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  1. Unique feel onaholes

    Looking for some onas that aren't trying to be 'realistic' and provide a unique/different feel.

    Things like monster wet chimera, honey trap, and tomax dolphin seem interesting, and was hoping

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  1. TENGA crysta Leaf

    The best part of this one is how clear it is. Can see almost everything going on. It's short, but it takes the push well. There do seem to be small air bubbles around the leaves, that may play into durability in the long run.

    The wife enjoys how visible things are, so win there!

    Clearer than most "crystal" onaholes
    Gives a great visual for partner

    Leaves don't seem to add too much

  2. Honey Trap

    Moderately soft, and provides a decent sensation. For me the nubs/feelers get lost in the overall feeling and translate to a slight squeeze of softness.

    Not a bad onahole, but didn't blow me out of the water either.

    Unique design
    On the softer side/easy to control

    Nubs lost in overall sensations.
    Little sticky at first (much better after washes)

  3. Virgin Age Admission (Sleeve Only / Pkg Removed)

    This was my first onahole, and it was insanely stimulating. It starts off very tight, but seems to loosen a bit as you work it. Easy to clean, and just as tight as the first time when used again.

    I don't know why, but always left me wanting 'more'. I couldn't get a satisfying finish with it, but that didn't stop me from using it multiple times.

    Tight, yet soft
    Cute unsuspecting look
    Good quality

    For me - always wanted 'more'

  4. ToyDemon Dry Stick

    Hardest part of onaholes is making sure they're dry to prevent mold/increase their life span. The dry stick is a must if you want your toys to last.

    Easy to use

    Some discoloration on the stick after many uses

  5. Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Crystal Hard

    More of a cloudy/fogged see through layer with a tight winding red interior. This toy is tight and will 'push' you away but also has enough suction to pull you back as you go out.

    Very stimulating and hard to last long. Make sure you have a dry stick to help, tight and curvy interior doesn't allow much air flow.

    Frosted look
    Highly stimulating

    Finish quickly
    Needs help drying

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