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  1. ** This Has Been Removed **

    ** This Has Been Removed **

  2. Onatsuyu for sex?

    I am in a relationship with a woman and we have been using KY waterbased lube during sex, it gets the job done. I recently bought onatsuyu with a few onaholes after going a few years without them and am

  3. Rings?

    Iv recently used a cock ring that encircles the base and balls. But it was a single ring. I was hoping someone whose tried both a single ring, and other variations(in particular, a 3set that goes around

  4. Understanding Onahole/Fleshlight Texturing

    Hello! I am quite experienced when it comes to Fleshlights, Onaholes, Bad Dragon penetrables, and pretty much everything you can put your dick into. It has taken me a while but I have gotten a fairly advanced

  5. Does TD send mails to billing address?

    For (my personal) safety reasons, ive placed orders and set shipping address to fedex hold location but forgot to add my billing address. Apparently, now the billing address for my current order is set

  6. Order


    I wanted to confirm I only need one order (TD220717025) of Maga Kore Minami's Gekinyuu Breast. Before placing the order with this credit card I tried PayPal twice and my Mastercard

  7. The "lotions" from toydemon

    Are these lotions water based? Are they safe to use on silicone sleeves? Couldnt find any info on site so just asking here.

  8. Does ToyDemon Ship to Viet Nam?

    i just want to know does ToyDemon ships to Viet Nam, thanks!

  9. Does Toy Demon Ship to Spain?

    I wanted to know if ToyDemon ships to Spain? And if there is anyone here from Spain can say how long it took to receive their package? Thank you!

  10. I am 24 years old and I wanna know where I can ship packages and bills too without parents knowing.

    Hello, I'm new to buying sex toys and I wanna know how to place my billing and shipping information.

    Can I use a FedEx pick up access point location from some local walgreens, and also