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  1. June 2023 Giveaway #32 - Name 1 thing each that you LOVE and HATE about ToyDemon

    So we have been around for 15 years now and there are times that we are too DEEPLY involved to see what we are doing right or wrong if we were ToyDemon customers ourselves.

    We are still

  2. New Product Notification Feature Added

    As we continue to fix things, we are also continuing to add more features as well.

    We have just added a new Product Notifications feature:

  3. **OVER** May 2023 Giveaway #31 - What kind of onahole interior do you prefer?

    It's been about 3 months since we have launched our new site. Hopefully everyone is now more familiar with it. We have been fixing a lot of issues reported to us and still have more features we are adding,


    Hey all! I hate to be annoying by making a newb thread, but any help would be appreciated. I have recently heard about onaholes after being a Fleshlight ™ enthusiast. I was on the sub Reddit and was t

  5. Bug Reports

    If you have any bugs, please comment below and let us know, we will do our best to fix it. Thanks!