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  1. Maria Ozawa lube alternative?

    I just noticed the Maria Ozawa lube has been discontinued.

    Any suggestions on something that smells similar?

  2. Animal themed sex toys

    Anyone have experience with animal themed sex toys? I recently discovered masturbators based off of horse, dragon, and canine genitalia. I am referring to vaginal toys not dildos. They are made from silicone

  3. Need a torso toy recommendation

    I would like to purchase a torso. One with large breasts that jiggles and bounce in circular motion as you pound away.
    I own two sex dolls but the boobs are too firm and don't move much.

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  1. Rating

    This is my first hip. Felt amazing pounding away hands free. The butt cheeks are firmer than your average butt cheeks. I work part time as a massage therapist and have touched a ton of buns both men and women. Feels almost as good as spanking smoked hams and whole turkeys at the supermarket.

  2. Rating

    Had high expectations after reading the many 5 star reviews. Not as tight as I would have liked. Entrance began tearing after 3rd use.

  3. Rating

    I had high hopes for Maria due to the high ratings. Did not feel much. And my head budging out the left side was a big turn off. Guess I've grown accustomed to high stim toys like the vorze and zxy. Love the lube it came with though.

  4. Rating

    Tight entrance. Did not feel much after that. Having more stimulation after getting past the entrance would have been nice. A bit disappointing.

  5. Rating

    I only purchased this penis sleeve after I saw a video by xxxbranded reviews on youtube. He said his wife enjoyed it so I figured by partner would too. Well my partner came in 30 secs so I guess that is money well spent. My member is average 6in and the sleeve fits just right. Anyone larger may consider waiting for them to have L size in the future. I think they currently only have size s and m. Don't forget to add a bit of lube inside the sleeve before putting it on.Show more

  6. Rating

    The Real Angel's extreme is so far my favorite hip amongst my collection. I have the Pure Hip, Cherry 2, Bubble Butt, and Puni Fuwa Mocchi 2000.

    I would recommend those who like soft mild sensations to go with this hip if you don' want to drop 200 on the extreme pleasure hip. which has also been described to be soft and realistic.

    The cherry 2 is hard & tight while the pure hip falls somewhere in between. If you are larger than six inches you will probably poke out the hole at the end.
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    The open end hole makes cleaning easy. Simply run water thru both holes.

    The shape. Its a bit flat would have been nice if the ass cheeks were bigger for more meat to grip onto.

  7. Rating

    I recently came back from a trip to Japan. I visited a sex shop which had about 12 breast toys on display for customers to squeeze. Some were too big, others were too small or firm. These pair of tits were just right. Unfortunately they were sold out and the shop said they were the #1 seller. Luckily ToyDemon has them in stock and cheaper with the current sale!

    If you like your tits on the squishier side with a natural feel buy these.


  8. Rating

    The first inch of the tunnel feels good rubbing against the head. Toe curling pleasure. For me anyways. I don’t feel much in the mid section. The dome shaped thing prodding the head each time you hit the end feels great. Unfortunately after a few weeks a small pin sized hole developed on the side. Every time I jizz cum would slowly ooze out. I’ve tried melting the material to cover up the hole but it will bust open again after the next 2-3 uses.Show more

    Soft material. Smooth ride


  9. Rating

    I purchased this sleeve a few months back while visiting Japan. By far my favorite sleeve. Great for edging. If you still your penis all the way in to have your shaft licked. I like to keep my head right on that first tongue looking thing. Mind numbing head massage. The glans sleeve to me was previously only only sleeve which simulated oral. This one feels much more realistic. Brings back old memorys when I frequented glory holes to get that swirling tongue action.Show more

    Feels like a real tongue

    All the Cyclone sleeves eat a ton of lube.

  10. Rating

    (Review does not count towards overall rating)

    Toy was simply disappointing. With all the positive reviews I was expecting mind blowing sensations. You get what you pay for. This onahole felt mediocre at best.
    For non-realistic tunnels I would recommend the tenga flip zero Black. Feels 3x better Go for Himekano Secret Lover If you want something firm and tight.

    My experience: owner 50+ onaoles 5 hips 2 torsos 2 life sized sex dolls married 11 years banged well over 100 escorts across 7 countries.
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