So here's Giveaway #18! There are 2 different kind of questions this time? Let us know below!

How to Enter:

1. Upvote this post.

2. Comment below answering the following questions:

-As you know, we built this community so that TD customers can help one another out on more subjective issues that TD staff won't be able to help and to streamline the process instead of using the forum. All this time while slowly improving and adding features to the community we have always had something in mind: milestone / achievements that are rewarded with either extra reward points / gifts or discounts. However, there's only so many achievements we can do such based on the stats available, such as # of topics posted, # of upvotes received, # of reviews written, and etc.

Let us know your ideas and if there's anything else you'd like to see added or improved within the community.

-What is your 2021 New Year Resolution?

$100 in Reward Point to 5 lucky winners.

5 Winners will be randomly picked next month on 02/09/2021.

* One entry per person, any account spamming will result in disqualification.
** You must have a ToyDemon account in order to post in the community.