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  1. Rating

    Bought this with the idea that it would be tight past the ring but found that's not really the case. Even by making sure the air is forced out before/during entering doesn't make it really hug your member. The ring is also uncomfortably tight for me. I don't think I'll be using it.

    -Incredibly tight entrance if that's what you're looking for

    -The rest of the hole isn't tight
    -Uncomfortably tight depending on your size
    -Pretty short

  2. Unfortunately my size is the critical point of this review. If I so much as loosen my grip this ona flies off me and the compression makes any stimulation null. This is my first time buying an onahole that I literally cannot use and I should probably have asked around before buying it. This might be good if you're average sized, but if you're like me then you will not be able to use it as intended. The only positives I can think of is that the material seems durable, and there were no visible defects.Show more

    -Too small and tight to be of any use if you're above average

  3. This is able to hold a lot more than the regular size bag and I feel is overall more worth it for that reason. No struggling with getting a venus real in and out of the bag anymore.

    -Good material
    -Great size

  4. Originally I was looking to get a Puni Ana Re Soft, but due to the advice of a fellow shopper I opted for this one as a starter hip. The main reason being the larger size and weight of the hip for not much of a cost increase, especially during the generous black friday sale. I am now a believer of hips.

    The material feels very sturdy and firm, more firm than the real thing but not to a detriment. I'm very confident in its durability right off the bat.
    Show more

    -Discrete size while still packing good weight and dimensions
    -The see-through gimmick works and can have its own appeal
    -A hip feels much better than a one handed onahole
    -Potential variety of positions and uses
    -Great price

    -A very slightly bigger size would personally suit me better
    -Positions might be awkward for some

  5. I bought this with another tomax toy, and was expecting it to be alright. Tried it out and didn't really think much of it. But over time I've come to appreciate it quite a lot, the texture gives really good stimulation and the soft material helps towards this. It's a bit small for me but it doesn't feel like it's going to break, the material feels fairly durable. I wish the uterus was more pronounced, as in a bit bigger and harder but it's still somewhat noticable.Show more

    Good stimulation
    Nice textures
    Quality material

    Uterus could be better implemented

  6. Rating

    The first thing you'll notice is how THICK this onahole is, and it works in its favor. It's one of the softest onaholes I have but it has really good stimulation despite that, making me interested in trying a future tomax hole in rich soft just to see. The material feels quality, hasn't gotten sticky after washes, and has consistent results. I almost feel overwhelmed when finishing inside it.

    Large size
    Good quality material
    Very stimulating

    Perhaps could use more defined texture in the tunnel

  7. For how cheap it is, it's quite useful. It makes drying an onahole really easy. You still have to wipe the inside with a cloth, but it reduces the amount of manual drying you'll have to do with this. Would recommend!

    Makes drying easy

  8. Bought this on a whim, and was hoping for a bit more. It's small, the material got sticky after a few washes, and the stimulation is a bit lacking. On the bright side, it's consistently tight and it is fairly cheap. Despite it's size it hasn't broken on me but I pretty much don't use it anymore except for when I decided to write this review.

    Fairly tight

    Lack of stimulation

  9. Rating

    It's a decently strong material and fits all your average/medium size onas, anything about the thickness of a venus real though and I'd recommend getting the large size bag.

    Good material
    Perfect size for your typical onahole

    Narrow entrance

  10. I was worried about the teeth as I heard a lot of different opinions on it, but am happy to report that they're actually not a hassle and can feel pretty alright. The ona itself has a nice textured tongue and passage that I liked. The material used is a bit odd, not sure how to describe it but it almost makes it feel like it'd be easy to tear.

    Has the unique appeal of being an oral onahole
    Provides good stimulation to that effect
    Teeth aren't a big issue to me personally

    Material quality feels off
    Could afford to be bigger