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  1. November Loyalty Perks?

    So, I’ve noticed that the loyalty perks for November aren’t up yet. I mostly buy mid-price items ($60-300), so I’m not necessarily in the group of people that get the best benefits from the program, but I

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  1. Fairly decent size for the price, and nice, comfortably soft materials, but due to a couple of points that appear to have been patched prior to packaging, I don’t trust them to hold up to paizuri as well as most oppai.
    Thin base and what I think is liquid fill make for sizeable, jiggly oppai, but also requires care when handling, and makes washing difficult.
    Smell is okay out of the package (I swear I could smell brown sugar, but that could just be my brain), but I still recommend cleaning and using fresh corn starch.
    In sum, I find them quite visually appealing, and worth the cost, so long as they hold up.

    Material softness
    Big oppai
    Gyaru aesthetic makes brain go brrr

    Potentially, quality
    Hard to clean initially

  2. This is my first full-size hip toy, and I am definitely a fan. The full, smackable ass cheeks surround a pair of holes that are both premium quality.
    I used the included lube and warmed both holes by alternating a warming rod (and healthy amount of lube) between each hole over the course of 20 minutes, as I searched for the ideal viewing material (I settled on one of Arina Hashimoto’s videos).
    The result was what I would describe as the most realistic sensation of intercourse I’ve had outside of the real thing. Don’t get me wrong; you can definitely distinguish material, texture, etc. However, the sensation of pounding this toy from behind, especially with the feel of the interior material, is unrivaled. The satisfying sensation of finishing deep inside of a woman is hard to experience with most toys, but the holes have the right amount of give and pressure from the meaty assflesh surrounding to give this sensation in a life (and wallet) affirming way.

    Worth the price
    Heavy, full features
    Makes me happy to own a warmer
    Great 2 material construction
    Quality backed up by prior releases

    Heavy, large, and uncomfortable to clean.
    Setup time for ideal sensations
    Need privacy for an extended period to ensure proper cleaning.
    Swaying the ass back and forth may cause lapses in memory and loss of inhibitions.

  3. Rating

    These oppai are so beautiful to look at. Had to put that right up front. Paizuri is my favorite thing to do with my wife, and is something she is proud of her performance at.
    And she felt equally impressed and threatened by these bountiful bosoms. Obviously, nothing beats paizuri from a beautiful woman, but these offer an inhuman softness and bounce that (combined with their gorgeous appearance) cannot be rivaled.
    They are quite large (I compare them visually with Anri Okita in size), and heavy (almost 10 lbs), so you definitely want a clean, flat surface. Due to softness, paizuri will likely be a longer session and use a decent amount of lube.
    Always be sure to clean with a good antibacterial (soap may degrade the material) and dry gently. Powder isn’t an option for aftercare, it’s a requirement. I would hate so see such beautiful oppai ruined at the cost of some corn starch and baby powder.

    Beautiful, bouncy, sexy.
    Price. Now that I have had them in my possession, I would gladly pay more for such quality.

    Soft material requires methodical care.
    Requires time and space for proper use, and I really just want to be between them at all times.
    Will make any other oppai toys seem unnecessary.

  4. This sleeve is on the smaller side, and is definitely a budget toy.
    With that aside, I am amazed at the quality and intricacy that went into the interior textures. Ride Japan has great materials for their onaholes.
    Although I am fairly well-endowed, and cannot stimulate a good portion of my shaft with this, the stimulation is still good enough to get me to finish.
    Beyond that, the overlapping sections in the entrance (image points at these, says ‘Check’ above) feel very different and I haven’t seen this shape in any other holes.

    Overall interesting interior
    That material.
    I cannot stress how good this is for the price

    At my size, this hole covers little over half of my shaft. It is a small onahole.
    Not the cleanest casting, so I was concerned about breaking through the first few times.

  5. Rating

    I bought this due to the high number of positive reviews, and personal appreciation of Julia’s work. Maybe I just got a subpar sleeve, but the initial (tight) ring at the entrance is completely split on mine, prior to first use.
    Additionally, she arrived with the typical smell many toys initially come with, but still retains it after quite a few washes with mild soap.

    The weight and design of Julia+ definitely lend to a pleasant and comfortable fap, but are held back by the texture of the inner layer. In areas where perhaps there are flaws in molding of the inner layer, the sensation is occasionally scratchy, which may work for fans of dual layers, but I find somewhat irritating.
    The lube provided is pretty nice and not too thick. I use the Anri Okita lube, so I gave this to my wife.
    Overall, expectations far exceeded the reality. There are better options at both price ranges above and below the cost of the Julia+.

    Weight, erotic design, nice tits.
    Came with great lube.

    Loose, scratchy, damaged interior.
    Stronger smell than most others.

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