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  1. Hips need their own section same for oppai toys

    A hip is not a torso just like it’s not a doll. Some hips may have one hole like a sleeve but most don’t. Most hips have two holes and are often 2+ pounds and take both hands to use or are hands free. It’

  2. MDBogo math doesn’t add up $85.90-$24.06=$72.20?

    I got 2 student council presidents in my cart and something isn’t adding up. I’m far from good at math but I know it should be $61.84
    that’s an $11 difference from what what it’s saying it’s ta

  3. As a giveaway winners I’d like to give back to the community by reviewing some unreviewed toys.

    I’ve always been the guy to clear out the clearance section because usually the stuff no one else wanted was just because there were no reviews or the box art was boring . I’ve found a few workhorses lik

  4. Automatic toys for dudes with 6 inch girth or more

    The handy,kiiroo keon,and launch seem to be the only automatic sex toys for guys with more girth. I really hope I'm wrong, but my dick is about 6-6.5 long and 1.9 diameter 6 inch circumference and based

  5. I swear the sales are getting shorter and shorter.

    I get that Christmas was last weekend and no body is going to be working but damn. The sale didn't even last until Friday(pay day). I was hoping to finally be able to get a good deal on the plush dolls

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  1. Neighbor's Black Gal Sister Blowjob

    Said I’d put my winnings towards reviewing lesser known toys and here I am.
    Don’t compare this thing to one of those those teeth gimmick oral onaholes because that’s not what this thing is about. For one it’s small but that doesn’t matter with the gimmick which I will get to. I ordered this realizing it was small which I shouldn’t have been. Look at the box art that’s how you’re supposed to use this onahole. The lips are supposed to cradle and suck at the head of your dick. It’s meant to focus on the head and the internal texture backs it up. There’s crazy intense nubs in the back that really hit hard as you slide in to face fuck this thing harder.

    The lips give your head full attention. I It’s like the lips are suckling on your dick head if you use the gimmick as depicted on the back art. It’s a head worshipping blowjob

    Most people aren’t going to realize the gimmick and use it to its full potential.
    Mine came with a nick in the tongue out the box

  2. La Bocca Della Verita Perorin Hard (Sleeve Only / Pkg Removed)

    I have a lot of onaholes and have been buying these things for over a decade. This thing was a pain to get into physical, and even more of a pain to clean. That was my main gripe about the toy overall. You have to clean in front of the teeth ,under the tongue, where the back of the tongue meets the throat. There are so many places for mold to grow. I didn’t think the amount of pleasure I got from it was worth half the effort of cleaning it so I tossed it. I did enjoy the teeth, but once you’ve been using it for a few minutes I don’t feel them at all. I’ve found all the holes with teeth are like that which is disappointing because I really like the scraping feeling. I personally enjoyed the cheap “tracy’s dog” brand equivalent more. I always ended up tearing the corners of the mouth because my size but they were cheap enough that I always had a few and didn’t care. MoT just seems like more effort for less reward.

    Scraping feeling is nice

    It’s a giant pain in the ass to clean with all the little nooks.

  3. Venus Clone Hard

    This thing depending on how you enter it you just slide in and it envelopes you and pulls you into it until it drains you of every drop. I got this because it was the only Venus in stock at the time. I really wanted the cross, but I wasn't let down. I have about 10 onaholes and when I went away for some alone time on my birthday this is the hole I brought with me. I can see myself buying 1 or 2 more when this one dies so I always have one but with tomax quality I could see this thing lasting years.

    Gentle enveloping hole that pulls you to climax slowly but surely.

    Low stimulation on the inside but I think it's part of the appeal.

  4. Kuchu Kuchu Jaggy

    Let me start out by saying when it was on sale a week or so for $23 I hot my second one and there’s nothing wrong with the first. Since the chimera plus was discontinued I’ve been searching for a dual layer hole that really does the job. The best way I can put it is chimera plus 2

    The inner material is firm with a texture just simple enough not to be overstimulating but still up there. It’s also pretty durable, I buy multiples for a reason

    None come to mind

  5. Ice Princess

    I recently ordered 3 onaholes and so far this is my favorite and I plan to buy at least 2-3 more next I order because these things might be the most pleasurable single layer onahole I’ve owned outside tomax. The texture is simple but you feel everything and it’s amazing. There isn’t a crazy amount of suction, the texture is definitely the selling point here and it works. It also isn’t noisy either I could definitely see myself using it exclusively for a few weeks.

    The material makes the sensation of each ridge distinct and you feel everything

    A version with more weight would make it better

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