How to Clean And Store Your Masturbators


We all know how important it is to make sure your toys are well cleaned after every use to ensure the toy stay sanitary, clean and fresh for the next use. You definitely don't want to come back to a toy sitting around after you forgot to clean it from the last session.....yikes!

Here are the simple guide to cleaning your onaholes.


After every use, take your onahole to the sink or shower and rinsed out thoroughly with cool to lukewarm water. Gently spread the entrance and tunnel of the toy so water can rinse through efficiently, use your finger to get into to crevices to clear out any residual fluid. You can also use any cleaning accessories available on the market to help with the cleaning such as a sponge brush.

We strongly advise against turning the toy inside-out due to many toys are made of delicate material and this action can tear the entrance or extend the damage to an existing tear from before.

We also do not recommend using soap as the reaction with the toys from soap may cause the toy do split or crack.  We do recommend using a antibacterial spray to sanitize the onahole after wash.



After wash, shake out any excess water from the interior of the onahole as well as pad all surfaces inside and out with a regular or microfiber towel until all surface is dry. We also liked to suggest the ToyDemon Dry Stick that can be used to help with drying the inside of the onahole. We recommend to leave the toy out to air dry after wipe down to ensure moisture is completely gone before storage. (Any excess water or moisture in the toy can cause bacteria and mold to grow.)


Once your toy is cleaned and dried, it's time to apply powder to the outer surface of your toy to ensure the smooth touch instead of a tacky feel that will pick up lent and dirt. You can use either cornstarch or baby powder for this by gently padding the powder on the outer surface and spread it around until all areas are covered.


Now that everything is completed, it's time to store the onahole, of course there are many ways to store you beloved onahole but we do recommend a breathable storage bag (ex. Meiki Toy Bag) which will keep your onaholes and other toys in tip top condition until next use. You also want to store your toys away in a dry area and away from direct sunlight as always.

Edit: make sure to store each product in separate bags to avoid any any like material products especially non-silicone toys from fusing with each other and causing it to become unusable.