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  1. Random post

    Hey @**TD** just wanna say you guys are dope af! Y'all are like "Tesla" of the onahole market... not many (if any) on the same level, not even Amazon. Many on the forum bring up ideas and y'all listen.

  2. Anyone tried the Monster Hunter Rise Demo?

    So it took me numerous tries to finally download it. I have not had the chance to play it yet, but I will definitely spend some time with it this weekend. For the few here that owns Switch and are MH fans,

  3. Does Magic Eyes have a website?

    Does anyone know if Magic Eyes has a website, blog, etc where they make announcements of new and developing products? Or do you just have to lurk around Toy Demon till a new product happens to pop up?

  4. Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft?

    Since the consoles have just launched I just wonder what people are into here at TD? (Lot of people want the next gen video cards it seems).

    Which of the 3 do you prefer and which of their

  5. Always Improving x Growing Pains x Frauds

    We wanted to post a quick post to everyone. It's not really blog material so we'll post it here in the community instead.

    As we have posted in the past, we're constantly improving all aspect

  6. I'm looking for a hip/torso with a bit of a bigger ass or thicker body than usual. Any suggestions?

  7. Maria Ozawa lube

    Its been a while. I see that it has been discontinued. What are the recommendations for something as close it as possible. I'll still see if I can source it from someplace else in the meantime. I'm looking

  8. Where do I request to get the packaging removed?

    I asked in the notes/instructions box on my checkout last time, but the packaging was never removed. Would appreciate any help. Don't feel comfortable smuggling loli boxes into my room.

  9. Electric powered

    Is it possible to add more variety and brands to the electrical powered section. More strokers etc.

  10. Choosing between breasts

    Hello,I decided to take Paizuri Bakunyu as my first list.
    Which is good between Chonyu shizuku mega breast G cup and Rune's pharmacy rene tits 2 as second list?

    Does the chonyu shizuku