1. Always Improving x Growing Pains x Frauds

    We wanted to post a quick post to everyone. It's not really blog material so we'll post it here in the community instead.

    As we have posted in the past, we're constantly improving all aspect

  2. Video reviews?

    I love everything Toy Demon has to offer, the only thing I wish there was more of is video reviews of toys online. I feel like they help people get a better idea of the actual size, real life appearance

  3. How to repair hips masturbator?

    2 weeks after my using of my 3rd generation extreme hip, other than hole, about belly? wast torn like knife cutting which looks like lid off shape about 3 cm
    if i use soldering iron i'm not good

  4. I'm looking for a hip/torso with a bit of a bigger ass or thicker body than usual. Any suggestions?

  5. Looking for some softer breast toys

    Like the title suggests im in search of breast toys that are on the softer side, i currently own the Paizuri Bakunyu which is great but would prefer something softer if i could. If anyone has experience

  6. Community Giveaway #15: Meiki Plush of Choice for 3 Winners! "Masturbation during COVID?"

    Some of you may have noticed that the Community Giveaway has been on a hiatus just like Hunter x Hunter (Our favorite anime) but the wait is finally over! The Giveaway is now back like Monster Hunter Rise!

    Which plush prize would you choose?

  7. Transaction canceled after I ordered items on sale

    Hey guys,

    So I ordered these two Taimanins that had gone on sale. I got a notication from the site that they had gone down in price. So I bought them because I would be saving 20$ on them.

  8. Plush Dolls are now back!

    Just a simple post to let everyone know that the Plush Dolls are now back in stock! For a limited time while supplies last, you will get a Free Meiki Real with purchase of any Plush below. So you will

  9. Your favorite package art?

    Not sure if this topic has came up before, but which box art is everyone's favorite? been browsing lately and the one that caught my eye was the Student Council President one, the artwork looks so sexy!

  10. October 2020 Monthly Perk is really bad.

    Just wanted to share my opinion on this months "perk." I really don't think it can be called a "monthly perk", it's not a discount, it's not double reward points it's not even some extra $$$ for every