1. Website Fixes & Changes (updates in comments)

    Reading the comments from various users, it seems like there are functions within our website that people actually don't know. So going forward, we will post all the updates and features that we add to

  2. Looking for recommendations

    Recently I've decided to drop the Goku-Hida Virgin Octopus because the size is just a problem. It's too small for me. However, I want to replace it with another one with a harder material and strong stimulation.

  3. Things to consider when choosing to buy a Sex Doll/Torso

    Hello all you perverts. It's me, ya boy, BadDragon69. Known as /u/Bad-Society on Reddit if you want to say what's up. I have spent thousands of dollars on sex toys. I've bought stuff from Fleshlight, Bad

  4. Now that there's a Puni Ana Kahanshin, do you think ExE will try it's hand at a full sex doll?

    After releasing the Puni Ana Miracle Dx and now the Kahanshin, does anyone else get the feeling that ExE moving towards releasing a full sex doll? I have a feeling that one of the next products from the

  5. Stickiness on the outside

    Anyone know how to get rid of the stickiness on the outer surface of the onahole? I have two so far and after using them and cleaning the surface has a stickiness to it which is picking up dust and stuff

  6. A question of Hip and torso durability.

    Okay boys so not to make things weird but I got a fat dick. Yeah I know, I made it weird anyways. Well I have a 6inch circumference diameter whatever you mathematicians wanna call it, and it breaks toys.

  7. No more free shipping over $125?

    Is there no more free shipping over $125? I tried to checkout an order over $125 but still need to pay for the shipping. I live in CA btw.

  8. does anyone have both busty ai chan and Chichifueta Rocket breasts?

    If anyone owns both at some point experienced both, which one is better?

  9. Memorial Day Sale is happening now

    Memorial Day Sale is live from now until May 26, 2020 at 12pm (Noon) Central time, use the following code to save. May is also National Masturbation Month so let's get masturbating!


  10. Community Giveaway #3: TOMAX Venus Real for up to 4 users!

    We were just 5 shy from giving away 3x $50 reward points on giveaway #2. Here's to hoping we can give away all 4 Venus Real onaholes this week.

    How to Enter:
    1. Upvote this post.