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  1. Order "discontinued" items?

    This is primarily for @**TD** staff but I thought someone else might want this answered at some point so here goes. Magic Eyes has items that seem to still be in production but that you've stopped carrying.

  2. Mixing Lubes. Recreational Chemistry.

    So I had a couple of nearly empty bottles of varying lube, half a dozen+ different sample packs from toy purchases from various manufactures, and naturally I decided "why not just put them all in a bottle,

  3. Product info

    One of the things I always looked for previously was "how much does it weigh". In the past you guys had the weight listed in the "details" section which was perfect to me. However, it seems you've stopped

  4. moe body premium soft

    Has magic eyes decided to discontinue this toy? Luckily I saw it in clearance and grabbed the last one but I'm sad to see it go. They've hooked me with a couple of their toys now and then pulled the rug

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  1. I've owned a ton of these small hips/large sleeves (toys in the 2-3kg range). Everyone is different and has different preferences but this is for sure a candidate for the best available in that size/price range. I'm finding that almost all of the toys in that class are interesting in one way or another but this one feels great, cleans with normal effort, and seems to be well built so that it will be durable. I've only used it a few times but so far it compares favorably and seems to be a good alternative to the Cherry 2/Virginal Bloom/Neotenic Fairy class of toys that I own/owned.Show more

    Textures are good/Feels good
    Not excessively difficult to clean
    Great value
    Package is small compared to comparable toys of that weight

    If someone is rather large this might be a bit short for them. It doesn't have extremely long tunnels but they stretch and are likely adequate for most.
    I don't care so much about this but it lacks the detailed box art of many toys. If you REALLY can't live without that stuff you'd be disappointed here.

  2. Don't waste a single dollar on a Fleshlight or an inexpensive meiki. If you can catch it on sale (I got it $89) it's an insane bargain. It's got enough weight to it that you can lay it on something and have at it or stand at the edge of bed/desk/whatever. It's got a firmer (tighter?) feel than the meiki up down types that I've owned but softer than fleshlight. I can't speak on durability (just had it a few days) but construction seems sound.Show more

  3. Rating

    I own the meiki cherry 2 so I'm comparing this to that. First they rate these the same softness. That is NOT the case. This one is much softer. I have a NPG Future (a first purchase for me) that is pretty much the same material. The butt cheeks appear to be tearing after one gentle use. For sure won't take the pounding the cherry 2 will. I'm toward the small side of average so it's not like I'm splitting it in half.Show more

  4. Rating

    I've reviewed this previously but thought I'd add something. An easy way to heat this is with a mop pail. I'm serious. i have one that fits this perfectly. Make sure the bottom of the pail is completely flat. Fill with hot water. Place the toy in the water with the holes toward the top and push to the bottom of the pail. Push on the outside edges of the toy and it will suction to the pail and hold itself under water. Leave for a few mins and all you have to do is dry it then use.Show more

  5. In my first review I gave this 3 stars. I had concerns over durability and it wasn't the softness that I expected. Again, my comparison was to the Cherry 2. I still would caution you that you can't be crazy rough with this one. Especially if you are large. But it has held up fairly well over the course of the year. With all toys like this there will be minor tearing etc. But no problems to report that effect use.Show more

  6. I'm not the guy to write the verbose detailed review. Not going to happen. But I do own a handful of toys now and this one will stay in rotation. I've gotten spoiled by the small hips I own so having to hold it a bit detracts some for me. It's VERY VERY soft. If soft isn't your thing move along. Stimulation is still good but it's not in your face. Changes nicely when you rotate. That always makes for good value.Show more

  7. I like to keep a variety of lubes around. This is my primary right now as it fits between thick and thin. This is the same stuff that comes with the ZXY toy and with the BF discount this was a great buy. It is EXTREMELY slick. I use a dime sized drop and good to go. If you use too much there is just zero friction. My only complaint is the application tip. This stuff is fairly thick so it's hard to dispense the amount you need. I didn't notice any smell or anything to this either.Show more

  8. Today is my favorite day of the year. Strange you say? Well my shipment from the BF sale comes on Wed/Thurs every year and this was in the box. This is the toy I have been looking for. I just didn't know it until I used it. Nice and tight. Really grabs you on the in and out. Great texture. Very well may become my go to toy. It for sure just retired my ZXY. Which is good but overrated IMO. I really wanted the larger version of this but it was OOS so I opted for this one.Show more

  9. I've now tried a fairly wide variety of toys and most have something that I can find enjoyable about them. This toy is no exception. I've always been a blow job enthusiast (who isn't right?) so I thought why not. The toy is inexpensive and IMO an extremely good value. The lips are really nice. Once you penetrate the toy it gets very tight toward the back. With the teeth giving you that full deep throat feeling because they are at the base of your shaft.Show more

  10. This is a review from my second purchase of this. I really love this toy. It's been my go to for like almost 3 years now. Feels great, isn't that expensive for a hip, looks fairly nice, has multiple holes, etc.. My only gripe is that this one the dual layer started separating very early on and after about 6 months it tore inside as well. Which made it impossible to clean. The last one I was way less careful with and it last almost 2 years with more frequent use.Show more