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    I'm by no means an expert on onaholes as this is only my second, but after using it a few times I really enjoy it. I'd definitely second using a squeeze bottle or douche of some sort as it helps expedite cleaning a lot since I personally found running water through it a bit difficult due to the smaller entrance. Overall, it looks really nice and feels really nice.

    Nice weight, feel, and look. Not overly large.

  2. Granted, it's in the name so I was expecting this onahole to be soft, but it was definitely way softer than expected. I went with the soft version after seeing a review about the standard being a bit uncomfortable. Though it can be a bit too soft in terms of holding it upright, the texture itself is quite nice to squish. The stimulation was definitely much milder compared to others which is expected and honestly a welcome change of pace. The major downside I think is that it's durability vastly suffers from its softness.Show more

    Softness feels nice and it's quite easy to clean. Not very expensive.

    Seems to tear a bit easily. Long-term durability probably not as great as its standard counterpart.

  3. Rating

    In short, it's fuckin great, not gonna lie. It seems much more gentle than a typical dry stick when inserting which makes it a much safer alternative for softer toys, or any for that matter. Inserting it was easy and it picks up a lot of liquid. The only major downsides are, as stated by others, the price and the fact it loses its shape, though not in any significant or meaningful way. I also wish there was a longer version or it was a bit longer for some deeper toys, but regardless, it's not too short for standard sleeves.

    Effective at soaking up water. Gentler than alternative drying solutions.

    $15 for a single sponge lol (wish it had at least a couple)

  4. Pretty great for the price, and one of the few onaholes at this size that has lips. I really love how substantial and durable it feels. It's also fairly easy to clean, but air drying may be slightly difficult since the lips seal the entrance off to an extent. It's a great buy for the price and if you're a fan.

    Durable and very well worth the price

    Just a bit hard to air dry