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  1. Ride Japan's New Virgin Loop Master Lotion

    So they have a new one, and looking at some of the translations, I can pick out that it boasts that it doesn't dry out, or at least not as much as their other lotion. Maybe if there is enough interest

    Would You Like To Try Ride Japan's Newest Lotion?

  2. TD: Who Responded to My Comments?

    I was browsing the site yesterday and complemented someone's review.
    I checked marked the "notify me of comments" box.
    I got an email that included: "Product Review: New comments were posted".

  3. Advice requested from experienced Paizuri users

    So I'm considering on getting my first Oppai toy and I'm wondering how you would warm them up (temperature-wise) before partying.

    I suppose that one way would be to submerge them in hot

  4. For Meiki no Syoumei 07 Sarah owners; Also NPG Poll that You ABSOLUTELY have to answer...

    So I've been enjoying this one for some 2 weeks now and I have to say that the box that it comes with is now my favorite: Sara is very easy on the eyes.

    So my question is: if you have purchased

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  1. This very soft version has become my top onahole choice for long sessions. The resistance when pushing in against the G-spot section is ever so slight and when you want more aggressive stimulation you go for the longer strokes. In my experience with very soft sleeves the vacuum effect feels slighter and this VenusReal is a winner here too.
    To help out in determining just how soft this version is it is just slightly firmer than that of Ride Japan's white-colored Softee Touch material and it seems to more durable too.
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    Perfect softness for long sessions; durability


  2. Rating

    With this being my first Oppai toy I have to say that I am stoked.

    I can't validate as to whether or not that these are truly I-cup sized, but they are definitely party-size.

    Packaged in a beautiful artsy box that will store and protect these goodies and a nice wall poster included does sweeten the deal; but the main ingredient does not disappoint at all.

    I love the combination of firmness and volume when holding these girls in my hands.
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    Beautiful, big, bouncy, sexy and satisfying. Includes a large bottle of lotion that will give you several sessions. Maintenance is my pleasure! Worth every penny, and a pre-order bargain.

    Color doesn't match what is advertised, but they are still awesome!

  3. Rating

    2nd Generation Tsukasa Aoi has a soft inner layer material, lined with some textures that you will enjoy, especially if you use a thinner lube like Tomax's Insomnia. Otherwise you'll be in for a longer session if you use the included lotion or your favorite Onatsuyu Pussy Juicy Lotion. Good snuggness throughout the tunnel too.

    The outer material is made of a very soft skin-like material similar to NPG'S Meiki no Hinkaku Black Label.
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    Soft, good textures, great for edging/long sessions. Durable, easy to clean. Mini poster, improved packaging.


  4. What you will distinctly get out of Venus Clone lineup is its pronounced G-Spot, located in the middle of the tunnel. While I haven't tried Clone in the Regular firmness I did get one in the Soft grade, and looking back I regret giving it 4 stars in my review when it should have been 5 stars. I say this now because after going around the onahole block a few times the experience has taught me to appreciate just how special Clone is and while very few of its competitors can't even come close, except for EXE's Extrip Haruna Hana - a truly ambitious sleeve.Show more

    Wonderful material that only Tomax can deliver. Use a thin lube to feel it textures and softer G-Spot.

  5. After trying a few of Magic Eye's newer, more popular onaholes I've been down on their sleeves, critical of their marketing & packaging tactics, small and too tight tunnel designs, and durability weaknesses. Then I tried their Angel's Puruman, and while it does have durability issues I still rated it with 4 and 1/2 stars. AP is a hit!

    Noticing that Angel's Puruman came out back in 2016, I poked around ToyDemon's Magic Eye's stock and read most of the reviews for Monster Wet Real, an even older debuting sleeve.
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    Excellent, sensational aggressive sleeve with the right tightness. Uncommonly durable for a Magic Eyes sleeve. Good cleaning characteristics. Great value $.

    A monster for the sleepy-shopper who impulse-buys this sleeve: THIS. IS. NOT. A. SOFT. ONAHOLE.

    Don't be a deer facing the headlights.

  6. With its long, inverted funnel-like penetration point that follows the entrance, it took me a few sessions to figure this sleeve out.

    Made with ToysHeart's new "Hitohada" (human skin) material, which is softer than their old "Safe Skin" material (see Witch's Temptation), Magical Girl is a soft, mild hugger, even when your fully inside and past the entrance and funnel. You will find yourself using long strokes in order to bump past the 4 nobs before hitting your p-head into the narrowed-ridged backend for more stimulation.
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    Unusual design for long stroking action. Wonderful soft Hitohada material. Good vacuum. No need to powder after cleaning. Standard cute ToysHeart art on the box.

    Typical pee-yuu ToysHeart odor is the buzz kill of the party that won't go away. A little trickier to clean.

  7. I've been making the 'rounds with these uterus-featured toys and this one by ToysHeart is pretty good. ToysHeart always makes some long-lasting durable sleeves, no dominating odors and always attractive art on their boxes. The uterus is pretty good, above average as far as what I've tried so far (and quite a few), you will experience that "pop" fun on the long strokes going in.
    The material is on the firm side, and for a tunnel that's supposedly measures 5.
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    Good "popping" uterus, typical ToysHeart quality and packaging. It will last much longer than most sleeves at this price, easy to clean.

    Feels smaller compared to other sleeves with the same tunnel length. Other than the "pop" it's doesn't stand out as far as texture.

  8. My favorite benefits of larger/longer onaholes is the extra room to pound into with out hitting the bottom, especially during climax, and vacuum ability. Maid Service does both well.
    My two favorite suckers are both made by ToysHeart: Witch's Temptation and the now discounted Plump Real, so I'm comparing them to Maid Service. And in the vacuum category, both WT and PR are noticeably stronger than Maid Service, but where the Maid falls short here it makes up for it in terms of better feeling and sensation.
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    A long sleeve made for vacuum fun that won't overpower you like Witch's Temptation; better sensation for longer sessions too. Easy to clean, great durability: above-average lifespan onahole. Cute artwork.

    More noticeable rubber smell that won't wash away.

  9. Rating

    It's not in ToyDemon's product description but this one's more of an oral type sleeve: it appears to have a "tongue". Look closely at the pictures. I didn't notice it when reviewing this web page and its a small one.

    So this is my 1st oral onahole and I don't any oral sleeves to compare it to, but it does feel great. It has a soft sensation that is very stimulating to the point that it brings me quickly to climax.
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    Nice softness with a lot of stimulation. A deeper oral onahole.

    More effort to clean and dry. Not a good option to put it into the Meiki Plush Hip as it will make it too tight and over stimulating for me. A heavier price $ compared to other sleeves out there that don't have these disadvantages.

  10. Rating

    Yawabaka Angel Astarotte was among my very 2nd purchase onaholes I got ever, back in early 2018 from the another store. After getting my 1st onahole from another store, I re-evaluated what I thought would be better for me at that time and decided on her, and she helped me allot in figuring out what my preferences are when I shop for future masterbation toys.

    She is a tighter hugger but not what I would call a tight sleeve and she does feel soft in the sensation department due to the the bump designs in the tunnel, but texture-wise she is firmer than Ride Japan's Bungee Touch material and just slightly firmer than Tomax's Regular material.
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    Very durable, easy to clean. A somewhat smooth and soft sensation that can be easily adjusted for long sessions. Very cute artwork on the box. A great beginner's onahole if you are willing to pay that much.

    Better sensation experience with your own hand can be accomplished. Better sleeves available at this price. Too short of a tunnel for some.