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  1. Giveaway is back with our 15 year anniversary!!!

    It's been 15 years and we are truly blessed to still be around and continue to bring onaholes to you guys!

    So user @mephistophe was interested in how we started TD back in 2008. So here's

    Do you like the new ToyDemon Website (TD6) ?

  2. 15 Years of ToyDemon and the New ToyDemon Website [LONG]

    First of all, we would like to apologize for the down time. Originally we had planned to have down time of max 3 to 4 days. However, Murphy's Law just freaking sucks! Things that were fixed on our development

    Did you actually finish reading the whole post?

  3. No member discount?

    I’m currently gold level member but prices for all products appear as regular.
    **Nevermind, the discount appears in cart.

  4. This is my second account that I sometimes use when having issues with my main

    Would it be possible to combine this account and my main account? I either was having issues with this account or my main and just stuck to the other. I've only made 4 orders on it but it totals $160 over

  5. Paypal payments no longer working since site update?

    Trying to purchase a few products and get all the way to submit order after going through Paypal only to get the error:

    Paypal gateway has rejected request. This transaction cannot be completed