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  1. Tips and advice with your partner involving onaholes.

    Hello, so my partner (F) has been interested in using my onaholes more in our sex lives which has been pretty awesome. We've kind of done basic things like 69ing while using one, or switching between the

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  1. Gal Zanmai Thick Wrap Blowjob

    After trying the Neighbor's Black Gal Sister Blowjob toy and enjoying that one so much I decided to jump on this one. All I can say is what an upgrade. Better lip and tongue design and the internal texture will drain you dry. My only issue is I use more lube than normal to get a certain "outcome."

    Ive tried the La Bocca and in my opinion this blows that one out of the water. You get the vacuum effect, pop effect, and that sweet bj sound when you use the right amount of lube. If I could add more stars to this toy I would. This is a must for all collections.

    -Great design
    -Great Texture
    -Price point
    -Great simulation of a BJ

    -Load up on the lube you'll thank me

  2. Churro Screw

    I bought this toy awhile ago and had it stashed away until recently when I decided to give it a whirl. All I can say wow, G project made a great product. I liked the churro design of it, but wow the internal texture was great. Soft and simulating enough to keep on the edge. Had a very organic realistic feel to it. If these ever come back in stock or are able to find one, I'd pick it up. I was looking to grab a new one.

    -Organic Feel
    -Price Point


  3. Mochi Musume Rich 8 Spiral

    I'm pretty optimistic with most toys, and I don't know if its just me or something was wrong with my particular toy but I had a very uncomfortable experience with this toy. Defiantly rubbed me the wrong way, on the underside of my member. I tried a few times with it and used a generous amount of lube but honestly for me it wasn't fun. The only redeeming quality was the transparent aspect and the price.

    -Super Budget friendly

    -Didn't enjoy the internal texture at all

  4. Horny Nurse's Treatment Shou Nishino

    I bought this onahole out of curiosity and moreover due to how NPG is of such good quality. I was certainly excited to try this out especially for the price point. For starters the onahole is quite soft but still allows you to fully enjoy the texture. I enjoy the design and the experience this toy provides. Being a softer toy expect a long teasing session. All I can say if you're looking for something that is more budget friendly from the NPG line, and you enjoy softer toys this should be a must in your collection.

    -Great Price
    -NPG Quality
    -Great Design
    -Simple to clean


  5. Sema Ana Guchurikushon

    Lately Ive been enjoying Ride Japan Products and all I can say is "wow" at this price point. The design is on the smaller end but its a great blend of texture and softness. This is one of the best options for bang for your buck. Funny thing is I threw this into my order to make free shipping and its probably one of the best toys I got. Defiantly give this one a shot.

    -Price Point
    -Blend of texture and softness is solid
    -Ride Japan Quality
    -Easy Cleaning


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