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  1. Feature request: read all of a specific user's reviews

    I'm in the market for a hip. I read a great review by Greenwood95 on the NPG Extreme Pleasure Hip, and he mentioned that he was going to foray into some other hips as well. I wanted to read all of his

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  1. Meiki no Syoumei 07 Sarah

    I find that it has somewhat poor lube distribution. The tip ends up dry and the toy sticks to it in an unpleasant way, and base of my dick ends up with lube slopping all over it and getting into my pubes. Everything else is generally pretty decent though, in expected Meiki fashion.

    It has large humps and diversions in the tunnel which is executed decently well

    lube distribution

  2. Super Hard And Tight Athletics Girl

    The harder your boner, the more you can feel the "muscle" bulges on your dick. It's a fun one. Feels like you're fighting against each other.

    As others have said, you need to squeeze out every bit of air from the toy, or you end up with a "crinkling" sensation that's from the hard springy rubber this toy uses. The shape of the opening makes it easy to pull out almost all the way without accidentally losing vacuum. The middle has thinner walls and this bulges inward when you pull out. The end of the toy is much more solid with thick walls around the extremely narrow tunnel and cervix. That bit is fun to shove onto your dick. It will immediately be squeezed out, so going in and out of the end will actually tire your arm out relatively quickly since you have to apply downward force the entire time.

    I will say that for the overall quality and detail of the toy, I would expect it to be more in the high $30 range, but probably still worth it. It's executed well.

  3. Tenka Ikketsu

    This is probably a good entry level toy. Not worth it for experienced users though, even for the cheap price. Quite boring.

    Update: 09/12/2023

    Honestly.... after using this a few more times, it's not bad. Don't know why I went sleeper on it for so long.

  4. INSOMNIA 360ml

    It's a pretty soft lube but has a good slickness and a tiny bit of body to it. A cut above, say, astroglide, in thickness.

    Try picking up one bottle and use it on your various toys. You can see how it changes the sensation. Interesting to experiment with. Still, I do prefer Onatsuyu Pussy Juicy Lotion 370ml and Magic Eyes Lotion Soft 300ml above this.

    Tends to leak out of toys all over your dick

  5. Shin Meiki Kaho Imai

    It's tight. The textures are good. But the combination of the firm, somewhat plasticky material they use, the abrupt entrance that feels the same as the rest of the tunnel, and the relatively thin toy body, makes it feel like a somewhat cheap onahole experience. Like the clear rubber, completely straight, open-ended sleeves you can buy off amazon. It's ok, but I'm not really impressed.

    A bit too hard / plasticky material

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