1. ViViDoll MOE availability?

    So I see ViViDoll Ayaka is on sale. But I found there is another product called ViViDoll MOE. Is there any chance to get this one on ToyDemon?

  2. need recommendation of a boob toy

    Hi bros,
    I would like to have a boob toy to sleep with. Don't have to be too big but would like it to be realistic.
    Any good recommendations?
    Thank you!

  3. Random post

    Hey @**TD** just wanna say you guys are dope af! Y'all are like "Tesla" of the onahole market... not many (if any) on the same level, not even Amazon. Many on the forum bring up ideas and y'all listen.

  4. NPG Love Lotion Lube

    There's a lot of NPG Love Lotion lubes sold here, all with the same price. Is there any difference between them other than the girl on the labeling?

  5. Anyone tried the Monster Hunter Rise Demo?

    So it took me numerous tries to finally download it. I have not had the chance to play it yet, but I will definitely spend some time with it this weekend. For the few here that owns Switch and are MH fans,

  6. Community Giveaway #18: $100 in Rewards for 5 winners! Ideas for Community & New Year Resolution!

    So here's Giveaway #18! There are 2 different kind of questions this time? Let us know below!

    How to Enter:

    1. Upvote this post.

  7. BJ onas

    If there was only 1BJ onahole you would order, which ona would you get? I know the Bocca onas are extremely hyped but am I the only one that feels like they are overrated? I owned the perorin before I

  8. What onahole helped you through 2020? Or what onahole fought ur eye during it?

  9. To start off the new year, what is everyone's personal favorite onahole? Any that stood out in 2020?

  10. Site crashing and issues

    Just want to let everyone know that we are aware of the site issues currently. We are working with our developer and hosting service to get to the bottom of this.

    Sorry for all the inconvenience