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  1. Decided to finally get a drying stick with that said I never had issues with moldy toys buy Ive had issues tearing toys while drying them out. This stick does defiantly help me in preventing that. Just slip it in and its all nice and dry by the next day.

    -Easy to use
    -Fits all the toys Ive used so far.


  2. For being a toy on the cheaper end it does the job really well. Ive had $30-40 toys that id choose this one over those ones. Defiantly a must have buy if you're looking for anything under $20. It your member is cut its also a plus considering are great for head stimulation. Im going to try the 6 ball hopefully soon. Really enjoy these toys. Only issue with the define ribs inside is you need a bit more lube then normal.

    -Nice box design
    -Unique in the toy design also being double layer
    -A fun texture inside
    -Price point

    - Needs more lube then most toys.

  3. After missing out on this one on TD I had to go grab this from another site. After getting it i can see why its always out of stock. The hucow girl was what grabbed my attention and they did an amazing job emulating what id think a cow girl would feel like. Nice heft, and plump toy with a cushiony feeling that hugs your member perfectly. This toy is defiantly for the people that like nice long sessions. Not really tight but accommodates you well. One of my top 10 toys and my favorite for edging sessions.Show more

    -For those into plump, or curvy women
    -Love the box design
    -Great size
    -Perfect for long sessions
    -Comes with a little bottle of lube instead on the sample packets

    -These go fast

  4. Ive bought so many different toysheart toy and they always never fail at putting out something good. Taciturn is one of these toys. The box design is cute and simple, got weird looks from my gf whos a fluent japanese speaker when she looked at the box. So I'm guessing there is some lewdness to the back story of the toy.

    As for the toy itself and what a lot of other customers said about it, it does have a nice blend of tightness and stimulation.
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    -Good Price
    -Solid design
    -Great on the stimulation

    -On the smaller end

  5. I thought It was going to be a gimmick but I really like this lube for its scent.A very good aroma. Slightly floral and does have that aphrodisiac affect if you're into smells. As for the lube it is a nice thinner lube that works really well and holds it consistency. As you can see with it selling out so often its defiantly a must buy.

    -A nice aroma
    -A solid lube, not as thick as onatsuyu
    -Not a bad price point

    -Not to nit pick but its says the c11 has a more mature scent but i feel it needs to represent that on the bottle. Not really an issue but to use a mature, milf, or bustier illustration would get the point across better for these two lubes.

  6. Onahips this size are usually more into the $300 range. I feel bad for the people that missed out on this when hit the flash sale. With that said i was a bit optimistic when it hit the flash sale page but a 6kg hip for $150 is unheard of. The package came and i was blown away on the size of the box. Awesome illustration and came with two sample lubes. It will come packed nicely in a styro foam clam shell to help maintain its form and protect it.Show more

    -Price point isnt bad
    -Unique sensations


  7. I got this as a freebie for one of my orders but the price on here is not bad. Its an USB plug. Which is nice to plug into your computer put a little lube on it and slip it into your favorite onahole. Find whatever what you want to fap too, and she should be ready to go. Gives your hole a new dimension of realism. Excited to try this one on my hip.

    -Cool Accessory
    -Makes longs sessions more enjoyable
    -easy to use

    -takes a little time

  8. Ive tried multiple lubes from the awesome onatsuyu to garbage ID, and I have to say this is a really good lube. The bottle design is really nice, and a good design for the applicator. Its defiantly thinner in comparison to onatsuyu, but its nice trying lubes with different viscountcies in your toys and this one is defiantly a good switch off. Has that smell of bubbles but its a smell that seems to be in a lot of lubes. People seem to have issues with the amount but 200 ml is alot.Show more

    -Nice and Slick
    -Different then other lubes
    -Solid design

    -Price point for amount (Still worth it to me.)

  9. I have a pretty extensive collection of fleshlight products and have quite a few accessories for their products. This thing was an add in from a prior purchase and can see why. Its very cluncky to stroke with and feel like a few users may get motion sickness while using it. Holding it in place and thrusting into it is a bit better but I feel like you can get a more enjoy able experience with the shower mount and a laptop. Now with the kiroo and launch this thing I feel is pretty much obsolete.Show more


    -Clunky Design
    -Better options out there
    -Awkward/bulky while using

  10. Decided to give this one a gamble. This is my first G-Project toys and wasn’t disappointed. The packaging was great with a cute design. Came with some sample lube and unlike most companies gives you a resealable bag for your toy. As for the toy is a cute pink with a simple outer design.

    The feeling of the toy was great with a solid stimulation. The bumps work in away that massage your member and brings into a great orgasm.
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    -Extras includes
    -Stimulation of toy
    -East clean up

    - Is a bit on the smaller side.