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  1. Anybody else here into DIY sex toys?

    Interested to know/connect! I've 3D-printed molds, smoothed them out, then applied mold release and poured silicone to make custom onaholes before. I don't have a ton of experience, and it's not like I

  2. What's a good thin lube to use?

    I recently bought the IL PRIMO BACIO Sweet Lotion 220ml lube and I was under the impression that it was a thin lube, but I didn't think it felt that thin. Any recommendations on thin lube?

  3. New meiki Plush evo model

    I got a question : Will there be a rework of the Meiki Plush evo anytime soon? Or better do you consider a rework?
    Like a bit larger with thicker and bigger legs,feet and poseable knees?

  4. X-Lube- Any seasoned users on onas? Questions etc. Also, anyone that has removed smells from a toy.

    For those unfamiliar X-Lube comes to you as a dry powder and you then take the powder and create the lube of your preference. You can make it nearly water thin or so thick it's crazy and almost anything

  5. What do I get from 50-200 free gift

    Their a coupons code $50 and $75 were the person get a free gift. Then $150 and $200 where you get a free onahole. Wounded if it worth to used codes or found better deals.