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  1. Our Q&A with ToysHeart

    Check out our Q&A with ToysHeart here.

    Let us know if there's other manufacturers or brands you

  2. Poll function added!

    So as requested we have added a poll function into the community that people requested.

    Right now, we are just testing it out and will slowly roll out to allow users to use the function.

    What is your favorite onahole brand?

  3. Website Fixes & Changes (updates in comments)

    Reading the comments from various users, it seems like there are functions within our website that people actually don't know. So going forward, we will post all the updates and features that we add to

  4. Friendly Reminder About Community Guideline

    We want to take this opportunity to state our Community Section's guideline that's already in our Terms and Conditions. These are troubled times and many of us are in less than ideal situations in one

  5. Community Giveaway #4: $25 Reward Points up to 10 winners

    Let's mix this up and talk about something else instead of onaholes!

    The staff at ToyDemon are very into video games and play quite a bit together when we can on Friday afternoons if we

  6. Memorial Day Sale is happening now

    Memorial Day Sale is live from now until May 26, 2020 at 12pm (Noon) Central time, use the following code to save. May is also National Masturbation Month so let's get masturbating!


  7. Community Giveaway #3: TOMAX Venus Real for up to 4 users!

    We were just 5 shy from giving away 3x $50 reward points on giveaway #2. Here's to hoping we can give away all 4 Venus Real onaholes this week.

    How to Enter:
    1. Upvote this post.

  8. Community Giveaway #2: $50 Reward Points for up to 4 users!

    Thanks to everyone that participated in the first giveaway. Too bad we didn't get to 200 ups to give away a Extreme Pleasure Hip Third Generation, but let's hope we can hit that in giveaway #2.

  9. Free Shipping sucks!?!? What's your experience?

    So someone emailed and asked if we pack Free Shipping orders differently because they read somewhere that ToyDemon's Free Shipping orders are often packed with less material and not discreet at all.

  10. Community Giveaway #1 Winners Announced: La Bocca? Meiki ZXY? Meiki Extreme Hip Third Gen?

    In celebrating the launch of our TD Community Discussion Board, here is our first GIVEAWAY EVENT!

    We are giving away up to 3 prizes depending on the number of upvotes received on this post