It's been 15 years and we are truly blessed to still be around and continue to bring onaholes to you guys!

So user @mephistophe was interested in how we started TD back in 2008. So here's what happened:

Back in 2007, a group of us (all college friends) took a trip to Taiwan. One day we were looking for Boba tea and in one of the smaller streets we saw the local bootleg DVD shops and decided to check it out. We looked around and saw the Hentai and Porn DVD section and obviously couldn't help but check it out.

One of us saw the TENGA cups and was very interested, so he ended up buying the original set: Deep Throat, Soft Tube, Rolling Head, Air Cushion, and Double Hole.

When we got back to the US, he got the 5 of us together and told us that the TENGA cups he got were actually pretty good. He especially liked how non-sex toy it looked, with sleek and modern design. We followed with a few discussions within the next few months and started ToyDemon in January of 2008.

The curiosity of one guy and TENGA is basically what started ToyDemon!

So to celebrate the 15 years of ToyDemon, we are doing a grand giveaway!

How to Enter:

1. Have an avatar (build it within your Profile if you haven't already).

2. Create a "public" wish list of at least 5 items.

3. Upvote this post and leave a comment to let us know below what you like or dislike about the new website, and ideas to improve if any.

You must do all 3 steps listed above to be eligible to win the giveaway.

-$100 in Reward Points to 15 lucky winners!
-Winners will be randomly picked on 2/28/2023

* One entry per person, any account spamming will result in disqualification.
** You must sign up for a ToyDemon account in order to post in the community.

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