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  1. Any uterus/cervix toys that aren't super easy to penetrate?

    A lot of uterus/cervix toys I have tried I just push right past and don't realize I even made it to the uterus. Anyone know of any toys that I can very clearly feel myself hitting it and can decide not

  2. BJ onas

    If there was only 1BJ onahole you would order, which ona would you get? I know the Bocca onas are extremely hyped but am I the only one that feels like they are overrated? I owned the perorin before I

  3. Is MOT/Docca Della Verita truly the best BJ ona or is there secretly a better one?


  4. Is the "Primo Bacio Sweet Lotion" worth purchasing?

    Is the Bocca Della Verita lube worth the purchase or should I just stick to the Meiki Bliss lotion which i've been using so far? Is the experience with the bocca lube better?

  5. Best way to use BJ onas? (MOT Perorin for me)

    You guys prefer to take your time and use them slowly or go for a medium to quick pace kinda like real life BJs?

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