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  1. As a fan of oppai toys and the JAV actress I had to try this product. I am a bit of an oppai toy collector, owning 9 pairs currently including 3 of the Eve Dolls pairs (Droplet, Bell and Binyu), Rara Anzai, both sizes of the Fuwa Toro Oppai, rune’s pharmacy Rene tits 2, fluffy tan paizuri bakunyu, and ex-pai super z-cup breasts currently for reference.

    Even if you aren’t familiar with Eimi Fukada, there is plenty to enjoy with this toy. First off, the price point is really good for what you’re getting.
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    Price, Durable, Good for Paizuri, Loving on one of your favorite JAV models

    Normals that go along with a large toy such as cleaning/storage

  2. Rating

    I purchased this toy off the pre-order and have really enjoyed it so far. Of my 9 oppai toys, this is my only tanned toy which definitely adds a visual appeal. I wish the nipples were a little darker as they blend in a little with the rest of the breast. This is definitely on the softer, jigglier side of the spectrum but not on the full realism you’d get from the Renes tits toy. It is still firm enough to use for paizuri. That said the base is pretty thin, as other users have mentioned.Show more

    Large, soft material, tanned aesthetic

    Nipples blend in with rest of the breast a little for my tastes
    Thin base of toy

  3. I’ve heard this torso now for about two months and now that I’ve had a feel for it, I wanted to write a review for others mulling over purchasing the high price toy. First thing I noticed that I was drawn to was the length. The torso is over 2 feet long from neck to a over the knee. A lot of other torsos out there stop at the hip where this also gives you the additional thigh area as well. This small addition is what really sells this product for me.Show more

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    Realistic skin feel, rotation legs and spine for versatility in body positions, heavy duty and high quality

    Price, Heavy, Hard to Clean and Store

  4. As a player of all the MGQ games, this Onahole immediately stood out to me. The design is an acute scaled depiction of Erubetie with nice curves. The entrance is a little tight which makes for good suction. The inside has a slight curve which I enjoyed as it allows you to feel all the bumps and ridges. The length is good for an average size member. I could reach the end but never felt I was going to break through.

    I enjoy using this Onahole along with the Bath Slime Nuru Gel, which turns your bath water into a viscous lube along with this product to simulate the fantasy of the slime girl enveloping my body while using the Onahole.
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    Outer design and box art, Material quality, good stimulation


  5. Rating

    I find this a pretty fun product. It more or less turns your bath water into lube which can be fun with a partner or solo. It’s similar to a soapland experience. The directions on the bottle state to pour the entire thing into your tub but I felt like half a bottle was enough to get a good consistency and give you an opportunity for a second use. I haven’t tried using a whole bottle at once so it may add to the viscosity but half was enough to get everything slippery and leaving it clinging slightly to your body.Show more

    Slippery fun like in a soapland, nice smell

    Can be a little expensive for a one or two time use product.

  6. I really enjoy this onahole. The packaging is really nice and doubles as continued storage. At first glance it seems a little lose fitting but once you start pulling it turns into a little Chinese finger trap for your junk. As the name spinner suggests, the onahole twists while moving up and down. Not only does it twist but it also tightens which makes for a lot of varying stimulation. It’s also really easy to clean as well.Show more

    Price, Easy to Clean, Good stimulation

  7. This was actually my first pair of breasts I’ve purchased. They are large but keep in mind that the size is a Japanese G-Cup and not US G-Cup so a little smaller. They are still plenty large for paizuri. Good soft feel and fun to fondle. The nipples have a good few as well and aren’t painted on so they’ll be good to last. Reasonably priced compared to others on the market.

    Soft feel and large size, good price

  8. Rating

    Really cute box art. The onahole design is really cool and unique. I really enjoy the feel. I would say it’s moderate stimulation, not overly aggressive. For an average size guy, the onahole seemed a little short though. It’s generally easy to clean.

    Price, stimulation


  9. I enjoyed this onahole. All the bumps, ridges and bends are really stimulating and worked pretty quickly. Not fantastic for stamina training because it’s so stimulating though. It has a decent suction so there isn’t a mess and it’s easy to clean. Big fan of the box art as well. The size of the onahole is good too. It was big enough while still being tight enough. Soft feeling.

    Strong stimulation, good price.

  10. The bottle design of this lube is really great as the nozzle helps you measure out the amount you want easier, without a mess. As mentioned in other reviews, the larger bottle is a better value though. It is more viscous than an astroglide lube which is nice. I did find that it can dry out a little more quickly when exposed to open air. With that, using it with breasts or just your hand could mean you’re having to apply more often but it lasts a bit longer inside an onahole.Show more

    Bottle design, silky feel

    Smaller size, can dry out quickly.