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  1. I've tried a couple of the La Boca variants, this one and the soft edition (I've actually just ordered the classic). For what its worth I generally prefer a softer/less stimulating toy, as I enjoy taking my time when I'm bringing out an onahole.

    To me this toy feels absolutely amazing, but you need to treat it (and all of the variants) as an oral toy. Sure, you can just ram into it and treat it like any other toy, but that isn't how oral works.
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    Almost everything

    There is a tiny pinhole on the back for some reason. Its not a huge concern, but it causes some lube to leak. Its never been enough to make a mess for me.

  2. I get what they are going for with the flower, but it doesn't quite work out as an end user. There is enough space in between the entrance and the "flower" that things end up going all over. When you do finally line it all up, it feels more like the student council president than a maiden experience to me. The tightness is fun, but I didn't really buy this for an anal experience.

    I love magic eyes for trying, but this one was a miss for me.
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    I mean, it still feels fun after the rose

    It misses on the fanatasy it sells

  3. This toy is decently fun. The jaw is a novel touch that I enjoy. However, its going against one of the best oral onaholes ever in the La Boca series (I'm partial to the perorin myself). Its hard to justify a $70 price tag for a jaw when La Boca is already so fantastic for ~30.

    The jaw is a novel concept for keeping softer teeth in contact/interesting

    The price. Its hard to justify when Magic Eyes is so cheap, and so fantastic for the price.

  4. This is some of the best, easiest to recommend onahole lotion/lube. It is general purpose and fantastic, priced competitively, and a little goes a very long way! After this you're just buying things to fulfill a specific need--e.g. wanting it to be more of a saliva consistency. The only competition I've seen for awesome general purpose lotion is Magic Eye's scented Ubujiri, but its hard to justify that price when Onatsuyu is so fantastic.Show more

    Almost everything

    Almost nothing--its a great lotion

  5. Rating

    This toy is a classic for a reason. I prefer the Perorin version, but this does an excellent job of stimulating oral.


    Nothing comes to mind.

  6. I've only used a handful of hips (the Magic Eyes Sujiman Kupa Cocolo and the Real Angel's Extreme). This one trounces them both. It feels fantastic, and the material on the booty is amazing to squeeze during use. Both holes are also distinct enough to create a nice variety during longer sessions.

    The only reason its not 5 stars for me is that on my second or third use the inner material started separating from the outer. It doesn't seem to have affected the use yet, but it makes me think that this toy won't last very long.
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    Interior feels amazing and varied, booty is fantastic

    Durability, clean up is a pain (powdering is necessary to appreciate those cheeks)

  7. The smell factor doesn't do it for me, as its very subtle unless you're really looking for it (like nose up to the bottle or something). However, as an onahole lube this works extremely well. I'd say its comparable to Onatsuyu, which is the reigning champ. At present I think its like 3 cents a ml cheaper so not something to go out of your way for, but if it stays that way and TD can get consistent stock I'd buy again.

    Easy to clean, pleasant but extremely subtle fragrance

    None for me!

  8. For a long, long time if you asked me the hypothetical "you are stranded on a desert island and can only bring one ona with you, which is it," I would have said some variant of The Mouth of Truth (probably the Perorin or OG, as I find the teeth provide just enough scraping on the original to be a fantastic experience). I think the Magic Face has finally dethroned it in my line up.

    This should all be taken with the caveat that I really, really love oral experiences with real partners, so while I love more traditional onaholes the well done oral experiences are some of my absolute favorites--not too many real partners who are willing to spend an hour+ down there.
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    Size/weight/shape really contribute to fantasy elements
    Suction is amaaaaaazing
    Deep throat game is second to none

    Size/weight lead to storage/cleaning difficulties, but this is no different than any other hip