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  1. need a coupon

    May I have a promotion code?

  2. When will Toy demon ship to Singapore?

  3. Best lube for anal play?

    Best body/toy safe lube for anal play on TD?

  4. Everyone ready for early Black Friday?

    So this is my first Black Friday on TD and I was wondering what kind of sales to expect? I currently have my desired order already in the cart because soon as the sale starts I wanna be sure to get what

  5. Shout out to all reviewers!!

    I gotta give a shout out to all the reviewers especially the vets who go into detail. Having bought and owned so many toys, it’s nice to get a good assessment of a toy before diving into it. Giving a d

  6. Enhancing the Meiki DX Doll?

    I have the meiki dx plush doll and its great, but im looking to upgrade the experience. I read in an old thread that the quty tits enhances the chest factor a ton but im looking for a way to make the ass

  7. When are Tomax toys and lubes going to be restocked?

    I know this question gets asked frequently but how is it that only Tomax related products are out of stock so frequently?

    Also what is your favourite Tomax toy and firmness? I have only

  8. Onatsuyu Lotion Severe Allergic Reaction

    So I've been using this lotion since it was first created, many, many years. It was the perfect lotion, until maybe a couple years ago they changed the formula for it and recently just changed the picture

  9. Mixing Lubes. Recreational Chemistry.

    So I had a couple of nearly empty bottles of varying lube, half a dozen+ different sample packs from toy purchases from various manufactures, and naturally I decided "why not just put them all in a bottle,

  10. Does anyone know where I can buy the realistic squirting cocks in futanari porn?

    The cocks that are in the movies Futanari Village by SOD Create Studio. Or Nana Yuki Mizusawa Rino Forbidden Brotherly Love by Next Group Studios. Since these cocks are in various studio movies, I'm assuming