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  1. Does ToyDemon Ship to Viet Nam?

    i just want to know does ToyDemon ships to Viet Nam, thanks!

  2. Does Toy Demon Ship to Spain?

    I wanted to know if ToyDemon ships to Spain? And if there is anyone here from Spain can say how long it took to receive their package? Thank you!

  3. I am 24 years old and I wanna know where I can ship packages and bills too without parents knowing.

    Hello, I'm new to buying sex toys and I wanna know how to place my billing and shipping information.

    Can I use a FedEx pick up access point location from some local walgreens, and also

  4. When will Toy demon ship to Singapore?

  5. Nuru Gel Seaweed Lube

    Anyone know if TD sells lube made form seaweed? I think they call it Nuru Gel and it seems like it's available in pretty large quantities or as power (and you mix with water). I've recently started having

  6. Littlesexdolls

    Anybody here have any experience (or know somebody who does) w/ this company?

    I'm thinking about getting a full-figured, but smaller scaled sex doll. This company came up. They are apparently

  7. Need help

    Hey guys,

    This is my first post ever so i don't know how thing work on here, ill just keep it short and simple.

    i'm male 5 foot 7 , small hand and my penis is on the smaller

  8. New meiki Plush evo model

    I got a question : Will there be a rework of the Meiki Plush evo anytime soon? Or better do you consider a rework?
    Like a bit larger with thicker and bigger legs,feet and poseable knees?

  9. Should I worry too much about the expiration dates on Lubes/Lotion?

    Was going through some stuff and I did see that I have a bottle of lube that I got on here that still have quite a decent amount left (over half) but I haven't been using it in quite a bit due to trying

  10. Out of stock be back in stock?

    Does anyone know how long an item has been "out of stock" or its a sign of indefinity? I just recently signed up so I'm new here. I want to purchase multiple items in one transaction due to shipping fees