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  1. XMAS25 coupon code not working after using it in previous order

    Is the coupon a one-time use?

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  1. Tenka Ikketsu Bungeetouch No Maki

    The design of the bumps and uterus at the end gave me such a satisfying climax after a 20-minute session. Ride Japan's quality has been pretty good and I'm liking their onaholes.

    Small uterus at the end
    Good material
    Various bump design

    Difficult to get a good clean

  2. Hard Line

    I took the chance to grab one during clearance for $16, and at that price it's quite unbeatable. Tight entrance, and the bumps in the middle with the folds at the end is pretty good for the material used. Can get you to climax quickly and it's feeling fine for long sessions.

    Softness material that's a bit on the harder side with a really tight design
    Very snug

    A few small tears on the surface after first use. May not last as long as I'd like.

  3. Hatsu-Otome

    It's not too tight, it's pretty snug, which is surprising for the material used. The folds and creases give you a sensation that you can clearly feel from top-to-bottom without it dulling in longer sessions. The outer design is interesting for grip, and when held tight it can offer a pretty good sensation on the corners.

    Decent material
    Interesting design with the folds and creases
    Easy to clean

  4. Translucent Ecstasy Yuka

    This onahole I wouldn't recommend. It's tough, yes, but it's not tight and it doesn't have a strong suction that I would have expected from it. The entrance offers a nice feel, but overall stimulation is less than expected.

    Some improvements that could make it better is to make the shaft have more pronounced folds and tighten the shaft.


    Smaller than it looks
    Doesn't feel too great to use.

  5. Kuro Gal Series DanceR GaL

    It's good for its price and the design is simple and straight forward. It's not tight nor loose, it's snug.

    Quite a decent material for its cost
    Very easy to clean

    Not very strong stimulation.

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