adding a bit of lube to your penis as well as to the inside of the onahole to help you slide in there.
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  2. For reference I'm uncircumcised and my measurements are 6inches in length and 5inches in girth when fully erect.

    Some Onaholes you don't really know what you're getting into, others you think you know what you're getting into than they surprise you with something completely unexpected, whether that be a pleasant surprise or a not so pleasant one.

    Flickers Choice does not give you any surprises and that's good for someone who is a little more cautious about their purchases.
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    Intense Stimulation, Sensation
    Low Maintenance
    Easy to make an informed decision on the pictures alone.

  3. For reference I'm uncircumcised and my measurements are 6inches in length and 5inches in girth when fully erect.

    If there was an onahole that fits the title of "Just Right" it's probably this one: It's not too tight or too loose it's "Just Right", It's not too hard or too soft it's "Just Right", It's not over stimulating or under stimulating it's "Just Right".

    Seriously this onahole deserves the title of "Just Right" because pretty much everything about it is just that.
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    Stimulation, Quality, Tightness all "Just Right"
    Low Maintenance & Easy Cleaning
    Can be used as mini hip and handheld sleeve.
    Value For Money

  4. For reference I'm uncircumcised and my measurements are 6inches in length and 5inches in width when fully erect.

    This Onahole actually had a little story behind it.

    I actually had no intention of buying this onahole, I simply had no interest in it, my wife however thought that the alchemist theme was cool and really wanted me to buy it and try it out.

    For weeks she kept telling me to buy it whenever she could slip it into the conversation, eventually after a few weeks or more of her asking I finally gave in and added it to a larger order.
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    Great for long sessions
    Great suction
    Tight without ever feeling rough or painful
    Small bottle of lube
    Unique box
    Feels durable
    Low maintenance makes for easy cleanup

    I didn't listen to my wife and buy it sooner.

  5. I have a few of these, but I've only actually "purchased" it once. I just add the promo code on my orders which meet the "Free shipping without a code" (Currently orders $125+) requirement, since none of the other free item promos interest me. This has allowed me to accumulate a few of these without spending any extra cash.

    Product works fine, the smell is okay. Personally I prefer other options but I'm not going to turn down free.

    Does what it needs to do
    Reasonable price
    Can get it free if you're doing a big order.

    Smell isn't great but it wears off before you'll ever notice it.

  6. Rating

    For reference my penis is 6inches in length 5inches in girth when fully erect.

    Kinda disappointed with this onahole.

    Most of the texture on this one is pressed right up against the wall of the toy, which wouldn't be a problem for most toys but for this one it is. This toy is more wide than it is thick, the walls are actually fairly thin.

    Because it's so wide with such thin walls the only texture you can actually feel is when one section transitions into another section as in these transitions the tunnel gets smaller and it actually feels good around these areas.
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    Review image
    Review image
    Review image

    Feels good in the small transitional spaces.
    Easy to clean

    Too expensive
    Overall stimulation is slim in all but a very small section of the onahole.
    Potential molding and durability issues.

  7. For reference I'm uncircumcised and my measurements are 6inches in length and 5inches in girth when fully erect.

    I never understood what people were complaining about when they said an onahole was "too loose" even on onaholes where it was the #1 complaint I didn't see it as a problem.

    This is the first onahole I'd classify as "Too Loose", it feels like they used a banana to get the size of the tunnel.

    Because the Tunnel is so wide this toy has almost no suction.
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    Easy to clean

    Hole is too wide making stimulation and suction minimal.

  8. For reference I'm uncircumcised and my measurements are 6inches in length and 5inches in width when fully erect.

    I really like Ride Japan's "Fuwa" onaholes, I own almost all of them at this point, I like the softness and in general I like how they never feel too tight. I've had experience with other brands and they felt super tight and overall unpleasant, I had decided that I just didn't really like tight onaholes, that's what I thought anyway.
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    Tight without being uncomfortable
    Good suction
    Wonderful sensation/stimulation
    Feels durable

    Might be harder to properly dry without a PVA (or similar) dry stick.

  9. So for reference I am uncircumcised and my measurements are 6inches length and 5inches girth when fully erect.

    This onahole is an interesting one. I got it on sale for roughly $32, a long way off from it's $50 regular price.

    This onahole is fairly hefty with a flat bottom which makes me think it's intended use is for someone to place it on a flat surface and start going at it standing up. Sorta like a budget hip onahole. It'd probably work great for that too if you're uncircumsized or very sensitive to soft onaholes.
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    Pleasurable sensation
    Nice soft material
    Very hefty and thicc
    Good budget hip

    Probably too soft for some
    Not a "deep diver"

  10. This is a good all around dry stick, one of the good things is it's a sponge so it absorbs water quickly and you don't have to worry about dropping it like other dry sticks.

    Unfortunately I found it's drying power on most onaholes to be less than the harder dry sticks on the market. It seems to be able to hold less water at any given time than the harder non-sponge sticks.

    I found myself having to use a paper towel to get the toy to an acceptable level of dryness.
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    Does not damage soft toys like other dry sticks
    Not nearly as fragile as other dry sticks

    Drying power seems to be lacking when compared to other dry sticks, specifically when it comes to harder toys.