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  1. Community Giveaway #25: $100 in Rewards for 5 winners! Onaholes, positive or negative?

    How to Enter:

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    After experencing onaholes, do you think it's overall a net positive or negative for you?

  2. When are Tomax toys and lubes going to be restocked?

    I know this question gets asked frequently but how is it that only Tomax related products are out of stock so frequently?

    Also what is your favourite Tomax toy and firmness? I have only

  3. So Rune's Pharmacy Rene Tits have been discontinued.. why?

    Does anyone know how this could happen? They've been selling like hotcakes and have been sold out everywhere in Japan and all websites including this one. They've quickly become THE best breast toy for

  4. New Product Poll : Oppai Mousepad & Cover

    Tamatoys have recently released an Oppai mousepad product consists of a baseboard, an oppai toy, and four interchangeable covers (each sold separately). Let us know if it's a product you guys would be

    Are you interested in this product?

  5. The Akaris Buttocks have been discontinued. Is there anything else similar to it?

    As the title says it has been discontinued.

    Are there any others similar to it? I know about Maga Kore Mesudachi but even that looks different.

  6. Hip Buying Advice/Guide

    I see a lot topics start up regarding which is the best hip to buy. As an avid ashman and someone who spent a lot of time researching what hips to buy for myself I thought I'd break down the factors and

  7. New Product Poll #23 / Which toy interest you?

    As more and more brands and products appear on the market, there are always going to be different interest levels from everyone and we'd like to get a good gauge on which products interest you the most.

  8. Onatsuyu Lotion Severe Allergic Reaction

    So I've been using this lotion since it was first created, many, many years. It was the perfect lotion, until maybe a couple years ago they changed the formula for it and recently just changed the picture

  9. Mixing Lubes. Recreational Chemistry.

    So I had a couple of nearly empty bottles of varying lube, half a dozen+ different sample packs from toy purchases from various manufactures, and naturally I decided "why not just put them all in a bottle,

  10. Ride Japan's New Virgin Loop Master Lotion

    So they have a new one, and looking at some of the translations, I can pick out that it boasts that it doesn't dry out, or at least not as much as their other lotion. Maybe if there is enough interest

    Would You Like To Try Ride Japan's Newest Lotion?