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  1. Maria Ozawa lube alternative?

    I just noticed the Maria Ozawa lube has been discontinued.

    Any suggestions on something that smells similar?

  2. Need a torso toy recommendation

    I would like to purchase a torso. One with large breasts that jiggles and bounce in circular motion as you pound away.
    I own two sex dolls but the boobs are too firm and don't move much.

  3. Animal themed sex toys

    Anyone have experience with animal themed sex toys? I recently discovered masturbators based off of horse, dragon, and canine genitalia. I am referring to vaginal toys not dildos. They are made from silicone

  1. Rating

    I was expecting more heft for a thick cow girl themed toy. Stimulation was mild average nothing mind blowing. Not recommended for beginners. For 10 bucks more you can get 40% more heft in weight from the larger Tomax toys real and clone which are soft with fair stimulation.

    Stretchy material - Good durability

    size - feels small

  2. Rating

    I wanted to try the clone in soft but it was out of stock so I settled for very soft.
    Toy felt good but I would have liked a bit more stimulation. Will pick up the soft version when it comes back in stock.

    I own 9 other tomax onaholes. The very soft clone did not make it in my top 3.
    My top 3 are the Spiral wave very soft, Lilith uterus soft and lilith uterus regular.

    soft stretchy entrance easy to clean

    lack of sensation

  3. Rating

    This is my 6th hip. I had 4 smaller ones Koko Pure Hip, Cherry 2, Angels extreme, and Mocchi 2000. The Kiwami and Extreme Pleasure Hip 3 (EPH3) are my favorite. I don't touch the others anymore.

    The Kiwami is alot firmer than the EPH3 due to the internal bone structure. The firmness of the hip makes it easier to grip while bouncing the toy in cowgirl. Taking the toy to the tub or sink is also easier because it does not flop and jiggle like the EPH3.
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    Tight, good stimulation vag tunnel
    Moving toy to tub/sink is easy since toy is firm. (does not flop around)
    Weight makes it sturdy enough to bang hands free

    Tight entrance you need to be hard to enter

  4. The plush hip is soft, feels great to grab onto. You can pound away while leaning your body weight onto it. The Hip bounces back to original form no problems.

    I docked off one star because I am unable to use the zipper hole at the top. My hands are massive and will not fit.

    Ability to breath life into old sleeves
    Soft, lightweight.

    If you have massive hands like myself, they may not fit in the zipper hole to help pull your sleeve thru the hip.

  5. The Virgo hard felt hefty and firm. Feels better to hold than the original Virgo due to its firmness. I am average size the toy was definitely tight. Folks above average may find the toy too tight. You need to be erect to get inside as the entrance is very tight. Once past the entrance you will feel the walls hugging your hotdog. However, I felt the insides dont hug quite as tight compared to the normal smaller Lolinco. Stroking up and down slowly feels like muscular folds pushing up against you.Show more

    Tight hugging sensation
    durability should be good due to firm material
    Size/Weight feels nice pounding against your

    May be too tight for above average hotdogs

  6. Rating

    Soft mellow sensations. Feels good but not special. I think the Maria feels better despite having a defective tunnel. The entry hole tore after first use which was disappointing.


    durability may not be so good as my entrance tore after first use.

  7. Rating

    Finally got my cock into this toy. It sold out quick the last 3 times I checked. This toy is 800g hefty weight feels good slapping against the nut sac. Insides are soft, mild, with moderate suction if you manage to squeeze out most of the air before entering. Did not like the lube which came with the toy. I recommend insomnia by tomax, its a super thin lube that allows you to better feel the subtle textures of softer toys.

    small pack of lube included with toy is no good.

  8. Rating

    Had to give this one a try after seeing all the positive reviews. As others have described, it is soft to the touch but also a bit firm. Sensations feels good but not toe curling good that I have to slow down on the strokes. I prefer the YJY or Saki Ootsuka over this hole.

    Solid build quality firm. I think this makes the entry less prone to tearing.

    Better alternatives. If you do not own a meiki yet. Go for the ZXY or YJY.

  9. Rating

    I picked mine up off a different site when it was out of stock on Toy Demon.

    I bought this toy because I liked the hentai and box art. Interesting textures inside. You have to go slow with a thin lube to feel all the gates. Felt good but not enough sensation for me to finish. No complaints since the toy is cheap. I've had my toy for about a year no tears.

    Cheap price

  10. Rating

    Got my lube off different site. Price was about the same. To me it smells nice like a bar of soap. Unfortunately, you only get 120ml. For the same price range you can double the amount of lube with other brands. This is a good thin lube but my favorite is insomnia by tomax. you get 360ml! for same price.

    thin lube
    pleasant smell

    small amount lube given price.